An Illinois man is sentenced to prison for ordering 42 pounds of marijuana-infused chocolate

An Illinois Man Is Sentenced To Prison For Ordering 42 Pounds Of Marijuana-infused Chocolate

The man's attorney says his client was undergoing treatment for cancer at the time he ordered the drug-laced chocolate. But prosecutors say he was dealing it.

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Would-be cops in Utah can use medical marijuana

Would-be Cops In Utah Can Use Medical Marijuana, But They'll Have To Jump Through Some Hoops

Sandy o You can use medical marijuana and cannabis products and still apply to be a police officer in Utah, but you're going to have to show your use was legitimate and that the medicine was authorized under state law.

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New data: Rochester drug arrests 10 times higher for black people

New Data: Rochester Drug Arrests 10 Times Higher For Black People

From 2010 through 2018, there were nearly 10 black people arrested for low-level drug offenses in the city of Rochester for every one white person. The

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Illinois House passses bill to legalize recreational marijuana

Illinois Likely To Become 11th State To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Illinois is likely to become the 11th state to allow small amounts of marijuana for recreational use after the Democratic-controlled House on Friday sent a legalization plan to Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who campaigned on the issue.

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Governor Jared Polis Signs Bill Legalizing Social Marijuana Use Areas

Governor Jared Polis Signs Bill Legalizing Social Marijuana Use Areas

Towns and counties will have to opt in to the program.

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Coloradans can soon get medical marijuana in place of opioids

Coloradans Can Soon Get Medical Marijuana In Place Of Opioids

Colorado doctors will soon be able to recommend medical marijuana to treat any condition they've been prescribing painkillers for.

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Medical Marijuana Will Be a Legal Alternative to Opioids in Colorado

Medical Marijuana Will Be A Legal Alternative To Opioids In Colorado

The bill allows doctors to recommend medical marijuana instead of opioid prescriptions.

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California veterinarians could soon recommend medical marijuana for pets

California Veterinarians Could Soon Recommend Medical Marijuana For Pets

Veterinarians in California could soon recommend medical marijuana for pets.

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Florida governor to receive bill to block efforts to legalize marijuana in 2020

Florida Governor Could Kill Recreational Pot

A last-minute effort by Florida Republican legislators to restrict citizen petition drives is only a governor's signature away from becoming law. Governor Ron DeSantis, who has previously stated he sides with the will of the people, has made no indication of whether he will sign the bill. If he does,...

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North Dakota quietly decriminalized marijuana - The state is the 25th to decriminalize or legalize weed.

North Dakota Quietly Decriminalized Marijuana

The state is the 25th to decriminalize or legalize weed.

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Gaston County teen arrested for marijuana says it was actually CBD

Gaston County Teen Arrested For Marijuana Says It Was Actually CBD

A Gaston County High School student arrested in February for marijuana says it was actually CBD, a legal substance across the United States.

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Rep. Ilhan Omar: Legalize marijuana everywhere, expunge records of those jailed for pot offenses

Rep. Ilhan Omar: Legalize Marijuana Everywhere, Expunge Records Of Those Jailed For Pot Offenses

"Cannabis criminalization disproportionately impacts communities of color," noted the congresswoman.

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US says immigrants can be denied citizenship over marijuana ties. Even in states where it's legal

US Says Immigrants Can Be Denied Citizenship Over Marijuana Ties. Even In States Where It's Legal

Marijuana possession, production and distribution will make immigrants ineligible for US citizenship -- even in states where it is legal.

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Texas panhandle traffic stop yields 102 pounds of marijuana, arrest of California man

Texas Panhandle Traffic Stop Yields 102 Pounds Of Marijuana, Arrest Of California Man

AMARILLO, Texas - The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) seized 102 pounds of marijuana Saturday, after a Texas Highway Patrol Trooper stopped a vehicle in Oldham County.

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Kodak Black Arrested at U.S. Border on Weapons, Drugs Charges

Kodak Black Arrested At U.S. Border On Weapons, Drugs Charges

Kodak Black was arrested on Wednesday night at the U.S. border in upstate New York.

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In the age of legal marijuana, many employers drop ‘zero tolerance’ drug tests | The Sacramento Bee

In The Age Of Legal Marijuana, Many Employers Drop 'zero Tolerance' Drug Tests

When Rye Electric was founded in Orange County five years ago, it screened all prospective workers for drugs. If a test showed traces of cannabis, the applicant was nixed.

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Why spend billions to arrest thousands, a Dem and a Republican ponder. Let’s just legalize marijuana already.

Why Spend Billions To Arrest Thousands, A Dem And A Republican Ponder. Let's Just Legalize Marijuana Already.

The legalization effort established a common ground and brought a kid from the hood and a kid from the wood together to fight for responsibly regulated cannabis industry

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Pennsylvania cracks the whip on Big Marijuana, threatens to shut out biggest dispensary permit holder

Pennsylvania Cracks Down On Big Marijuana, Threatens To Shut Out Biggest Permit Holder

The action was prompted by what officials called "blatant misrepresentation" in a statement issued by Harvest Health & Recreation, which announced Tuesday that it is acquiring a Pennsylvania weed company.

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Attorney General Barr says he would favor making marijuana illegal across the United States

Attorney General Barr Says He Would Favor Making Marijuana Illegal Across The United States

"Personally, I would still favor one uniform federal rule against marijuana," Barr said. "But if there is not sufficient consensus to obtain that then I think the way to go is to permit a more federal approach so states can, you know, make their own decisions within the framework of the federal

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New Mexico Decriminalizes Marijuana

New Mexico Decriminalizes Marijuana

Law signed after full legalization effort stalls in state Senate

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