Sen. Ron Wyden is tired of Republicans ignoring election security

Sen. Ron Wyden Is Tired Of Republicans Ignoring Election Security

The Oregon Democrat wants to lift the issue out of the "traditional Washington bicker fest."

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Majority of Americans don't want Roe v. Wade overturned, CBS News poll finds

Majority Of Americans Don't Want Roe V. Wade Overturned, CBS News Poll Finds

Republicans say abortion should be restricted, but they're divided on overturning Roe v. Wade

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Actor Jeff Daniels says Republicans used racism as a last ditch effort to 'save the party'

Jeff Daniels Says If Republicans Didn't Use Racism, It Would Be The "end" Of The Party

Actor Jeff Daniels appeared on MSNBC Monday afternoon speaking on the parallels of his Broadway adaptation of To Kill A Mockingbird and the current political arena.

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Chris Coons: Republicans say privately Mueller report shows Donald Trump obstructed justice

Chris Coons: Republicans Say Privately Mueller Report Shows Donald Trump Obstructed Justice

Sen. Chris Coons said Monday Republicans are privately saying special counsel Robert Mueller's report details President Trump engaging in obstruction of justice.

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Justin Amash's impeachment call puts the Constitution ahead of Trump

Justin Amash's Impeachment Call Puts The Constitution Ahead Of Trump

Dean Obeidallah writes that he hopes Rep. Justin Amash's brave call for President Donald Trump's impeachment inspires at least some Republicans in Congress to choose country over party leader.

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GOP Rep. Justin Amash says Trump

GOP Rep. Justin Amash Says Trump "engaged In Impeachable Conduct"

Rep. Justin Amash took to Twitter to voice his dismay.

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The Republican Party is causing more abortions than it’s stopping

Republicans Say Their Goal Is To Stop Abortions. Their Policies Say Otherwise.

If GOP lawmakers really want to stop abortion, they're going about it in exactly the wrong way.

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Letter: Now that Republicans have made ‘graveyard’ pledge, there’s no reason not to impeach

Letter: Now That Republicans Have Made 'graveyard' Pledge, There's No Reason Not To Impeach

After Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's comment, Democrats need to stop their useless rhetoric and do something.

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Republicans could have a Green New Deal problem: Polling suggests that the GOP risks turning off younger voters en masse by portraying the climate change plan as a socialist fantasy.

Republicans Could Have A Green New Deal Problem

Polling suggests that the GOP risks turning off younger voters en masse by portraying the climate change plan as a socialist fantasy.

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When Will People Realize That They've Been Duped By Republicans?

When Will People Realize That They've Been Duped By Republicans?

Cheeseheads in Wisconsin don't have much to smile about these days.

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Dem senator: Republicans 'quietly planning to do nothing' about Barr

Dem Senator: Republicans 'quietly Planning To Do Nothing' About Barr

Sen. Brian SchatzBrian Emanuel SchatzHillicon Valley: Facebook endures rough day with regulators | New York AG probing collection of user...

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We Wouldn’t Have Let Obama Get Away With This

We Wouldn't Have Let Obama Get Away With This

I worked for Republicans on the House Oversight Committee back when the GOP cared about keeping the president in check.

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Trump & Republicans Refuse To Protect Our Elections From Outside Interference

Trump & Republicans REFUSE To Protect Our Elections From Outside Interference - The Ring Of Fire Network

The Mueller Report made it crystal clear - there was interference in the 2016 election by outside countries. Obama wanted to warn the public about this ahead of those elections but Mitch McConnell wouldn't let him, and being the nice guy that he is, Obama refused to go forward without McConnell's approval. We're still in ...

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Republicans stay silent on Mueller report, leaving Washington more polarised than ever

Republicans Stay Silent On Mueller Report

Explosive report saw muted reaction from GOP lawmakers, leading many to believe POTUS will more likely be defeated at ballot box than impeached

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Journalist shot dead during Derry rioting

Journalist Shot Dead During Derry Rioting

Dissident republicans are being blamed for killing 29-year-old Lyra McKee during rioting in the city.

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AOC responds to Mueller report by accusing Republican's of 'double standards on impeachment'

AOC Responds To Mueller Report With Scathing Attack

New York congresswoman points to comments that have not aged well

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Majority of Republicans think evangelical Christians are more discriminated against than minorities - Hate crimes against minorities have in fact risen under the Trump presidency.

Majority Of Republicans Think Evangelical Christians Are More Discriminated Against Than Minorities

Hate crimes against minorities have in fact risen under the Trump presidency.

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Robert De Niro tears into Republicans: 'We're not going to forget' about what you did under Trump

Robert De Niro Tears Into Republicans: 'We're Not Going To Forget' About What You Did Under Trump

Robert De Niro took aim at the Republican Party and President Trump in a recent interview and warned that the American people would not forget about "all the things that these Republicans did during the time of Trump" long after he leaves off

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William Barr Is Shooting Squid Ink for Republicans to Hide Behind

William Barr Is Shooting Squid Ink For Republicans To Hide Behind

Here's a preview of the next two years of American governance.

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Conservatives Don’t Hate Socialism, They Hate Equality

Conservatives Don't Hate Socialism, They Hate Equality

Republicans are mortally afraid not so much of socialism as of equality with people they see as inferior.

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