Indian teenager who accused politician of rape injured in crash | World news

Indian Teenager Who Accused Politician Of Rape Injured In Crash

Family says car crash that left two relatives dead was attempt to silence alleged victim

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India tiger census shows rapid population growth

India Tiger Census Shows Rapid Population Growth

PM Narendra Modi says India is "now one of the biggest and most secure habitats of the tiger".

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India launches second Moon mission

India Launches Second Moon Mission

The $145m Chandrayaan-2 aims to become the first space mission to land on the Moon's south pole.

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At least 47 people killed in Nepal floods

At Least 50 People Dead And 1 Million Affected By Floods In South Asia

Areas of India, Nepal and Bangladesh submerged by monsoon rain in recent days

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Kashmiris Call for Investigation of Torture Accusations Against India

Kashmiris Call For Investigation Of Torture Accusations Against India

A new report by rights advocates in the disputed territory alleges that the Indian security forces were responsible for hundreds of cases of torture and other abuses.

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Missing husband found on TikTok app in India

Missing Husband Found On TikTok App In India

The video led police to a man who left his wife and disappeared in 2016.

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Women are bringing solar energy to thousands of Indian villages

Women Are Bringing Solar Energy To Thousands Of Indian Villages

India is trying to bring electricity to hundreds of millions of its citizens who live off the grid. And it's trying to ensure that the power comes from clean and renewable sources.

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Women have heads shaved by mob of men because they resisted rape

Women Have Heads Shaved By Mob Of Men Because They Resisted Rape

'We have been beaten very badly. I have injuries all over my body and my daughter too has some injuries', says victim

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Thousands want to adopt Baby India, found swaddled in a plastic bag in Georgia

Thousands Want To Adopt Baby India, Found Swaddled In A Plastic Bag In Georgia

The newborn found swaddled in a plastic bag and crying on top of a pile of leaves and twigs in Georgia this month is ready for her "forever home," an official says.

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Dramatic video shows rescue of newborn girl from plastic bag in Georgia woods

Dramatic Video Shows Rescue Of Newborn Girl From Plastic Bag In Georgia Woods

Forsyth County Sheriff's are still searching for the girl's mother and request any information

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Walmart Agrees to Pay $282 Million to Settle Bribery Investigation

A 'Sorceress' In Brazil, A 'Wink' In India: Walmart Pleads Guilty After A Decade Of Bribes

A settlement ends an inquiry into the retailer's dealings with government officials around the globe, which came after a New York Times report in 2012.

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500 hundred arrested after protests in India over water crisis.

Protests And Clashes In Chennai As India Water Crisis Worsens

Millions of people are running out of usable water in the southern Indian city of Chennai, which is currently experiencing major droughts and a rapidly worsening water crisis.

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Chennai water crisis: City's reservoirs run dry

India's Sixth Largest City 'runs Out Of Water'

Chennai's severe water shortage has forced restaurants to shut and the city to scramble for solutions.

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At least 36 people dead in one of India's longest heatwaves

At Least 36 People Dead In One Of India's Longest Heatwaves

At least 36 people have died this summer in one of India's longest heat waves in recent history, Anshu Priya, a spokeswoman for India's National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), told CNN.

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Body of a 7-year-old girl from India is found in the Arizona desert

Body Of A 7-year-old Girl From India Is Found In The Arizona Desert

The body of a 7-year-old girl believed to be from India was found in a remote desert area in Arizona this week, according to US Customs and Border Protection.

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Australia gives approval for work to begin on controversial new coal mine

Australia Gives Approval For Work To Begin On Controversial New Coal Mine

One of India's wealthiest men just got the green light to start building a hugely controversial coal mine in Australia.

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Court convicts six in child rape, murder case in India's Jammu and Kashmir

Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty After Indian Court Convicts Six In Child Rape, Murder Case

An Indian court has convicted six men of involvement in the rape and murder of an eight-year-old Muslim girl in India's Jammu and Kashmir.

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India sees 50% dip in malaria cases in 2018

India Sees 50% Dip In Malaria Cases In 2018

Despite the remarkable decline, there are several challenges in achieving zero indigenous transmission. "As the number of cases go down, it becomes essential to track each and every case.

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'It's humiliating for us': village disowns Dutee Chand, India's first openly gay athlete

'It's Humiliating For Us': Village Disowns Dutee Chand, India's First Openly Gay Athlete

Country's fastest sprinter praised for courage, but family and locals say they cannot accept a gay relationship

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US ends special trade treatment for India amid tariff dispute

US Ends Special Trade Treatment For India

The US scraps the country's preferential trading status amid a deepening row over protectionism.

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