Ebola Patients Congo Fear Ongoing Violence Amid Outbreak (05.22.2019)

Patients In Congo Fear Ongoing Violence Amid Latest Ebola Outbreak

Officials said hospitals are being targeted by armed militia groups

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A safety alert has been issued to all state and territory health departments following concerns that nursing homes, residential homes and hospitals are misusing a medical device that can inflict bed sores and welts on patients

Health Departments Warned Over Sling Used In Nursing Homes That Can Cause Bed Sores

All Day Sling's maker ordered to update usage instructions over concerns for patients

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“America Makes a Lot of Money off the Sick” - The for-profit health care system in the US has created a crisis for patients and medical workers. That's why 2,000 health care workers are on strike in Ohio this week.

"America Makes A Lot Of Money Off The Sick"

The for-profit health care system in the US has created a crisis for patients and medical workers. That's why 2,000 health care workers are on strike in Ohio this week.

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Measles: Rockland cases up to 225; hospitals' new system; clinic added

Measles: Rockland Cases Up To 225; Hospitals' New System; Clinic Added

Local hospitals have made it easier to identify some measles patients before they show up in the emergency room in the midst of a histor...

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Boys with a rare muscle disease are finally breathing on their own, thanks to gene therapy

Boys With A Rare Muscle Disease Are Breathing On Their Own, Thanks To Gene Therapy

New results cap a year of early stage successes for muscle disorders

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Trump administration

Trump Administration "gag Rule" That Would Have Stripped Planned Parenthood Funding Was Just Blocked

The changes -- which would have banned clinics from referring patients to abortion clinics -- were set to go into effect next week

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Housebound parkinson's patients have movement restored

Parkinson's Implant 'transforms Lives'

Previously housebound patients are now able to walk more freely as a result of electrical stimulation to their spines. Researchers say the small trial of the treatment has gone 'beyond their wildest dreams'.

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Gene-silencing: 'new class' of medicine reverses disease Porphyria

'New Class' Of Medicine Reverses Disease

Gene silencing drugs spared patients from the crippling pain caused by porphyria, in a clinical trial.

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NJ approves bill allowing terminally ill patients to end their lives

NJ Approves Bill Allowing Terminally Ill Patients To End Their Lives

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy plans to sign legislation allowing terminally ill patients to seek life-ending medication.

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Nearly 400 cancer medicine prices slashed by up to 87% by Indian Government

Nearly 400 Cancer Medicine Prices Slashed By Up To 87%

The move will result in annual savings of around Rs 800 crore for patients, the Modi government said Friday.

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12 treated after strange odor on Alaska Airlines flight

12 Treated After Strange Odor On Alaska Airlines Flight

An airport spokesman said patients complained of "respiratory issues."

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Oral surgeon accused of sexually abusing patients under anesthesia allowed to continue practicing surgical medicine

Oral Surgeon Accused Of Sexually Abusing Patients Under Anesthesia Allowed To Continue Practicing Surgical Medicine

Michael Lee Hasson has been charged with second-degree sexual offense and three counts of sexual battery.

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FDA Clears Gene Therapy for Huntington Disease Assessment

FDA Clears Gene Therapy For Huntington Disease Assessment

An Investigational New Drug application was approved to clinically assess AMT-130 as the first potential drug marketed for the neurodegenerative disease.

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Secretive ‘Rebate Trap’ Keeps Generic Drugs For Diabetes And Other Ills Out Of Reach

Secretive 'Rebate Trap' Keeps Generic Drugs For Diabetes And Other Ills Out Of Reach

Patients are often forced into using brand names because drug formularies favor them over cheaper competitors.

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10 Children’s Hospital surgeons resign, worrying parents of patients

10 Children's Hospital Surgeons Resign, Worrying Parents Of Patients

Several surgeons have resigned their practicing privileges at Children's Hospital & Medical Center, causing concern among patient families.

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More than 3,000 patients at New Jersey surgery center possibly exposed to HIV, hepatitis.

More Than 3,000 Patients At New Jersey Surgery Center Possibly Exposed To HIV, Hepatitis

The patients may have been exposed to blood-borne illnesses due to "lapses in infection control in sterilization," according to the surgery center.

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Surgery center possibly exposed thousands of patients to HIV, hepatitis

Surgery Center Possibly Exposed Thousands Of Patients To HIV, Hepatitis

A letter was sent out to patients this month informing them of the issue.

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Blood pressure medication recalled after cancer-causing chemical found

Blood Pressure Medication Recalled After Trace Amounts Of Cancer-causing Chemical Found

FDA announces that Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited is voluntarily recalling two lots of Losartan potassium tablets

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2 boys almost bled to death in botched circumcisions by Manitoba doctor | CBC News

2 Boys Almost Bled To Death In Botched Circumcisions By Manitoba Doctor

Two boys almost bled to death from botched circumcisions performed by a Winnipeg doctor who has been suspended.

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Sundance Behavioral Health Hospital Ceases Operations, Surrenders License

Sundance Hospital Ceases Operations Amid Criminal Probe

An Arlington mental health hospital currently under criminal indictment is no longer accepting patients and has surrendered their license and ceased operations.

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