Protesting coal miners: Mitch McConnell has done nothing for Kentucky

Protesting Coal Miners: Mitch McConnell Has Done Nothing For Kentucky

A Kentucky Coal Miner describes hardships miners are facing.

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The Medicare for All Moment Is Here, Brought to You by Bernie Sanders

The Medicare For All Moment Is Here, Brought To You By Bernie Sanders

Medicare for All had its big moment in last night's debate, with several candidates clamoring to show their support. Yet just three years ago, the Beltway consensus was that it would "never, ever" happen. We have Bernie Sanders to thank for that.

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Man in Cookie Monster shirt accused of cookie theft says it was misunderstanding: Forest Grove police log

Man In Cookie Monster Shirt Accused Of Cookie Theft Says It Was Misunderstanding: Forest Grove Police Log

A convenience store employee reported that a man wearing a Cookie Monster shirt came into the location in the middle of the night, opened and ate half of a package of cookies, and then left the location without paying.

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The Middle Ground Did Not Fare Well in the Democratic Debate - Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren didn't just dominate last night’s Democratic debate in Detroit. They also revealed that the party's self-proclaimed moderates are incredibly weak.

The Middle Ground Did Not Fare Well In The Democratic Debate

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren didn't just dominate last night's Democratic debate in Detroit. They also revealed that the party's self-proclaimed moderates are incredibly weak.

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7-foot alligator makes itself at home in a Florida family's pool

7-foot Alligator Makes Itself At Home In A Florida Family's Pool

A Florida woman woke up in the middle of the night to an unfamiliar sound and when she turned on the lights, she said she got the shock of a lifetime.

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Armed mob storms Hong Kong train station

Hong Kong Reels From Armed Mob Violence

A night of violence saw dozens of masked men storming a train station and attacking passengers.

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A teen confesses to breaking into a California zoo at night and stealing an endangered lemur

A Teen Confesses To Breaking Into A California Zoo At Night And Stealing An Endangered Lemur

The teen has pleaded guilty to sneaking into a Santa Ana Zoo at night and stealing an endangered lemur called Isaac so he could keep it as a pet.

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Joe Biden tried to pivot away from talking about his vote for the Iraq War. Bernie Sanders didn’t let him.

Joe Biden Tried To Pivot Away From Talking About His Vote For The Iraq War. Bernie Sanders Didn't Let Him.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) headlined the second night of the first Democratic primary debate in Miami on Thursday. But the two didn't share many memorable moments together until late in the evening. Toward the end of the debate, Biden was asked about his support for the Iraq War in 2002 -- which he since said was the wrong decision -- as well as why voters should trust his judgment to refrain from leading the United States into another conflict. He answered the second part of the question by taking credit for getting troops out of Iraq while he was serving as President Obama Barack Obama's vice president. .@maddow asks @JoeBiden about his vote for the Iraq War, which he has said was wrong.Biden: "I was responsible for getting 150,000 combat troops out of Iraq, and my son was one of them."Says we shouldn't still have combat troops in Afghanistan. #DemDebate -- Stephen Gruber-Miller (@sgrubermiller) June 28, 2019 Sanders, though, made sure Biden was unsuccessful in skirting around his record on Iraq by reminding everyone that he actually did vote against the war. "I helped lead the opposition to that war," Sanders said. Tim O'Donnell Joe Biden defends his foreign policy record after voting in favor of the Iraq war. Bernie Sanders fires back with his plan to prevent a war with Iran. #DemDebate2 pic.twitter.com/NjAQKA7TrO -- CNBC Politics (@CNBCPolitics) June 28, 2019

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Kamala Harris Took On Joe Biden's Record On Race At The Democratic Debate

The Second Debate Night, Of The Democrats' First Debate, Is Tonight! (495 Days Until The Election.)

Biden and Harris squared off on race. Buttigieg apologized for the state of policing in his city. And everyone was ? Marianne Williamson. Catch up here.

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Former guard sentenced to 30 years in death of Pokemon Go-playing grandfather

Former Guard Sentenced To 30 Years In Death Of Pokemon Go-playing Grandfather

Johnathan Cromwell had been found guilty of second-degree murder after he fatally shot Jiansheng Chen in January 2017.

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One killed, several wounded in South Bend bar shooting

One Killed, Several Wounded In South Bend, Indiana, Bar Shooting

"The mayor is deeply troubled by last night's incident," said a spokesperson for Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

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Feds seized cocaine worth more than $419 million at Philadelphia terminal

Feds Seize More Than 16 Tons Of Cocaine At Philadelphia Terminal

Under the cover of night, members of a ship's crew loaded "bales" of cocaine onto a vessel bound for the United States, expecting to earn tens of thousands of dollars for the job.

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Carrie Underwood, NFL and NBC sued over 'Sunday Night Football' song

Carrie Underwood, NFL And NBC Sued Over 'Sunday Night Football' Song

Carrie Underwood, the NFL and NBC have been hit with a lawsuit that accuses them of plagiarizing the "Sunday Night Football" theme song.

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Gunman Kills 1, Injures 7 at Philadelphia Graduation Party

1 Dead, 7 Hurt In Mass Shooting At SW Philly Grad Party

A night of celebration turned to one of violence and tragedy when a mass shooting left at least one person dead and seven others injured during a graduation party in Southwest Philadelphia.

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Serial killer Bobby Joe Long, who pleaded guilty to killing 8 women, scheduled to be executed in Florida Thursday

Bobby Joe Long Is Executed In Florida For Killing Eight Women In 1984

"Every time you went home at night, you would think about if we don't catch this guy, someone else is going to be murdered," one investigator said.

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Rare 'blue flower moon' will appear in Saturday night's sky

Rare 'blue Flower Moon' Will Appear In Saturday Night's Sky

May's full moon is typically known as the flower moon because of all the blooms this month. This year it coincides with a rare occurrence: a blue moon.

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'Saturday Night Live' hits 'financial genius' Trump after report on $1B in business losses

'Saturday Night Live' Hits 'financial Genius' Trump After Report On $1B In Business Losses

Comedian Colin Jost on Saturday mocked President Trump over a report that Trump accrued more than $1 billion in business losses in a 10-year period, saying that the story revealed that the president "may not be the financial ge

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Astronomers clock rock hitting the moon during total lunar eclipse at 61,000 km/h | CBC News

Astronomers Clock Rock Hitting The Moon During Total Lunar Eclipse At 61,000 Km/h

On the night of January 20-21, the moon slowly glided through Earth's shadow, treating people across North America to a total lunar eclipse. For the lucky few who happened to be looking at the right time with keen eyes, another rarely seen event occurred: a bright meteorite slammed into the moon.

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How Taxpayers Covered a $1,000 Liquor Bill for Trump Staffers (and More) at Trump’s Club

How Taxpayers Covered A $1,000 Liquor Bill For Trump Staffers (and More) At Trump's Club -- ProPublica

A top-shelf, closed-door drinking session. $546-a-night hotel rooms. A special government credit card for Mar-a-Lago. Taxpayers foot the costs -- and the president profits.

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Bob Dylan Makes Rare Onstage Statement To Address Fans Taking Photos: “We Can Either Play Or We Can Pose, Okay?”

Bob Dylan Makes Rare Onstage Statement To Address Fans Taking Photos: "We Can Either Play Or We Can Pose, Okay?"

Bob Dylan hasn't been one to incorporate stage banter in recent years. He rarely even speaks to introduce the band. But that changed last night when someone broke his "no photos" policy at his show in Vienna, Austria. After singing one verse of "Blowin' in the Wind," Dylan stopped and said to the audience: "Take pictures or don't take pictures. We can either play or we can pose. Okay?" Before making this statement, he mumbled something about "pictures" into the mic and then stumbled and almost fell onstage. There's a pause before he and his band go into "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry." Dylan left the stage after that and the band closed the show with an instrumental version of "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues." Watch it all happen below. At the beginning of the month, Dylan announced the opening of his new whiskey distillery. I wonder if he'll allow photos there!

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