Arizona man learns mom's body sold to military, detonated in experiment

Arizona Man Learns Mom's Body Sold To Military, Detonated In Experiment

An Arizona man was distraught to learn that his mother's body was sold to the United States military for "blast testing," which involved strapping it to a chair before an explosive device was detonated underneath.

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10-year-old boy charged with assault following dodgeball game at school

10-year-old Boy Charged With Assault Following Dodgeball Game At School

Months after the boy was suspended from his elementary school, his mom was notified he received a criminal charge

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Dad 'burst out in tears' as 4-year-old found in international child abduction case

Dad 'burst Out In Tears' As 4-year-old Found In International Child Abduction Case

The father of a four-year-old boy says he's relieved his son has been returned, after a Canada-wide warrant was issued for the boy's mother who vanished with the child weeks ago in Europe.

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A US-born teen was in border custody for 23 days. Now he’s suing the government

A US-born Teen Was In Border Custody For 23 Days. Now He's Suing The Government

Francisco Galicia and his mother are speaking out on the inhumane conditions they say he endured while detained

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Mother of missing Connecticut woman Jennifer Dulos gains custody of grandchildren

Mother Of Missing Connecticut Woman Jennifer Dulos Gains Custody Of Grandchildren

A judge ordered custody of the children to their grandmother a month after their father, Fotis Dulos, was arrested in the disappearance of his estranged wife.

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Fetus found on sidewalk in Little Italy [Ottawa, Ontario]

Mother Identified After Fetus Found On Sidewalk In Little Italy

Ottawa Police say a mother has been identified after a fetus was found on the sidewalk in Little Italy Thursday morning.

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He died 76 years ago fighting in World War II. He'll finally be laid to rest Saturday

He Died 76 Years Ago Fighting In World War II. He'll Finally Be Laid To Rest Saturday

Pvt. 1st Class William Edward Brandenburg was only 17 when he died fighting in the Pacific during WWII.

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On camera: A toddler is swept away on airport conveyor belt

On Camera: A Toddler Is Swept Away On Airport Conveyor Belt

The boy's mother told police she looked away from her son "for one second" to print her boarding pass and he disappeared.

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GRAPHIC: ‘Aggressive’ squirrel evicted from Calif. tree after attacking 4 people

GRAPHIC: 'Aggressive' Squirrel Evicted From Calif. Tree After Attacking 4 People

Residents say the mother squirrel became aggressive, attacking and biting at least four people as they passed by.

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Lifeguard, man injured in attack by group of teens at Mayfair pool, police say

Lifeguard, Man Injured In Attack By Group Of Teens At Mayfair Pool, Police Say

Philadelphia police are investigating after they say a 19-year-old lifeguard and a 45-year-old man were attacked at a Mayfair pool on Monday.

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Manchester puppy theft: Machete-wielding men steal seven dogs

Machete-wielding Men Steal Newborn Puppies

The five-week-old Staffordshire cross dogs might not survive without their mother, police say.

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Police: Truck driver reached for iced tea before crash that killed mother, twins

Police: Crash That Killed Mother, Twins Caused By Speeding Truck

A truck driver was speeding and reaching for his iced tea when he crashed his rig into a line of cars, killing a mother and her twin tod...

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Man mistakes wife for intruder, kills her with shot to chest

Man Mistakes Wife For Intruder, Kills Her With Shot To Chest

Michigan authorities are investigating a shooting early Friday morning that left a young mother dead after police said her husband mistook her for an intruder and fatally shot her.

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Man charged for killing pregnant mother and her baby in London

Man Charged For Killing Pregnant Mother And Her Baby In London

London police charged a man Sunday with the murder of a pregnant woman who was stabbed to death in June, the Metropolitan Police said in a statement Sunday.

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Raymond man to serve 82-year sentence for child rape

Raymond Man To Serve 82-year Sentence For Child Rape

MARYSVILLE — A Raymond man was sentenced this month to spend the next 82 years in prison following his conviction earlier this year on ...

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Two men are arrested after attacking their mother's killer in court

Two Men Are Arrested After Attacking Their Mother's Killer In Court

A brawl broke out in a Mahoning County, Ohio, court as two brothers attacked the man convicted of killing their mother. Dale Williams was scheduled to be sentenced Thursday after confessing to killing his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Pledger, Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene said.

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Mother of Danish student suspected killed by jihadists demands death penalty

Mother Of Danish Student Suspected Killed By Jihadists Demands Death Penalty

Helle Petersen asks trial in Morocco for 'just' penalty after murder of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen in Atlas mountains

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A mom whose 3-year-old son peed in a parking lot was facing 60 days in jail. Her charges were just dropped

A Mom Whose 3-year-old Son Peed In A Parking Lot Was Facing 60 Days In Jail. Her Charges Were Just Dropped

"The mom was trying to be a good mom," the state of Georgia said. "The child had an emergency come up, and mom took care of the emergency. That's what we expect of all good moms."

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South Arkansas police still looking for man accused of killing woman and 4-year-old son

South Arkansas Police Still Looking For Man Accused Of Killing Woman And 4-year-old Son

Authorities in south Arkansas say they are still looking for a man accused of killing a mother and her child.

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Local woman's 1981 suicide getting a second look following her mother's arrest

Local Woman's 1981 Suicide Getting A Second Look Following Her Mother's Arrest

There's a new twist in a decades-old murder mystery in Leon County.

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