Tainted alcohol kills 19 in Costa Rica, ministry says, urging caution

Tainted Alcohol Kills 19 In Costa Rica, Ministry Says, Urging Caution

Nineteen people have died from consuming alcohol tainted with toxic levels of methanol in Costa Rica, where the Ministry of Health issued a national alert.

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The world's least corrupt countries: The U.S. drops out of the top 20

The World's Least Corrupt Countries: The U.S. Has Dropped Out Of The Top 20

The index ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption according to experts and businesspeople.

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Climate change: Arctic permafrost now melting at levels not expected until 2090

Melt Ponds Open In Arctic As Permafrost Melts At Levels Not Expected Until 2090

Series of 'anomalously warm summers' caused ground to thaw, researchers say

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Republican blocks bill requiring campaigns to alert FBI to foreign assistance

Republican Blocks Bill Requiring Campaigns To Alert FBI To Foreign Offers Of Assistance

"These reporting requirements are overbroad," Sen. Marsha Blackburn said.

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China factories releasing thousands of tonnes of illegal CFC gases, study finds | World news

China Factories Releasing Thousands Of Tonnes Of Illegal CFC Gases, Study Finds

Levels of ozone-depleting gas spiked when air from industrialised areas of China arrived, say researchers

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6 months after deadliest wildfire in California, water found with elevated levels of cancer-causing benzene

6 Months After Deadliest Wildfire In California, Water Found With Elevated Levels Of Cancer-causing Benzene

"If my kids get cancer in 20 years, I'll never forgive myself," one homeowner says

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Mexico City pollution: Residents urged to stay indoors

Mexico City Declares Pollution Alert

Pollution in the Mexican capital reaches levels potentially dangerous to human health.

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Flooding leaves 4 dead across Midwest as waters rise to historic levels

Flooding Leaves 4 Dead Across Midwest As Waters Rise To Historic Levels

Waters are rising to historic levels in some communities

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Arsenic found in bottled water

Arsenic Found In 11 Bottled Water Brands, Consumer Reports Says

Keurig Dr Pepper's Penafiel had the highest levels tested, while Whole Foods' Starkey brand, Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water and Danone's Volvic also tested positive for the element.

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Shelter-in-place ordered due to benzene levels in Texas city where chemicals facility burned for 3 days

Shelter-in-place Ordered Due To Benzene Levels In Texas City Where Chemicals Facility Burned For 3 Days

"Action" levels of benzene detected in air, tank farm owner says, so city of Deer Park issues order

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Study: where gun laws are weaker, there are more mass shootings

A New Study Found States With Weaker Gun Laws Have More Mass Shootings

The study lines up with other research linking weaker laws and higher levels of gun ownership to more gun deaths.

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Grand Canyon investigates possible radiation exposure; open bucket of uranium

Grand Canyon Investigates Possible Radiation Exposure; Open Bucket Of Uranium "most Concerning," Expert Says

Officials investigating whether anyone was exposed to radiation at unsafe levels while samples of uranium ore sat in plastic buckets in a park research building

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13 Michigan water systems flunk federal test for excessive lead

13 Michigan Water Systems Flunk Federal Test For Excessive Lead

Seven of those systems had lead levels at least twice as high as the state will allow starting in 2025.

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Study Shows Richest 0.00025% Owns More Wealth Than Bottom 150 Million Americans

Study Shows Richest 0.00025% Owns More Wealth Than Bottom 150 Million Americans

"U.S. wealth concentration seems to have returned to levels last seen during the Roaring Twenties."

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House Democrats probe how Jared Kushner got security clearance

House Democrats Probe How Jared Kushner Got Security Clearance

The probe was launched "in response to grave breaches of national security at the highest levels of the Trump administration," said Rep. Elijah Cummings.

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Report: Cleveland Has Lead Levels As High As Flint

Report: Cleveland Has Lead Levels As High As Flint

Children in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County have a higher risk of lead exposure than other parts of the state, according to a report out of Case Western

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Plastic pollution discovered at deepest point of ocean

Plastic Pollution Discovered At Deepest Point Of Ocean

High levels of contamination in Mariana Trench show how pervasively planet has been contaminated

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Dog food recalled over potentially toxic levels of vitamin D, FDA says

Dog Food Recalled Over Potentially Toxic Levels Of Vitamin D, FDA Says

Eight brands of dry dog foods are being recalled after the FDA said the food could contain toxic levels of vitamin D

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One quarter of Wisconsin National Guard units don't meet Army standards, reports show

Fewer Wisconsin National Guard Units Meet Army Standards, Reports Show

MADISON - About one in every four units of the Wisconsin National Guard is failing to meet Army standards for mission readiness, a sharp ...

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EPA to Disband a Scientific Review Panel on Air Pollution

E.P.A. To Disband A Key Scientific Review Panel On Air Pollution

The 20-person board is responsible for helping the agency decide what levels of "particulate matter" are safe to breathe.

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