E.P.A. Plans to Curtail the Ability of Communities to Oppose Pollution Permits

E.P.A. Plans To Curtail The Ability Of Communities To Oppose Pollution Permits

The agency is preparing to weaken rules that, for a quarter-century, have given communities a voice in deciding how much industrial pollution may legally be released nearby.

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Trump Lifts Summer Ethanol Ban Meant to Prevent Smog

Trump Lifts Summer Ethanol Ban Meant To Prevent Smog

Just before the weekend, the Trump administration lifted a summertime ban on gasoline blended with 15 percent ethanol, the New York Times reported.

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The U.S. Doesn’t Have the ‘Cleanest Air’ – Pollution is up nearly 14 percent since the Obama administration.

The Air Really Was Cleaner Under Obama

Pollution is up nearly 14 percent under the Trump administration.

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Jakarta residents to sue government over severe air pollution

Jakarta Residents To Sue Government Over Severe Air Pollution

The Indonesian capital topped the charts for the world's most polluted city a dozen times in June

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EPA exempts farms from reporting pollution tied to animal waste

EPA Exempts Farms From Reporting Pollution Tied To Animal Waste

A new rule from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would lift requirements for major farms to report the pollution they emit through animal waste.

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Found: A bees' nest built entirely of plastic waste

Found: A Bees' Nest Built Entirely Of Plastic Waste

It could be a sign of bees' adaptability to a changing environment--but the habit might also be causing them harm

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Revealed: air pollution may be damaging 'every organ in the body' | Environment

Revealed: Air Pollution May Be Damaging 'every Organ In The Body'

Exclusive: Comprehensive analysis finds harm from head to toe, including dementia, heart and lung disease, fertility problems and reduced intelligence

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Mexico City pollution: Residents urged to stay indoors

Mexico City Declares Pollution Alert

Pollution in the Mexican capital reaches levels potentially dangerous to human health.

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Mismanaged waste 'kills up to a million people a year globally'

Mismanaged Waste 'kills Up To A Million People A Year Globally'

Report says plastics adding to death tolls in the developing world from easily prevented diseases

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American cities confront a

American Cities Confront A "slow-moving Recycling Crisis"

A year after China's ban, U.S. cities are sending recyclables to landfills or stockpiling them, waiting for a buyer

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Amsterdam to ban petrol and diesel cars and motorbikes by 2030

Amsterdam To Ban Petrol And Diesel Cars And Motorbikes By 2030

Diesel cars older than 15 years will be barred next year as first part of anti-pollution drive

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'Decades of denial': major report finds New Zealand's environment is in serious trouble

'Decades Of Denial': Major Report Finds New Zealand's Environment Is In Serious Trouble

Nation known for its natural beauty is under pressure with extinctions, polluted rivers and blighted lakes

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Air pollution deaths are double previous estimates, finds research

Air Pollution Deaths Are Double Previous Estimates, Finds Research

Researchers say dirty air is killing 800,000 people a year in Europe, and urge the phasing out of fossil fuel burning

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Ohio city votes to give Lake Erie personhood status over algae blooms

Ohio City Votes To Give Lake Erie Personhood Status Over Algae Blooms

New law will allow people of Toledo to act as legal guardians for Lake Erie, and polluters could be sued to pay for cleanup costs

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Trump's repeal of light bulb standards will increase pollution, cost billions

Trump's Repeal Of Light Bulb Standards Will Increase Pollution, Cost Billions

Trump's efficiency rollback will cost Americans billions and pollute widely

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Air pollution 'as bad as smoking in increasing risk of miscarriage'

Air Pollution 'as Bad As Smoking In Increasing Risk Of Miscarriage'

Scientists called study's findings upsetting and said toxic air must be cut

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Plastic pollution discovered at deepest point of ocean

Plastic Pollution Discovered At Deepest Point Of Ocean

High levels of contamination in Mariana Trench show how pervasively planet has been contaminated

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Carmakers criticise 'unrealistic' EU plan to slash vehicle emissions

Carmakers Criticise 'unrealistic' EU Plan To Slash Vehicle Emissions

Anger over intended 37.5% cut for new cars but environmental groups say it is not enough

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Banned in Boston: Plastic bags at grocery stores

Banned In Boston: Plastic Bags At Grocery Stores

Just in time for holiday food shopping season: City ordinance forbids big stores from offering plastic checkout bags

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Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free | World news

Luxembourg To Become First Country To Make All Public Transport Free

Government seeks to prioritise environment and end some of world's worst traffic congestion

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