Oregon Democrats demand investigation into Republican state senator who threatened to kill a police officer

Oregon Democrats Demand Investigation Into Republican State Senator Who Threatened To Kill A Police Officer

Democrats reported feeling unsafe after a Republican colleague openly threatened police

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German tourists run over, killed at Washington swimming hole

German Tourists Run Over, Killed At Washington Swimming Hole

WASHOUGAL, Wash. (AP) -- Two German tourists visiting family in nearby Portland, Oregon, were run over and killed by a local man as they sunbathed by a swimming hole, police in Washington state said Wednesday. Police arrested David E. Croswell,...

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The Government Agency in Charge of Killing Wild Animals Is Facing Backlash

The Government Agency In Charge Of Killing Wild Animals Is Facing Backlash

Oregon has banned Wildlife Services' use of cyanide bombs, and some California counties have severed their contracts with the agency.

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The Insanity in Oregon Is a Glimpse of Our Very Dark Future: People with guns have involved themselves in a legislative dispute while the officials of one political party cheer them on.

The Insanity In Oregon Is A Glimpse Of Our Very Dark Future

People with guns have involved themselves in a legislative dispute while the officials of one political party cheer them on.

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Oregon GOP state senators again fail to show up for legislative session amid climate bill protest

Oregon GOP State Senators Again Fail To Show Up For Legislative Session Amid Climate Bill Protest

The Oregon state senate quickly adjourned Sunday because the Republican senators who staged a walkout last week over a climate bill didn't show up to the session, according to the state legislature's website.

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Idaho Militia Offering Help To Missing Oregon Republican Senators

Idaho Militia Offering Help To Missing Oregon Republican Senators

The head of an Idaho militia says his group is working with some of the Oregon Republican senators who have fled to Idaho in protest of a bill to combat

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Right-wing ‘militia threat’ shuts down Oregon Capitol as Republicans flee climate bill vote

Right-wing 'militia Threat' Shuts Down Oregon Capitol As Republicans Flee Climate Bill Vote

State police attempt to round up lawmakers blocking bill to reduce fossil fuel emissions

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Man rescued after falling 800 feet into Crater Lake in Oregon

Man Rescued After Falling 800 Feet Into Crater Lake In Oregon

The man, who has not been identified, was hoisted and transferred to a hospital in Bend, Oregon, for treatment after falling into the dormant volcano.

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Oregon high school students involved in senior prank must pay for cleanup, may not walk at graduation: principal

Oregon High School Students Involved In Senior Prank Must Pay For Cleanup, May Not Walk At Graduation: Principal

A senior prank carried out by students at an Oregon High School may have cost them the opportunity to walk at their graduation. The principal of the school is also reportedly planning to charge each students about $50 to cover the cost of cleaning up their mess.

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A Portland, OR cannabis company was caught trying to sell their data of local growers strain genetics to big business. The company was founded on protecting small growers from future genetic copyright from big business.

A Betrayal By A Leader Of Oregon's Cannabis Industry Shows How The Weed Business Went From Down Home To Cutthroat

Beth Schechter's world shattered with a text message. An Atlanta native, Schechter moved to Portland in 2015 to take a job as executive director of a nonprofit called the Open Cannabis Project. Her job: protecting small cannabis farmers by challenging patent claims on commonplace weed strains.

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Oregon State student dies in fall while taking photos at a scenic overlook

Oregon State Student Dies In Fall While Taking Photos At A Scenic Overlook

An Oregon State University student died Sunday after falling approximately 100 feet while taking photographs at a scenic coastal viewpoint along Highway 101, according to the Tillamook County Sheriff's Office.

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Key State Certification Denied For SW Oregon's Jordan Cove Natural Gas Export Project

Key State Certification Denied For SW Oregon's Jordan Cove Natural Gas Export Project

Oregon environmental regulators delivered a blow to the Jordan Cove energy export project on Oregon's south coast, saying the liquefied natural gas project doesn't meet water quality standards.

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Feds bust $900,000 iPhone repair & return scam in Oregon

Feds Bust $900,000 IPhone Repair & Return Scam In Oregon

Two engineering students in Oregon are accused of bringing thousands of counterfeit iPhones to Apple and having them replaced with real ones that they then shipped to China for sale.

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Father admits to staging home invasion to cover up his theft of daughter’s Girl Scouts cookie sales - National

Father Admits To Staging Home Invasion To Cover Up His Theft Of Daughter's Girl Scouts Cookie Sales

A man in Oregon is accused of staging an elaborate home invasion in an effort to cover up his theft of more than $700 from his daughter's Girl Scouts cookie sales.

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Two 'Proud Boys' members indicted on felony assault charges in Oregon

Two 'Proud Boys' Members Indicted On Felony Assault Charges In Oregon

Two members of the far-right "Proud Boys" group have been have been indicted on felony and misdemeanor assault charges after an alleged attack in Portland, Ore.

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Unvaccinated 6 year old contracts tetanus

Notes From The Field: Tetanus In An Unvaccinated Child -- Oregon, ...

In 2017, a boy aged 6 years who had received no immunizations sustained a forehead laceration while playing outdoors on a farm; the wound was cleaned and sutured at home. Six days later, he had ...

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Exclusive: video shows Portland officers made deal with far-right group leader

Exclusive: Video Shows Portland Officers Made Deal With Far-right Group Leader

Footage obtained by the Guardian shows the officers had probable cause to arrest members of the Patriot Prayer group

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US won’t intervene in Saudi hit and run case - BBC News

US 'will Not Intervene' In Saudi Murder Case

A US diplomat says a Saudi murder suspect is unlikely to face justice after fleeing the US.

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Amtrak train stranded in Oregon for over a day finally on the move again

Amtrak Train Stranded In Oregon For Over A Day Finally On The Move Again

"We've had two people have anxiety, heart-related issues. We have just had to take care of each other," a passenger said.

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Amtrak train stranded with 183 aboard after hitting tree

Amtrak Train Stuck In Oregon For More Than A Day Is Moving

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Passengers stranded on an Amtrak train for more than a day in a remote and snowed-in part of Oregon said the train was moving again Tuesday after it got stuck when it hit a tree that fell on the tracks. "It's just like relief. I'm just excited to get off of here," Abbie Jeffrey, 16, told the KGW television station. The Coast Starlight train left Seattle for Los Angeles early Sunday. It hit the tree a tree southeast of Eugene, Oregon, Sunday evening. The 183 passengers were kept on the train because the heavy snow had knocked out power in the town of Oakridge, the closest populated place to the train, Amtrak said in a statement. There was enough food on the train for the passengers, the statement said.

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