Far-right Facebook groups 'spreading hate to millions in Europe' | World news

Far-right Facebook Groups 'spreading Hate To Millions In Europe'

Avaaz uncovers 500 accounts using fake news to spread white supremacy message

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Half of kids in Yemen under five have stunted growth, UN says

Half Of Kids In Yemen Under Five Have Stunted Growth, UN Says

"Yemen is a test of our humanity. And right now, we are badly failing this test," head of UNICEF says

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Demolishing the right's

Demolishing The Right's "Founding Myth": America Was Never A "Christian Nation"

Author Andrew Seidel on America and the Bible: A country built on rebellion and a book built on obedience

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Judge refuses to toss suit over Pepe the Frog poster sales by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

Judge Refuses To Toss Suit Over Pepe The Frog Poster Sales By Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

A federal judge will let a jury decide whether conspiracy theorist Alex Jones? Infowars website had a legal right to sell a poster featuring the image of Pepe the Frog, a cartoon character that became hijacked by far-right extremists.

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Elizabeth Warren is right: Fox News is a hate machine Democrats should avoid

Elizabeth Warren Is Right: Fox News Is A Hate Machine Democrats Should Avoid

Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar did Fox News town halls. Warren has refused -- and she's right, for many reasons

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IPhone owners can sue Apple for monopolizing App Store, Supreme Court rules

IPhone Owners Can Sue Apple For Monopolizing App Store, Supreme Court Rules

Supreme Court allows antitrust lawsuit against Apple to go forward

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Robert Reich: The House has a constitutional duty to impeach Trump

Robert Reich: The House Has A Constitutional Duty To Impeach Trump

Trump is openly defiling the very basic principles of our Constitution. Whatever it means for 2020, he must be brought to account.

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Russia and far right spreading disinformation ahead of EU elections, investigators say 'The goal here is bigger than any one election. It is to constantly divide, increase distrust and undermine our faith in institutions and democracy itself'

Russian Troll Farms And Far Right 'meddling In EU Elections'

'The goal here is bigger than any one election. It is to constantly divide, increase distrust and undermine our faith in institutions and democracy itself'

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A biracial Utah boy was shut in the doors of a school bus and left dangling outside as it drove forward. Now his family is suing.

A Biracial Utah Boy Was Shut In The Doors Of A School Bus And Left Dangling Outside As It Drove Forward. Now His Family Is Suing.

He had reached the last step and was about to jump off the bus when he felt a tug at his back.

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Trump invokes executive privilege over unredacted Mueller report

Trump Invokes Executive Privilege To Block Full Report Release

The White House is invoking executive privilege, reserving the right to block the full release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report on the Russia probe, escalating President Donald Trump's battle with Congress.

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Dying US soldier fighting for the right to sue military over medical malpractice

Dying US Soldier Fighting For The Right To Sue Military Over Medical Malpractice

Sgt. 1st Class Richard Stayskal survived three combat deployments to Iraq and even an enemy bullet through the chest. But now the Purple Heart recipient is facing the toughest battle of his life: the right to sue the U.S. government for medical malpractice, his days wincingly numbered.

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Jim Comey has it wrong: Trump is a monster, all right — but the GOP created him -- Trump may

Jim Comey Has It Wrong: Trump Is A Monster, All Right -- But The GOP Created Him

Trump may "eat your soul in small bites," but he's also serving the GOP's long-term agenda on taxes and judges

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The Racist Roots of Denying Incarcerated People Their Right to Vote

The Racist Roots Of Denying Incarcerated People Their Right To Vote

“Do you want the Boston marathon bomber to vote?” is a provocative question that acts as a smokescreen concealing the real issue —...

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Some Very Fine People Pleaded Guilty To Inciting Violent Riots In Charlottesville

Some Very Fine People Pleaded Guilty To Inciting Violent Riots In Charlottesville

Four white supremacists admitted that they violently assaulted counterprotesters during the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in order to fuel riots.

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Morning Joe host calls William Barr a

Morning Joe Host Calls William Barr A "dictator's Lawyer" Who Would "fit Right In" In Russia

"That's banana republic stuff! That is North Korea. That is Russia. That is China. What separates us from the rest of the world ... is our respect for the rule of law," former Senator Claire McCaskill said. "And this guy is trampling all over it!"

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Failure to vaccinate kids considered ‘negligence’ in UAE

Failure To Vaccinate Kids Considered ?negligence' In UAE

A child's right starts from antenatal care onwards.

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California man pleads guilty to riot conspiracy in 'Unite the Right' rally

California Man Pleads Guilty To Riot Conspiracy In 'Unite The Right' Rally

One of four California men accused of violently attacking counterprotesters at the deadly 'Unite the Right' rally in Charlottesville has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to riot.

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National Action: Factions of neo-Nazi terrorist group active more than two years after government ban

Neo-Nazi Terrorist Group National Action Still Active Despite Government Ban

Exclusive: At least five National Action factions set up to evade 2016 ban

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There’s No Such Thing as a Right Not to be Called a Nazi

There's No Such Thing As A Right Not To Be Called A Nazi

For years, Gavin McInnes has spewed bigoted views on everything from race and religion to gender and immigration. He has described a tran...

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Mueller's clear indictment of Trump

Mueller's Clear Indictment Of Trump

President Trump may not have committed a prosecutable crime. But he has not been exonerated.

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