Beam me up, Kentucky? George Takei tweets he's 'tempted' to take on Mitch McConnell

George Takei Tweets He's \

No, not into the far reaches of space, but someplace even harder to reach: Defeating long-time U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell for his seat i...

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Democrats Seek Review of Russian Investment in Kentucky

Democrats Seek Review Of Russian Investment In Kentucky

A Russian aluminum company recently came out from under United States sanctions. Now it's planning to invest $200 million in Kentucky, and maybe more in other states.

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VIDEO: Kentucky homeowner shoots at would-be robbers

VIDEO: Kentucky Homeowner Shoots At Would-be Robbers

Four men in Kentucky picked the wrong house to break into. 

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Abortion: judge strikes down Kentucky restriction but governor to appeal

Abortion: Judge Strikes Down Kentucky Restriction But Governor To Appeal

Federal judge says 2018 law would create 'substantial obstacle' to abortion rights

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We Can't Back People Who Hate Our Kids: Kentucky & Minnesota Teachers of Year Boycott Trump Meeting

We Can't Back People Who Hate Our Kids: Kentucky & Minnesota Teachers Of Year Boycott Trump Meeting

We speak with two award-winning teachers who are trying to teach Trump a lesson. On Monday, Jessica Duenas, the 2019 Kentucky Teacher of the Year, and Kelly Holstine, the 2018 Minnesota Teacher of the Year, boycotted a White House ceremony honoring them and other state winners of the award in protest of the Trump administration's education policies. But Duenas and Holstine skipped the event to register their opposition to Trump's policies on immigration, education and LGBTQ rights, saying many of the White House policies directly impact their immigrant and refugee students.

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Teacher Of The Year Who Boycotted White House Visit To Protest Trump Says 'I Cannot Implicitly Support People Who Hate My Kids'

Teacher Of The Year Who Boycotted White House Visit To Protest Trump Says "I Cannot...support People Who Hate My Kids"

Jessica Duenas of Kentucky and Kelly Holstine of Minnesota were both awarded Teacher of the Year 2019 for their respective states.

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Men without licenses take plane, die in Kentucky crash

Men Without Licences Take Plane, Die In Kentucky Crash

The crash happened either late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, a mere 75 yards off the runway at Henderson City-County Airport, officials said.

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Surely It's a Coincidence That a Firm Tied to a Russian Oligarch Is Pouring Millions Into Kentucky

Surely It's A Coincidence That A Firm Tied To A Russian Oligarch Is Pouring Millions Into Kentucky

The Louisville Courier-Journal is chasing a story that further illustrates what a wonderful environment for coincidence the current polit...

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Still Plans to Visit Kentucky, Despite Being Disinvited by a Republican

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Still Plans To Visit Kentucky, Despite Andy Barr's Wishes

"Luckily, we still have open borders with Kentucky; we are free to travel there."

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Ocasio-Cortez plans visit to Kentucky despite being uninvited by GOP colleague

Ocasio-Cortez Plans Kentucky Visit Despite Being Uninvited By GOP Colleague

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York is planning to visit Kentucky soon despite being uninvited by one of the state's Republican members of Congress.

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AOC Climate Change: Andy Barr Declined Invite To Bronx

Democratic U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continued to tease a Kentucky Republican lawmaker for backpedaling on her invitation to t...

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Republican rescinds Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's invite to meet coal miners after it completely backfires

Republican Revokes Invite For AOC To Meet Coal Miners After It Completely Backfires

The progressive Democrat is now suggesting hosting a town hall in Kentucky, with or without the Republican's participation

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Kentucky Republicans Worried Inviting AOC to Meet with Coal Miners Might Backfire — Ocasio-Cortez actually said yes to their invite, and now they're waffling.

Kentucky Republicans Worried Inviting AOC To Meet With Coal Miners Might Backfire

Ocasio-Cortez actually said yes to their invite, and now they're waffling.

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Sanctioned Russian Oligarch's Company to Invest Millions in New Aluminum Plant in Mitch McConnell's State

Sanctioned Russian Oligarch's Company To Invest Millions In New Aluminum Plant In Mitch McConnell's State

McConnell was among the advocates for lifting sanctions on Oleg Deripaska's company Rusal.

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E. Coli outbreak confirmed in Tennessee and four other states

E. Coli Outbreak Confirmed In Tennessee, Four Other States

An E-Coli outbreak is in Tennessee and currently, there are 96 cases in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia

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US man who claimed he was missing boy booked into jail

US Man Who Claimed He Was Missing Boy Booked Into Jail

Brian Rini, of Medina, Ohio, claimed to be Timmothy Pitzen, who disappeared in Illinois aged six in 2011 and has not been found

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DNA test shows teen claiming to be missing Illinois boy is not Timmothy Pitzen, FBI says

DNA Shows Person Found Is Not Timmothy Pitzen, FBI Says

DNA test results showed a person claiming to be missing Aurora boy Timmothy Pitzen is not actually the missing child, according to the FBI.

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Teen Claiming to be Missing Aurora Boy Says He Escaped Kidnappers

Aurora Boy Missing Since 2011 Escaped Kidnappers: PD Report

An Aurora boy who disappeared in 2011 when he was 6 years old has apparently escaped two kidnappers who have held him for the past seven years, according to an Ohio police report.

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Judge upholds Kentucky school's ban on unvaccinated student

Chickenpox Vaccine Case: Judge Won't Let Kentucky Students Back In School

 CINCINNATI – A Kentucky high school student lost his lawsuit challenging an order that barred him from school because he refuses t...

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Ocasio-Cortez accepts GOP lawmaker's invitation to tour Kentucky coal mine

Ocasio-Cortez Accepts GOP Lawmaker's Invitation To Tour Kentucky Coal Mine

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) this week accepted the invitation of a Republican colleague to tour a Kentucky coal mine in order to see how her Green New Deal could affect the industry.

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