Buttigieg hits 'so-called conservative Christian senators' blocking bill to raise minimum wage

Buttigieg Hits 'so-called Conservative Christian Senators' Blocking Bill To Raise Minimum Wage

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) slammed a number of "so-called conservative Christian senators" on Tuesday for blocking legislation to raise the minimum wage, suggesting they were going against God.

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Starvation deaths of 200 reindeer in Arctic caused by climate crisis, say researchers

Starvation Deaths Of 200 Reindeer In Arctic Caused By Climate Crisis, Say Researchers

Comparable death toll has been recorded only once before, says Norwegian Polar Institute

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With Sunday surge, nearly half of House Democrats back impeachment inquiry

With Sunday Surge, Nearly Half Of House Democrats Back Impeachment Inquiry

The number of House Democrats who have publicly said they'd vote for an impeachment inquiry is 104 -- 14 shy of a majority of the Democratic Caucus.

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A Flurry of House Democrats Announce Support for Impeachment Inquiry

A Flurry Of House Democrats Announce Support For Impeachment Inquiry

The number of members of Congress who stand in support of impeachment now stands at 105

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150 people feared dead as migrant ship capsizes in Mediterranian.

Scores Feared Drowned In Shipwreck Off Libya

Up to 150 people are missing and a similar number have been rescued, the UN refugee agency says.

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Instagram hides likes count in international test 'to remove pressure'

Instagram Hides Likes Count 'to Remove Pressure'

The number of likes is a measure of how well content is doing on the social media platform.

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Rockland measles count up to 280

Rockland Measles Cases Increase; Possible Exposure At Monsey Store

The number of measles cases in Rockland has hit 280 in the recent outbreak, according to the Rockland County Health Department.


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The "Pro-Life" Movement Is Silent About Children Dying At The Border

The "pro-life" movement's disregard for the lives of children lost at the border belies its true nature.

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Trump Admits Census Citizenship Question Is About Elections and Districting: “Number one, you need it for Congress — you need it for Congress for districting,” the president told reporters on Friday

Trump Admits Census Citizenship Question Is About Elections And Districting

"Number one, you need it for Congress -- you need it for Congress for districting," the president told reporters on Friday

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Number of ICE detainees with no criminal record rises sharply, defying Trump rhetoric

Number Of ICE Detainees With No Criminal Record Rises Sharply, Defying Trump Rhetoric - Center For Public Integrity

The Center for Public Integrity is an investigative newsroom that exposes betrayals of the public trust by powerful interests.

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Officials Warn of Wasp ‘Super Nests’ in Alabama

Officials Warn Of Wasp 'Super Nests' In Alabama

A colony can grow to be as big as a Volkswagen Beetle and can have 15,000 wasps. The last time scientists saw such an unusually high number of enormous nests was in 2006.

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Rockland measles: Emergency order renewed for fourth time, cases rise to 275

Rockland Measles: Emergency Order Renewed For Fourth Time

As Rockland's historic measles outbreak continues, the county has renewed its emergency order designed to contain it.

Rockland C...

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Everybody really is reading the Mueller Report

Everybody Really Is Reading The Mueller Report

The making of a number one New York Times bestseller, brought to you by Robert Mueller, a few publishing houses, and the American taxpayer.

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Trump struggles to explain why Obama's jobs numbers were better than his

Trump Struggles To Explain Why Obama's Jobs Numbers Were Better Than His

'The whole place was a disaster. And I don't - I'd never take that away'

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Mitch McConnell is the second worst human being on the planet

Mitch McConnell Is The Second Worst Human Being On The Planet

The only person standing between him and Number One is Donald Trump

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Another American tourist died in her hotel room in the Dominican Republic, resort says

Another American Tourist Died In Her Hotel Room In The Dominican Republic, Resort Says

Another US tourist has died in the Dominican Republic, bringing to eight the number of Americans to die in the country over the past year.

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Pilots reveal safety fears over Boeing’s fleet of Dreamliners

Pilots Reveal Safety Fears Over Boeing's Fleet Of Dreamliners

Company admits that fire extinguisher switch has failed a 'small number' of times

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Almost 600 plant species have become extinct in the last 250 years

Almost 600 Plants Have Gone Extinct In Last 250 Years: Report

Almost 600 plant species have been wiped from the planet in the past 250 years, more than twice the number of bird, mammal and amphibian species that have met the same fate, according to a new study.

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Hirings hit record high, 1.6 million more jobs than unemployed

Hiring By US Businesses Hits A Record High

The total number of workers hired rose to a new high in April while the amount of unemployed workers still vastly outnumbered the available jobs.

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The Risks Are Rising That the Dollar Could Lose its Special Global Standing

The Risks Are Rising That The Dollar Could Lose Its Special Global Standing

There are a number of factors suggesting that, over time, the US dollar may be at risk of surrendering its lead, if not its role, as the world's preeminent reserve currency.

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