Top Border Official Is Reassigned Amid Criticism of Conditions for Migrant Children

Top Border Official Is Reassigned Amid Criticism Of Conditions For Migrant Children

The Border Patrol's veteran El Paso sector chief is being transferred after a series of problems with conditions at detention facilities along the border.

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Sweltering BART train reaches 107 degrees during Bay Area heat wave

Sweltering BART Train Reaches 107 Degrees During Bay Area Heat Wave

The blistering heat led to a second day of problems for BART riders. Many say they're feeling the heat especially on older cars when the air conditioning fails. 

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'I just want my parents back.' Woman says company imprisoned her parents in their own home

'I Just Want My Parents Back.' Woman Says Company Imprisoned Her Parents In Their Own Home

A local woman says her parents have been imprisoned in their own home by their caregivers, and she wants to know why a Macomb County judge is allowing it to happen. While 7 Investigator Heather Catallo was looking into this story, the caregivers even called the cops on her.

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China is not the source of our economic problems -- corporate greed is

China Is Not The Source Of Our Economic Problems -- Corporate Greed Is

Jeffrey Sachs writes that China is being made a scapegoat for rising inequality in the US. Instead of blaming China for market competition, we should be taxing the soaring corporate profits of our own multinational corporations and using the revenues to help working-class households.

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Boeing knew about problems with the 737 Max the year before Lion Air crash and did nothing about them

Boeing Knew About Problems With The 737 Max The Year Before Lion Air Crash And Did Nothing About Them

A new statement from Boeing suggests it knew about a problem with the 737 Max the year before the deadly October 2018 Lion Air crash, but decided not to do anything about it.

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Source: Boeing whistleblowers report 737 Max problems to FAA

Source: Boeing Whistleblowers Report 737 Max Problems To FAA

The day after Ethiopia's minister of transportation released a preliminary crash report on Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, four Boeing employees called an Federal Aviation Administration whistleblower hotline that allows employees and the public to report aviation safety issues.

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For low-income people, employer health coverage is worse than ACA

For Low-income People, Employer Health Coverage Is Worse Than ACA

The focus on the ACA loses sight of the problems in the larger employer-based health care system.

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Trump claims he could fix Boeing 737 MAX

Trump Claims He Could Fix Boeing 737 MAX

President understood not to be aviation safety expert and did not clarify how he proposed to remedy technical problems that have seen aircraft grounded by authorities worldwide

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Private email use by government officials continues to raise suspicions

Private Email Use By Government Officials Continues To Raise Suspicions

63% of Americans believe it's a serious problem that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump used a personal email address to conduct government business

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Justice Dept. finds 'severe' problems in Alabama prisons in scathing report The report detailed a litany of problems in the state's 13 prisons for men, which together house roughly 16,000 inmates.

Justice Dept. Finds 'severe' Problems In Alabama Prisons In Scathing Report

The report detailed a litany of problems in the state's 13 prisons for men, which together house roughly 16,000 inmates.

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Trump's debt wave threatens to drown us all — it's time to turn the tide

Trump's Debt Wave Threatens To Drown Us All -- It's Time To Turn The Tide

If Trump will be blamed either way, why not choose the path that could also solve the problems at hand?

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Scoop: White House leak to House Dems on Jared and Ivanka's clearances

A White House Source Leaked To House Dems On Jared Kushner And Ivanka Trump's Clearances

The Trump administration's problems with leaks will now benefit Congress.

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In 1993 my agency warned of climate change. In 1995 it was abolished: The US Office of Technology Assessment should be revived – in 2019 the world will need its expertise more than ever

In 1993 My Agency Warned Of Climate Change. In 1995 It Was Abolished

The US Office of Technology Assessment should be revived in 2019, says climate consultant William Westermeyer

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Video: CNN'S Don Lemon Shows 'Priceless' 2013 Clip of Trump Calling For Obama To Be Fired over Government Shutdown

Watch: CNN's Don Lemon Shows "priceless" 2013 Clip Of Trump Calling For Obama To Be Fired Over Government Shutdown

"Well, if you say who gets fired, it always has to be the top. I mean, problems start from the top, and they have to get solved from the top. And the president's the leader," Trump said in 2013.

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Fox News host Sean Hannity has seen his ratings fall as buddy Donald Trump's problems have increased

Fox News Host Sean Hannity Has Seen His Ratings Fall As Buddy Donald Trump's Problems Have Increased

Ratings for "The Sean Hannity Show" have been dipping since the November midterm elections.

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Trump administration refuses to publish required report on student-loan borrower complaints

Trump Administration Refuses To Publish Required Report On Student-loan Borrower Complaints

The report's absence could mean problems won't get addressed, advocates say.

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Donald Trump 'Recklessly Inflames or Creates Problems' and Takes Credit For Mediocre Moves to Address The Problems He's Created,' Ambassador Says

Trump "recklessly Inflames Or Creates Problems" And Takes Credit For "mediocre" Solutions, Ambassador Says

"The Trump administration's reckless behavior has damaged the institutions built with so much American leadership," Ambassador Daniel Baer said.

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Mueller Probe Identifies Trump as 'Individual 1' In Latest Developments

Mueller Probe Identifies Trump As 'Individual 1' In Latest Developments

Mueller Probe Identifies Trump as 'Individual 1' in latest developments.

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PG&E emailed woman about sparks problems before Butte County Camp Fire

PG&E Emailed Woman About Sparks Problems Before Butte County Camp Fire

A day before a deadly blaze destroyed a California town, the giant utility Pacific Gas & Electric Co. got in touch with Betsy Ann Cowley, saying they needed access to her property because their power lines were causing sparks.

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PG&E knew about

PG&E Knew About "problems With Sparks" That May Have Set Off Killer California Wildfire

"Should this company be allowed to do business in California?" asked one state senator.

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