Man suffering psychotic breakdown left alone near highway by South Carolina first responders

Man Suffering Psychotic Breakdown Left Alone Near Highway By South Carolina First Responders

When Paul Tarashuk suffered a psychotic episode while traveling along a highway, deputies and EMTs responded. But no one took him to a hospital

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Rand Paul: Tax Cuts For Corporations Can Add to the Deficit But 9/11 Victim Relief Shouldn't

Rand Paul: Tax Cuts For Corporations Can Add To The Deficit But 9/11 Victim Relief Shouldn't

The senator who voted for a massive tax cut for the wealthy has suddenly become frugal when it comes to the health of first responders

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Jon Stewart, Ocasio-Cortez and hundreds of others attend funeral of 9/11 first responder Luis Alvarez

Jon Stewart, Ocasio-Cortez And Hundreds Of Others Attend Funeral Of 9/11 First Responder Luis Alvarez

Hundreds of people reportedly gathered to say goodbye and pay respects to Luis Alvarez, an NYPD detective and 9/11 first responder who adv

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Jon Stewart Continues to Blast Republicans for Not Supporting the 9/11 Victim Fund: “Not all Republicans oppose this, but everyone who has opposed it is a Republican. It’s unacceptable”

Jon Stewart Continues To Blast Republicans For Not Supporting The 9/11 Victim Fund

"Not all Republicans oppose this, but everyone who has opposed it is a Republican. It's unacceptable"

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House panel unanimously passes 9/11 victims fund bill after Jon Stewart shaming

House Panel Unanimously Passes 9/11 Victims Fund Bill After Jon Stewart Shaming

WASHINGTON -- The bill that permanently authorizes the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund passed out of the House Judiciary Committee unanimously on Wednesday. The move comes a day after former "The Dail...

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9/11 First Responders to Sen. McConnell: Stop Blocking Bill

9/11 First Responders To Sen. McConnell: Stop Blocking Bill

First responders to the Sept. 11 terror attacks camped outside of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office on Wednesday to demand a vote.

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9/11 fund to cut payments to sick survivors by at least 50%

9/11 Fund To Cut Payments To Sick Survivors By At Least 50%

Fund only has $2.4bn to pay 19,000 claims, plus thousands more expected to file before it closes at the end of 2020

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Disney Buses Collide Near Epcot; 15 Injured

Disney Buses Collide Near Epcot; 15 Injured - Monorail News

Earlier today two buses rear-ended each other at the Epcot parking entrance. 51 people were

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At least 15 men near Ground Zero after 9/11 have breast cancer, law firm says

At Least 15 Men Near Ground Zero After 9/11 Have Breast Cancer, Law Firm Says

A group of men is working to bring awareness to first responders and others still suffering from 9/11-related illnesses

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25 people overdose within 3 hours at Connecticut park, officials say

25 People Overdose At Connecticut Park, Officials Say

First responders found more than two dozen people who appeared to have overdosed at a park in New Haven, Connecticut, within a three-hour span Wednesday morning.

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Cincinnati implements new 911 system after death of Ohio teen

Cincinnati Implements New 911 System After Death Of Ohio Teen

Smart911 automatically sends additional crucial information to 911 call takers and first responders in emergency situations.

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