Video shows woman hit husband with laptop at Miami International Airport

Video Shows Woman Hit Husband With Laptop At Miami International Airport

They say anything can happen in Miami, and now it's true even when you're leaving the Magic City.

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A mother drowned her toddler twins in a

Mum Drowned Twins 'to Punish Estranged Husband'

Samantha Ford killed toddlers Jake and Chloe while experiencing acute depression, a court hears.

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After 71 years of marriage, a husband and wife die on the same day

After 71 Years Of Marriage, A Husband And Wife Die On The Same Day

In the age of modern relationships and online dating, it's hard to find a love story that genuinely melts your heart and warms your soul.

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Woman accused of shooting husband while trying to shoot someone else in road rage incident

Woman Accused Of Shooting Husband While Trying To Shoot Someone Else In Road Rage Incident

An Alabama woman involved in a road rage incident attempted to shoot another person but shot her husband instead, authorities said.

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Missing husband found on TikTok app in India

Missing Husband Found On TikTok App In India

The video led police to a man who left his wife and disappeared in 2016.

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Husband of triathlete killed in Mont-Tremblant slams race organizers for 'vague, cryptic' account of her death

Husband Of Triathlete Killed In Mont-Tremblant Slams Race Organizers For 'vague, Cryptic' Account Of Her Death

Ken Morris, whose wife Jill Levy Morris, 46, was crushed by a support vehicle while finishing the bike portion of Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant last Sunday, is hoping an independent witness steps forward to report what they saw.

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She Was Terminally Ill. Her Husband Held the Gun to Her Head, Police Say

She Was Terminally Ill. Her Husband Held The Gun To Her Head, Police Say

He could not bear to see his wife of 40 years suffer with cancer and Lyme disease, he said.

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LPD: Woman arrested for turning in husband's firearms to Lakeland police

LPD: Woman Arrested For Turning In Husband's Firearms To Lakeland Police

LAKELAND -- A 32-year-old woman was arrested on June 15 when she gathered her husband's guns to turn them over to the Lakeland Police Department.

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'Fatal Attraction' killer released from New York prison

'Fatal Attraction' Killer Released From New York Prison

Prosecutors said Carolyn Warmus was having an affair with the victim's husband, Paul Solomon, when she shot Betty Jeanne Solomon to death in the victim's home in Greenburgh, New York, in 1989.

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Duncan Hunter's wife pleads guilty to conspiring with husband to use campaign funds for personal use

Duncan Hunter's Wife Agrees To Cooperate With Prosecutors, Pleads Guilty To Misusing Campaign Funds

California GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter's wife Margaret pleaded guilty on Thursday to conspiring with her husband to "knowingly and willingly" convert campaign funds for personal use and has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.

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Elaine Chao and Mitch McConnell’s potential conflict of interest, explained

Elaine Chao And Mitch McConnell's Potential Conflict Of Interest, Explained

Chao oversaw grant money that could benefit her husband politically. Is it an ethics violation?

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US 'now a full-fledged banana republic' after Mitch McConnell wife $78m grants revelation

US 'now A Full-fledged Banana Republic' After Mitch McConnell Wife $78m Grants Revelation

Transport secretary reportedly designated special liaison to help husband's state prepare funding applications

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Winter Park woman accused of stabbing husband to death used to be his stepdaughter

Winter Park Woman Accused Of Stabbing Husband To Death Used To Be His Stepdaughter

Family and friends said that Michael Redlick fell in love with Daneille Redlick after her mother, Michael's second wife, died of cancer.

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Jennifer Dulos: Estranged Husband Arrested in Disappearance of Connecticut Mother of 5

Jennifer Dulos: Estranged Husband Arrested In Disappearance Of Connecticut Mother Of 5

The police continued to search the home of Fotis Dulos for clues in the disappearance of his wife, Jennifer. Ms. Dulos went missing on May 24 after dropping off her children at school.

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Search for missing Connecticut mother of 5 takes new turn

Search For Missing Connecticut Mother Of 5 Takes New Turn

Investigators are taking close look at the estranged husband of Jennifer Dulos

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Police Officer Hired Hit Man to Kill Her Husband and a Young Girl, Officials Say

Police Officer Hired Hit Man To Kill Her Husband And A Young Girl, Officials Say

Valerie Cincinelli, a New York City police Officer, paid $7,000 and suggested the best ways to kill her estranged husband, and her boyfriend's daughter, according to a federal complaint.

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Arkansas passes law allowing rapists to prevent victims who want and abortion

Arkansas Just Passed A Law That Will Let Rapists Sue Victims Who Want An Abortion

Activists say state's blanket ban on the safest form of second trimester abortion could be ruled unconstitutional

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NYPD officer arrested for trying to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband, officials said

NYPD Officer Arrested For Trying To Hire A Hitman To Kill Her Ex-husband, Officials Said

Suspect Valerie Cincinelli is a 12-year veteran of the department and one-time "officer of the month."

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NDTV News: UK Woman On Honeymoon In Sri Lanka Dies After Eating Hotel Food

UK Woman On Honeymoon In Sri Lanka Dies After Eating Hotel Food

The husband of a British bride who died on her honeymoon in Sri Lanka will be kept in the country at least until a formal hearing on the death is held on Wednesday, police said.

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Woman claims airline employee called husband 'a killer' after learning he's a cop; American Airlines issues apology

Woman Claims Airline Employee Called Husband 'a Killer' After Learning He's A Cop; American Airlines Issues Apology

American Airlines has said it is taking action to rectify an "extremely concerning" incident partially captured on video at the Memphis International Airport.

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