Audio reveals pilots angrily confronting Boeing about 737 Max feature before second deadly crash

Audio Reveals Pilots Angrily Confronting Boeing About 737 Max Feature Before 2nd Deadly Crash

Just months before a second deadly crash of a Boeing 737 Max airplane, American Airlines pilots angrily confronted a Boeing official about a computerized anti-stall system that preliminary reports have now implicated in both deadly wrecks, audio obtained by CBS News reveals.

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Afghan pilot training ends after almost half went AWOL in America

Afghan Pilot Training Ends After Almost Half Went AWOL In America

A program to train Afghan attack pilots has been ended after the airmen kept going absent without leave, or AWOL, while training in the United States.

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Boeing CEO says 737 Max was designed properly and pilots did not 'completely' follow procedure

Boeing CEO Says 737 Max Was Designed Properly And Pilots Did Not 'completely' Follow Procedure

Boeing's CEO on Monday said the safety systems on its 737 Max jets were properly designed, but he added that the airline is working to make them safer following two recent deadly crashes.

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SAS pilot walkout leaves thousands stranded

SAS Pilot Walkout Leaves Thousands Stranded

The airline cancels 673 flights affecting more than 72,000 passengers.

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Frustrated pilots got Navy to stop dismissing UFO sightings

Frustrated Pilots Got Navy To Stop Dismissing UFO Sightings

A recent uptick in sightings of unidentified flying objects - or, as the military calls them, "unexplained aerial phenomena" - prompted the U.S. Navy to draft formal procedures for pilots to document encounters, a corrective measure that former officials say is long overdue.

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Ethiopian Airlines flight repeatedly nose-dived before crash, but pilots not to blame

Ethiopian Airlines Flight Repeatedly Nose-dived Before Crash, But Pilots Not To Blame

The first official report into the Ethiopian Airlines disaster finds pilots followed proper guidance in the fatal crash of a Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplane last month.

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2 Marines killed in helicopter crash near Yuma, Arizona, officials say

2 Marines Killed In Helicopter Crash Near Yuma, Arizona, Officials Say

The pilots were conducting a routine training mission.

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2 Marine pilots killed in Arizona helicopter crash, officials say

2 Marine Pilots Killed In Arizona Helicopter Crash, Officials Say

Two pilots have died in a helicopter crash near Yuma, Arizona, according to the U.S. Marine Corps.

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Doomed jets lacked 2 features Boeing sold as extras

Doomed Jets Lacked 2 Features Boeing Sold As Extras

As the pilots of the doomed Boeing jets in Ethiopia and Indonesia fought to control their planes, they lacked two notable safety features in their cockpits.

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Pakistan 'shoots down two Indian jets' in Kashmir escalation

Pakistan 'shoots Down Two Indian Jets'

Pakistan says the Indian planes were in its airspace in Kashmir and two pilots have been arrested.

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Drunk Siberian man hijacks Moscow-bound plane, say Russian police

Drunk Man Tried To Hijack Moscow-bound Jet, Say Russian Police

Passenger arrested he forced pilots to divert plane, sparking terror alert

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Finally declassified: Swedish pilots awarded US Air Medals for saving SR-71 spy plane

Finally Declassified: Swedish Pilots Awarded US Air Medals For Saving SR-71 Spy Plane

In June 1987, four Swedish airmen risked their lives to save an SR-71 and the aircrew, the U.S. announced this year after the mission was declassified.

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Pilots' union threatens to strike against Virgin Atlantic right before Christmas

Pilots' Union Threatens To Strike Against Virgin Atlantic Right Before Christmas

A small pilots' union is threatening to strike against Virgin Atlantic right before Christmas, demanding the airline recognize it at the negotiating table.

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Pilots struggled to control doomed Lion Air flight, according to preliminary report by Indonesian authorities

Lion Air Crash: Plane Was 'not Airworthy,' Indonesian Investigators Say

The Lion Air jet that crashed into the Java Sea last month, killing all 189 on board, was “not airworthy,” Indonesian investigators s...

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Boeing hit with what may be first U.S. suit over Lion Air crash

Boeing Hit With What May Be First U.S. Suit Over Lion Air Crash

Lawsuit says plane had defective flight-control system. The October crash near Jakarta killed all 189 passengers on board.

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Lion Air crash investigators find anti-stall system not covered in pilots' manual

Lion Air Crash Investigators Find Anti-stall System Not Covered In Pilots' Manual

Crash investigators suggest more training is needed for Boeing 737 MAX pilots after they find automatic emergency systems to prevent stalling are not mentioned in instruction manuals.

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Air India plane hits wall on take-off

Air India Plane Hits Wall On Take-off

The plane carrying 130 passengers and six crew members has landed safely in Mumbai

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Passengers on Jet Airways flight bleeding from the ears/nose after pilots 'forget' to switch on cabin pressure regulation

Passengers Hurt After India Pilot 'blunder'

Dozens on a Jet Airways flight are injured as pilots "forget" a switch to maintain cabin pressure.

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'This couple has made history': First husband-wife B-2 pilots retire together

'This Couple Has Made History': First Husband-wife B-2 Pilots Retire Together

Lt. Col. John Avery and Lt. Col. Jennifer Avery, the first pair of married pilots to fly the B-2, retired this month at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo.

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UK pilot licences will no longer be recognised by the EU in the event of a 'no-deal' Brexit, according to leaked CAA documents

UK To Reissue Pilot Licences In 'no-deal' Brexit

Documents warn thousands of aviation licences for pilots and aircraft may have to be reissued in the event of a "no-deal" Brexit.

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