Planned Parenthood and ACLU sue Missouri over 8-week abortion ban

Planned Parenthood And ACLU Sue Missouri Over 8-week Abortion Ban

Every one of the so-called "heartbeat" bans passed in various states is now in the hands of the courts

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AZ company used bodies donated to medical research as crash test dummies, left remains in piles and buckets

Arizona Company Piled Up Bodies And Dismembered Limbs Instead Of Using Them For Research, Lawsuit Says

The families thought they were donating the bodies of their loved ones to a company that would send them to medical researchers to help find cures for diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

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Judge dismisses Sandmann lawsuit against the Washington Post

Judge Dismisses Sandmann Lawsuit Against The Washington Post

A very significant ruling in the media law world came Friday: A federal judge in Kentucky dismissed a $250 million defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post.

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An Evangelical Megachurch Is Sued for More Than $1 Million in Child Sexual Abuse Case

An Evangelical Megachurch Is Sued For More Than $1 Million In Child Sexual Abuse Case

The case against the Village Church outside Dallas is perhaps the most high-profile lawsuit alleging child sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Family sues after high school principal dies from donating bone marrow to save a boy

Family Sues After Man Dies From Donating Bone Marrow To Save A Boy

Family brings lawsuit against doctors and hospital after man dies from donating bone marrow to save a stranger in France

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Trump sues House Ways and Means panel to block disclosure of his tax returns

Trump Sues House Ways And Means Panel To Block Disclosure Of His Tax Returns

President Trump filed a lawsuit against the House Ways and Means Committee, the New York state's attorney general and tax chief to block the disclosure of years of his tax returns.

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Utah woman bled to death into a garbage can during botched heart surgery, lawsuit says

Utah Woman Bled To Death Into A Garbage Can During Botched Heart Surgery, Lawsuit Says

Donnamay Brockbank, 62, died at St. Mark's Hospital in Millcreek on July 11, 2018, after undergoing surgery to remove a heart device.

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US Law Firm Opens

US Law Firm Opens "Switch Joy-Con Drift" Class Action Investigation

Anger over Joy-Con drifting issues appears to have finally boiled over, with a US law firm reportedly preparing to file a class-action la...

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A mother gave birth to other couples' babies because of an IVF mix-up, lawsuit states

A Mother Gave Birth To Other Couples' Babies Because Of An IVF Mix-up, Lawsuit States

A couple from New York is suing a fertility clinic after a woman gave birth to other couples' babies because of an IVF mixup, according to a federal lawsuit filed in US District Court.

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African American teens say they were handcuffed, attacked by K-9 at Alabama mall

African American Teens Say They Were Handcuffed, Attacked By K-9 At Alabama Mall

"The Mall at Bel Air tried to kill five young boys mentally, and one physically," an attorney for the group said.

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ACLU asks court to block Trump efforts to add citizenship question to census

Plaintiffs Ask Court To Block Trump Efforts To Add Citizenship Question To Census

Plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Department of Commerce over the 2020 census are asking a federal court to block the Trump administration from delaying the printing of census forms or changing them to include a citizenship question.&n

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CNN Agrees To Settle Union Lawsuit For $70 Million

CNN Agrees To Settle Union Lawsuit For $70 Million

CNN has reached a tentative agreement with a union representing camera operators, broadcast engineers and other technicians over a lawsuit first filed in 2004. The settlement, which Deadline has co...

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Florida governor signs bill requiring felons to pay court fees and fines to be eligible to vote

Florida Governor Signs Bill Requiring Felons To Pay Court Fees And Fines To Be Eligible To Vote

Republicans interpreted the langauge in a state constitutional amendment to include restitution, court costs, fines and fees imposed by a judge at sentencing

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Parents of a University of Utah student who was killed after weeks of harassment sue the school

Parents Of A University Of Utah Student Who Was Killed After Weeks Of Harassment Sue The School

A $56 million lawsuit filed Thursday alleges that the University of Utah failed to protect a student who was killed by an ex-boyfriend she had complained about to police more than 20 times.

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Canadian Inuit sue federal government over medical experiments that included skin grafts

Inuit Sue Federal Government Over Medical Experiments That Included Skin Grafts

Five Inuit have filed a lawsuit against the federal government over medical experiments, including skin grafts, they say were performed on them in the 1960s and '70s.

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Carrie Underwood, NFL and NBC sued over 'Sunday Night Football' song

Carrie Underwood, NFL And NBC Sued Over 'Sunday Night Football' Song

Carrie Underwood, the NFL and NBC have been hit with a lawsuit that accuses them of plagiarizing the "Sunday Night Football" theme song.

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Arizona couple files $10M lawsuit after cops allegedly pull guns on family after 4-year-old steals doll

Arizona Couple Files $10M Lawsuit After Cops Allegedly Pull Guns On Family After 4-year-old Steals Doll

An Arizona couple filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city of Phoenix claiming police officers committed civil rights violations after video showed them allegedly pointing guns at them after their 4-year-old daughter stole a doll from a dollar store last month.

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The Republican Party Is Waging War Against Free and Fair Elections in This Country

The Republican Party Is Waging War Against Free And Fair Elections In This Country

The Kris Kobach-led voter fraud commission is being exposed as a bigger scam with each passing day.

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Kawhi Leonard sues Nike over rights to his logo in middle of NBA Finals

Kawhi Leonard Sues Nike Over Rights To His Logo - TSN.ca

Toronto star Kawhi Leonard filed a federal lawsuit against Nike on Monday, saying the footwear and apparel giant is blocking him from using a logo that he believes he owns.

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Judge denies Facebook's motion to dismiss Cambridge Analytica lawsuit in DC

Judge Denies Facebook's Motion To Dismiss Cambridge Analytica Lawsuit In DC

A judge late Friday night denied Facebook's motion to dismiss a lawsuit from the D.C. government arguing the social media giant harmed city residents by failing to protect their data.

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