Massachusetts teen sentenced to life in prison in classmate's beheading

Massachusetts Teen Sentenced To Life In Prison In Classmate's Beheading

A Massachusetts teen was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday for beheading one of his classmates.

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Twin baby boys were found alone near train tracks

Twin Baby Boys Found Left Alone Near Train Tracks

Police are investigating after twin baby boys were found left alone near train tracks in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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Can Elizabeth Warren Win It All?

Can Elizabeth Warren Win It All?

The senator from Massachusetts made her name attacking Wall Street. Now she's bringing her plans to fight outsized wealth to the 2020 Presidential race.

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After more than 70 years, a stolen Alexander Hamilton letter may soon return home to Massachusetts

After More Than 70 Years, A Stolen Alexander Hamilton Letter May Soon Return Home To Massachusetts

The letter was found at an auction house in Virginia.

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A teacher said he found a bullet in the stairwell. Police said he planted it there to prove the school needed metal detectors.

A Teacher Said He Found A Bullet In The Stairwell. Police Said He Planted It There To Prove The School Needed Metal Detectors

A high school teacher in Massachusetts was arrested on Thursday after he admitted to leaving a bullet in the school building's stairwell to "prove to the school that they needed to get metal detectors," Southbridge Police said.

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Massachusetts teen convicted of murder in beheading case

Massachusetts Teen Convicted Of Murder In Beheading Case

A Massachusetts teen was found guilty of murder Tuesday, convicted in the killing, mutilation and beheading of his classmate.

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Elizabeth Warren Tells Fox News to Go F--k Itself

Elizabeth Warren Tells Fox News To Go F--k Itself

The senator from Massachusetts will not be be appearing on the "hate-for-profit" network.

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Trump’s mysterious casino tweet: He's using racism to cover up his corruption

Trump's Mysterious Casino Tweet: He's Using Racism To Cover Up His Corruption

Why did Trump go after a Native American tribe in Massachusetts? The reasons are even worse than you think

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Massachusetts becomes 16th state to ban 'gay conversion therapy'

Massachusetts Becomes 16th State To Ban 'gay Conversion Therapy'

The controversial and medically discredited practice aims to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Massachusetts won’t score students on slavery essay question

Massachusetts Won't Score Students On Slavery Essay Question - KTAR.com

BOSTON (AP) -- Massachusetts education officials have decided on the unusual step of not scoring 10th grade students on a statewide exam question that

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Uber to pay $20M settlement to drivers in California and Massachusetts

Uber To Pay $20M Settlement To Drivers In California And Massachusetts

The settlement is a fraction of what Uber could have been required to pay, a labor expert said, and its "business model of utilizing drivers" as contractors not employees stays intact.

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Retired police officer, 2 supervisors charged in beating of homeless man, cover-up

Ex-police Officer Charged With Beating Homeless Man With Baton

A former transit police officer and two sergeants have been indicted in connection with the beating of a homeless man in Boston last year and an attempt to cover it up.

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‘He May Not Even Be a Free Person,’ Warren Says of Trump in 2020

'He May Not Even Be A Free Person,' Elizabeth Warren Says Of Trump In 2020

Pointing to multiple investigations, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts argued that Donald Trump may not be president come the next election.

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Massachusetts high court upholds Michelle Carter's conviction for texts encouraging boyfriend's suicide

Massachusetts High Court Upholds Conviction Of Woman Who Encouraged Boyfriend's Suicide

Carter's 15-month sentence for involuntary manslaughter had been on hold pending the ruling.

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The unlikely, eccentric inventor turning inedible plant life into fuel

The Unlikely, Eccentric Inventor Turning Inedible Plant Life Into Fuel

Marshall Medoff unveils to 60 Minutes his innovative method of turning plant life into fuel and other useful products

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Legal age to purchase tobacco products joins alcohol and Cannabis at the age of 21 in Massachusetts.

State's New Smoking Laws Go Into Effect

Starting December 31, the legal age to buy cigarettes in Massachusetts is 21.

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Kevin Spacey posts ‘Let Me Be Frank’ video in bizarre response to Massachusetts sexual assault charges

Kevin Spacey Posts 'Let Me Be Frank' Video In Bizarre Response To Massachusetts Sexual Assault Charges

Spacey shared the curious video on Twitter the day before Christmas.

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Record-breaking $405M US offshore wind leasing auction shows 'bullish' interest

Record-breaking $405M US Offshore Wind Leasing Auction Shows 'bullish' Interest

Three areas off the coast of Massachusetts each fetched bids of at least $135 million in the same area that failed to attract enough interest three years ago.

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Human rights body calls on US school to ban electric shocks on children

Human Rights Body Calls On US School To Ban Electric Shocks On Children

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights issued a notice to the Judge Rotenberg Center to immediately stop the shocks

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The FBI is now investigating fake anti-net neutrality comments.

The FBI Is Now Investigating Fake Anti-net Neutrality Comments

Following the lead of state-level investigations from New York, Massachusetts, and Washington DC

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