By Republican Standards, Almost Nothing Is Racist

By Republican Standards, Almost Nothing Is Racist

When Democrats are accused of anti-Semitism, Republicans understand that coded language can be hurtful. But Trump's racist comments get a pass.

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The Racist Distraction Didn’t Help Trump. It Hurt Him.

The Racist Distraction Didn't Help Trump. It Hurt Him.

The prevailing conventional wisdom among Republicans and many Democrats is that Trump semi-successfully redirected attention from negativ...

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Republicans Can’t Explain Why They’re Condemning the Racism of Trump’s Supporters But Not Trump’s

Republicans Can't Explain Why They're Condemning The Racism Of Trump's Supporters But Not Trump's

The GOP's discomfort with racism comes with a pretty big caveat

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Susan Collins’ disapproval rating spikes in new poll ahead of targeted 2020 re-election bid

Susan Collins' Disapproval Rating Spikes In New Poll Ahead Of Targeted 2020 Re-election Bid

The Kavanaugh vote has seemingly led Collins to lose Democrats, while winning back Republicans who saw her as not conservative enough.

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Rush Limbaugh just admitted Republicans have totally abandoned a core party principle

Rush Limbaugh Just Admitted Republicans Have Totally Abandoned A Core Party Principle

If you knew anything about the Republican Party in the decade leading up to the 2016 presidential election, it was this: They thought government spending was WAY out of control and believed we need to get the country's deficit spending and resultant soaring debt under control.

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Republicans will never say that racism is

Republicans Will Never Say That Racism Is "racism." Basically It's Because They're Racist

There's nothing Donald Trump can ever say or do that's bad enough for most Republicans to admit he's racist

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With a straight face, GOP leader says party was ‘respectful’ of Obama

With A Straight Face, GOP Leader Says Party Was 'respectful' Of Obama

One of Congress' top Republicans said his party "expressed our disagreements" with Obama "in a respectful way." He did not appear to be kidding.

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Female journalist told she needs male chaperone to cover politician's campaign

Female Journalist Told She Needs Male Chaperone To Cover Politician's Campaign

Mississippi Republican Robert Foster denied requests from Larrison Campbell to shadow campaign for governor 'out of respect of my wife'

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Amash: 'High-level' Republicans privately thanked me for supporting Trump impeachment

Amash: 'High-level' Republicans Privately Thanked Me For Supporting Trump Impeachment

Rep. Justin AmashJustin AmashAmash: 'High-level' Republicans privately thanked me for supporting Trump impeachment Amash says Pelosi is m...

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There is no 'right' v 'left': it is Trump and the oligarchs against the rest

There Is No 'right' V 'left': It Is Trump And The Oligarchs Against The Rest

The president is the puppet master so Americans of all persuasions must look behind him, to where the real danger lies

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Charlotte Maloney: Republicans are pro-birth, not pro-life

Charlotte Maloney: Republicans Are Pro-birth, Not Pro-life

Stories my mother told of women suffering and dying as a result of back-alley abortions resound in my mind today. While studying Roe v Wade as a young college student, I struggled with the pro-choice/pro-life issue.

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Oregon Democrats demand investigation into Republican state senator who threatened to kill a police officer

Oregon Democrats Demand Investigation Into Republican State Senator Who Threatened To Kill A Police Officer

Democrats reported feeling unsafe after a Republican colleague openly threatened police

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Americans Don't Think They're Getting Tax Breaks Under Trump, A Bad Sign For His 2020 Prospects

A New Survey Found That Just 17% Of Americans Think They're Getting A Tax Break Under Trump, A Bad Omen For His Reelection Campaign

An AP-Norc poll found that just 17 percent of Americans believe they received a tax break under President Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans' $1.2 trillion plan, which passed in 2017.

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Buttigieg: Republicans have 'lost all claim to ever use religious language' over family separations

Buttigieg: Republicans Have 'lost All Claim To Ever Use Religious Language' Over Family Separations

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg invoked religion while discussing the treatment of migrants at the border during Thursday night's Democratic presidential primary debate.

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Academics Rally Behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Over Concentration Camp Comments: ‘She Is Completely Historically Accurate’

Academics Rally Behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Over Concentration Camp Comments

"She is completely historically accurate," one historian told Newsweek.

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Ocasio-Cortez calls out Steve King, Liz Cheney amid controversy over concentration camp remarks

Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Steve King, Liz Cheney Amid Controversy Over Concentration Camp Remarks

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) called out two Republicans on Sunday amid a controversy over remarks she made about migrant detention centers.

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Right-wing ‘militia threat’ shuts down Oregon Capitol as Republicans flee climate bill vote

Right-wing 'militia Threat' Shuts Down Oregon Capitol As Republicans Flee Climate Bill Vote

State police attempt to round up lawmakers blocking bill to reduce fossil fuel emissions

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Impeach Donald Trump ad will air on Fox News to

Impeach Donald Trump Ad Will Air On Fox News To "get Trump And D.C. Republicans' Attention"

Fox News' national network has previously pulled Need to Impeach ads but the campaign has still been able to air them in the Washington, D.C. market.

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AOC Is Right - They're Concentration Camps

AOC Is Right -- They're Concentration Camps

By arguing over the term "concentration camps," we're giving Republicans cover for Trump's repulsive immigration policy. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is calling them what they are.

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Mitch McConnell Calls Representative Democracy for Puerto Rico and D.C. ‘Full Bore Socialism’

McConnell Calls Senate Seats For D.C. And Puerto Rico 'Full-Bore Socialism'

The quote is certainly consistent with Mitch McConnell's block-anything-blue legacy, but not all Republicans agree with their leader in the Senate.

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