15,000 Americans Died So Republican Governors Could Stick It to Obama

15,000 Americans Died So Republican Governors Could Stick It To Obama

On June 28, 2012, the day that the Supreme Court upheld most of the Affordable Care Act, the sighs of relief were so loud that they drown...

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Protesters trap legislators inside community center as Puerto Rico braces for massive protest

Protesters Trap Legislators Inside Community Center As Puerto Rico Braces For Massive Protest

Embattled Gov. Ricardo Rossello's announcement that he won't run again but also won't quit is proving far from enough to satisfy ardent critics

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‘Where were the police?’ Hong Kong outcry after masked thugs launch attack

'Where Were The Police?' Hong Kong Outcry After Masked Thugs Launch Attack

Police accused of doing nothing to stop suspected triads storming train station and beating people including women and children

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Tainted alcohol kills 19 in Costa Rica, ministry says, urging caution

Tainted Alcohol Kills 19 In Costa Rica, Ministry Says, Urging Caution

Nineteen people have died from consuming alcohol tainted with toxic levels of methanol in Costa Rica, where the Ministry of Health issued a national alert.

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Japanese Americans among hundreds protesting plan to detain migrant children at Fort Sill, which was a Japanese American internment camp in World War II.

Hundreds Protest Plan To Detain Migrant Children In What Used To Be An Internment Camp

"We will not allow history to repeat itself with a concentration camp for immigrant children," said a program coordinator with Dream Action Oklahoma.

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'Close the Camps!': Protesters March Against Trump's Plan to Imprison Migrant Kids at Site of Japanese, Indigenous Incarceration

'Close The Camps!': Protesters March Against Trump's Plan To Imprison Migrant Kids At Site Of Japanese, Indigenous Incarceration

Fort Sill was the site of one of the nation's Japanese American internment camps during World War II, decades after it was the site of imprisoned native communites

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Two men suspected of releasing CS gas on London tube train

Two Men Suspected Of Releasing CS Gas On London Tube Train

Passengers treated for coughing and shortness of breath at Oxford Circus station

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Major rise in the amount of knives confiscated at London courts, Ministry of Justice reports

Thousands Of Blades Confiscated At Family Courts

Campaigners say bringing knives to courts shows some people are "desensitised" to carrying weapons.

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Private Companies Are Cashing in on ICE's Detention Centers — As the number of people held in immigrant detention centers soars, so do the profits for the companies servicing them.

Private Companies Are Cashing In On ICE's Detention Centers

As the number of people held in immigrant detention centers soars, so do the profits for the companies servicing them.

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U-M student Kathy Zhu stripped of Miss Michigan World America title

U-M Student Kathy Zhu Stripped Of Miss Michigan World America Title

On Thursday evening, a beauty queen and fan of President Donald Trump was stripped of her title for what she claims is discrimination ...

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Dangerous heatwave starts hitting US

Dangerous Heatwave Starts Hitting US And Canada

More than 200 million people may be affected, and temperatures could reach 100F (38C) in some areas.

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A car ploughed through a crowd of onlookers at a car meet in the UK last night

Horror As Two Cars Plough Into Crowd In Stevenage

Two cars have left a road and ploughed into people in Stevenage tonight.

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Millions of people are threatened by a potentially deadly heat wave in the coming days

Millions Of People Are Threatened By A Potentially Deadly Heat Wave In The Coming Days

A dangerous and potentially deadly heatwave threatens much of the continental US, with dozens of record high temperatures both in the daytime and in the evening expected this weekend.

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Legal Expert: Unsealed Cohen Docs Raise ‘Distinct and Likely Possibility That Hope Hicks Misled Congress’

Legal Expert: Unsealed Cohen Docs Raise 'Distinct And Likely Possibility That Hope Hicks Misled Congress'

Former White House communications director and former press secretary for the Trump campaign Hope Hicks was one a number of indivi...

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Wasp spray used as meth alternative has caused at least 3 fatal overdoses, West Virginia police say

Wasp Spray Used As Meth Alternative Has Caused At Least 3 Fatal Overdoses, West Virginia Police Say

People in West Virginia are using a new chemical to gain a methamphetamine-like high: wasp spray.

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Puerto Rico protests: Thousands march demanding governor resign

'Ricky Resign!' Thousands In Puerto Rico Demand Governor Goes

Protesters rally against Governor Ricardo Rossello following corruption accusations and leaked messages.

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At least 10 dead at anime studio in Kyoto after man starts fire.

At Least 13 Dead, 40 Injured In Suspected Arson Attack At Kyoto Anime Studio

A man started a fire at a Kyoto animation studio on Thursday morning after spraying a flammable liquid, leaving at least 13 dead and nearly 40 injured, sev

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Trump hangs photographs of himself and Kim Jong-un in White House - next to picture of the Queen

Trump Hangs Photographs Of Himself And Kim Jong-un In White House - Next To Picture Of The Queen

President recently mentioned 'beautiful letter' sent to him by North Korean dictator

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A FedEx driver drove shooting victims to the hospital

A FedEx Driver Drove Shooting Victims To The Hospital

A FedEx driver ended up delivering people to an Atlanta emergency room after a shooting Monday.

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Outage Knocks Out Power to Thousands in DC

Outage Temporarily Knocked Out Power To Thousands In DC

Thousands of people were plunged into the dark late Monday night in parts of Northeast and Southeast D.C., but most had their power restored by early Tuesday.

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