Suburban parents reportedly giving up custody of kids to get need-based financial aid

Suburban Parents Reportedly Giving Up Custody Of Kids To Get Need-based Financial Aid

Wealthy suburban parents in the Chicago area are using a legal loophole in order to get their children more need-based financial aid, according to a report by ProPublica Illinois.

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By Cutting Food Stamps, Trump Will Starve Kids

By Cutting Food Stamps, Trump Will Starve Kids

Their new rule will bypass Congress to end automatic eligibility for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

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Justin Bieber: I appreciate Trump helping A$AP Rocky, but 'can you also let those kids out of cages?'

Justin Bieber: I Appreciate Trump Helping A$AP Rocky, But 'can You Also Let Those Kids Out Of Cages?'

Justin Bieber supports President Donald Trump's decision to help rapper A$AP Rocky, who is currently in the custody of Swedish police. But the "What Do You Mean" singer thinks others could benefit from the President's attention, too.

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Frugal carpenter saved up to give full college scholarships to 33 strangers

'He Wanted To Help Kids That Were Like Him': Frugal Carpenter Saved Up To Give Full College Scholarships To 33 Strangers

A carpenter from Iowa who owned two pair of jeans and an old rusty truck paid for 33 strangers to get a college education.

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Philadelphia Police say a crowd took the law into their own hands, beat to death a man who stole a car with kids inside

Police Say A Crowd Took The Law Into Their Own Hands, Beat To Death A Man Who Stole A Car With Kids Inside

In an apparent act of mob justice, a man was beaten to death after he tried to steal a car with three children inside, Philadelphia police said.

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Migrant kids in Yuma report sex assault, retaliation from U.S. agents

Migrant Kids In Yuma Report Sex Assault, Retaliation From U.S. Agents

Migrant children held in Yuma, Arizona, report sex assault and retaliation for protests in addition to unsanitary conditions and overcrowding.

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Dixon, IL: Mother arrested for having two kids riding in an inflatable pool on top of moving SUV

Dixon Mom Arrested For Having Kids Hold Pool On Top Of Moving Car

DIXON (WREX)- Dixon Police say a woman is arrested after she allegedly had her two daughters ride inside an empty pool on the roof of her Audi SUV.

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How Can We Celebrate “Freedom” While Kids Are in Concentration Camps?

How Can We Celebrate "Freedom" While Kids Are In Concentration Camps?

Pro tip, flag-waver: Your July Fourth "freedom" narrative is a bald-faced lie.

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Mother of five kids murdered by their father asks court to spare his life

Mother Of Five Kids Murdered By Their Father Asks Court To Spare His Life

"He did not show my children any mercy by any means. But my kids loved him and if I'm speaking on behalf of my kids and not myself, that's what I have to say," she said.

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9-year-old pays off lunch debt for his entire third grade class

9-year-old Pays Off Lunch Debt For His Entire Third Grade Class

SELFLESS ACT: When Ryan had a conversation with his mom about kids who couldn't afford school lunches, he decided to use his allowance to pay off his entire third grade class' school lunch debt. You are awesome, Ryan!

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US taxpayers are spending millions so Trump's adult children can meet the Queen

US Taxpayers Are Spending Millions So Trump's Adult Children Can Meet The Queen

Bills for Trump's four kids to accompany him include $1.3 million to Qatari-owned luxury hotel.

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Van keeps bringing kids to beat mother goose in Lakewood, woman says

Van Keeps Bringing Kids To Beat Mother Goose In Lakewood, Woman Says

Lakewood police and state environmental officials are investigating reports that a group of children harassed a mother goose on a daily basis.

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North Carolina class teaches kids as young as six how to use guns

North Carolina Class Teaches Kids As Young As Six How To Use Guns

The children spend four hours, both in classroom time, and shooting.

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Elementary students hit by teen driver passing school bus in Ohio

Elementary Students Hit By Teen Driver Passing School Bus In Ohio

Video shows the terrifying moments from inside the school bus when a teen driver failed to stop for kids crossing the street.

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6 months after deadliest wildfire in California, water found with elevated levels of cancer-causing benzene

6 Months After Deadliest Wildfire In California, Water Found With Elevated Levels Of Cancer-causing Benzene

"If my kids get cancer in 20 years, I'll never forgive myself," one homeowner says

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Child calls 911 to report being left in hot car with 6 other kids

Child Calls 911 To Report Being Left In Hot Car With 6 Other Kids

A 37-year-old woman, who is the mother of two of the kids, was arrested and charged with confinement of children inside a motor vehicle.

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We Can't Back People Who Hate Our Kids: Kentucky & Minnesota Teachers of Year Boycott Trump Meeting

We Can't Back People Who Hate Our Kids: Kentucky & Minnesota Teachers Of Year Boycott Trump Meeting

We speak with two award-winning teachers who are trying to teach Trump a lesson. On Monday, Jessica Duenas, the 2019 Kentucky Teacher of the Year, and Kelly Holstine, the 2018 Minnesota Teacher of the Year, boycotted a White House ceremony honoring them and other state winners of the award in protest of the Trump administration's education policies. But Duenas and Holstine skipped the event to register their opposition to Trump's policies on immigration, education and LGBTQ rights, saying many of the White House policies directly impact their immigrant and refugee students.

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Emails show Trump admin had 'no way to link' separated migrant children to parents

Emails Show Trump Admin Had 'no Way To Link' Separated Kids To Parents

"What you are requesting," said a top ICE official, "is not something that we are going to be able to complete in a rapid fashion."

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Teacher Of The Year Who Boycotted White House Visit To Protest Trump Says 'I Cannot Implicitly Support People Who Hate My Kids'

Teacher Of The Year Who Boycotted White House Visit To Protest Trump Says "I Cannot...support People Who Hate My Kids"

Jessica Duenas of Kentucky and Kelly Holstine of Minnesota were both awarded Teacher of the Year 2019 for their respective states.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: U.S. Hands Tax Cuts To Wealthy While Housing Cuts Leave Kids with Lead Poisoning, Sewage In Apartments

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: U.S. Hands Tax Cuts To Wealthy While Housing Cuts Leave Kids With Lead Poisoning

"This is morally wrong and it's also fiscally unnecessary," New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said.

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