Yang: I'm the opposite of Trump, an 'Asian man who likes math'

Yang: I'm The Opposite Of Trump, An 'Asian Man Who Likes Math'

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang joked during Wednesday night's primary debate that he was the opposite of President Trump: "an Asian man who likes math."

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Jeffrey Epstein's long July continues: Accused child sex trafficker set to return to court after injury in jail

Jeffrey Epstein's Long July Continues: Accused Child Sex Trafficker Set To Return To Court After Injury In Jail

Epstein, the former friend of former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, is set to show at 11 a.m. ET Wednesday in Manhattan federal court.

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The Next Year Is Going to Get Even Uglier. Courage Won't Be Optional — As FDR stated, we must battle fear, like the kind Trump is hoping will get him reelected and out of jail.

The Next Year Is Going To Get Even Uglier. Courage Won't Be Optional

Last month my partner of 17 years passed. I know, real downer of an opening line, but in most major life events eventually there’s a le...

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Teens Attack Man Outside Washington Hilton

Teens Attack Man Outside Washington Hilton

A group of teenagers attacked a man outside the Washington Hilton Hotel earlier this month, D.C. police said.

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Jussie Smollett Fights Special Prosecutor Appointment In Assault Case

Jussie Smollett Fights Special Prosecutor Appointment In Criminal Case Over Alleged Attack

A month after an Illinois judge ordered that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate the handling of Jussie Smollett's abandoned criminal case, the former Empire actor said Friday he wants...

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Report: 13 Philadelphia officers expected to be fired for social media posts

Report: 13 Philadelphia Officers Expected To Be Fired For Social Media Posts

The Philadelphia Police Department is expected to begin the process of firing police officers whose racist or offensive social media posts were discovered online, according to a report from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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July on course to be hottest month ever, say climate scientists

July On Course To Be Hottest Month Ever, Say Climate Scientists

If global trends continue for another fortnight, it will beat previous two-year-old record

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DNA confirms remains are those of missing Va. toddler

DNA Confirms Remains Are Those Of Missing Va. Toddler

Police in Virginia have confirmed that human remains found at a trash incinerator earlier this month belong to a 2-year-old boy who went missing.

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Report: Mitch McConnell found to be the direct descendant of 2 slave owners

Report: Mitch McConnell Found To Be The Direct Descendant Of 2 Slave Owners

Census records from the mid-1800s show that two great-great-grandfathers of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) were slave owners, NBC News reports. The discovery comes after McConnell stated last month that he does not believe the government should pay reparations to the descendants of slaves. "I don't think reparations for something that happened 150 years ago, when none of us currently living are responsible, is a good idea," he said. "We've tried to deal with our original sin of slavery by fighting a civil war, by passing landmark civil rights legislation. We've elected an African American president." McConnell's great-great-grandfathers, James McConnell and Richard Daley, lived in Limestone County, Alabama, and between the two, owned at least 14 slaves, NBC News reports. Slavery experts are not calling on the descendants of slave owners to pay reparations, but say their families did benefit from slave labor. "Smaller farms and plantations still benefited enormously from the unpaid labor of enslaved people, which likely helped them build multigenerational wealth," Chuck Collins, a senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies, told NBC News. NBC News said it called and emailed McConnell's office, asking if he knew his great-great-grandfathers were slave owners, but received no response. McConnell, who grew up in Alabama, has said his parents were opposed to segregation. Catherine Garcia

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Landlords can't ask for 'last month's rent' plus security deposit, thanks to new rent laws in NYC.

Landlords Can't Ask For 'last Month's Rent' Plus Security Deposit, Thanks To New Rent Laws

Your security deposit is not supposed to be used for last month's rent.

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In surprise move, admiral tapped to lead U.S. Navy declines job, retires instead

Admiral Tapped To Lead U.S. Navy Declines Job, Retires Instead

Bill Moran said he turned down the job of Chief of Naval Operations because of a probe of his ties to an officer investigated for inappropriate conduct.

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25 Dallas Police Officers Under Investigation for Allegedly Posting Racist, Threatening Content on Facebook

25 Dallas Police Officers Are Under Investigation For Allegedly Posting Racist And Violent Content On Social Media

The police department announced the move on Friday one month after a cache of officers' Facebook posts was made public.

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Judge orders census citizenship case to go forward, will look at Trump 'discriminatory motive'

Judge Orders Census Citizenship Case To Go Forward, Will Look At Trump 'discriminatory Motive'

The Supreme Court ruled last month that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross did not provide an honest reason for why he wanted to include the question.

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Strong job growth is back: Payrolls jump in June well above expectations

Strong Job Growth Is Back: Payrolls Jump In June Well Above Expectations

Payroll growth rebounded sharply in June as the U.S. economy added 224,000 jobs and the unemployment rate rose to 3.7%.

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Activist arrested for giving migrants food and shelter faces retrial

Activist Arrested For Giving Migrants Food And Shelter Faces Retrial

Scott Warren, who was accused of aiding migrants, will be retried after a jury last month was unable to reach a verdict at his trial

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Pentagon facing possibility of third acting defense secretary in less than a month

Pentagon Facing Possibility Of Third Acting Defense Secretary In Less Than A Month

With military tensions rising in the Middle East, more than a dozen of the most senior roles at the Pentagon lack permanent appointees and President Donald Trump is likely to be forced to name, at least temporarily, a third acting defense secretary in the coming weeks.

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A fourth NYPD officer dies by suicide this month

A Fourth NYPD Officer Dies By Suicide This Month

A fourth New York City police officer has killed himself this month, New York police said Thursday. It's the latest death in what the city's top cop has called a "mental-health crisis."

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Louisiana teen accused of killing father was reportedly kidnapped by him a decade ago

Louisiana Teen Accused Of Killing Father Was Reportedly Kidnapped By Him A Decade Ago

A Louisiana teenager who was arrested earlier this month after allegedly fatally shooting his father was actually kidnapped by him over a decade ago, according to family members.

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Helicopter pilot killed after crashing into New York City skyscraper 'did not know where he was', say investigators

Helicopter Pilot Killed After Crashing Into New York City Skyscraper 'did Not Know Where He Was', Say Investigators - Independent.ie

A pilot who died when his helicopter crashed atop a New York City skyscraper earlier this month had been flying erratically and said he did not know where he was shortly before the acci

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A 10th American has died while vacationing in the Dominican Republic

A 10th American Has Died While Vacationing In The Dominican Republic

A man from New York died while vacationing in the Dominican Republic earlier this month, according to a US State Department official, making him the 10th American tourist to have died during or after their stay in the Caribbean nation.

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