If Left Unchecked, Trump Will Obliterate the Right to Asylum

If Left Unchecked, Trump Will Obliterate The Right To Asylum

The new asylum rule is part and parcel of Trump's systematic assault on migrants.

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An Oak Ridge scientist is trying to send neutrons through a portal to a

Scientists Are Searching For A Mirror Universe. It Could Be Sitting Right In Front Of You.

If the "mirrorverse" exists, upcoming experiments involving subatomic particles could reveal it.

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Geraldo Rivera on Trump after tweets: His 'critics were much more right than I'

Geraldo Rivera On Trump After Tweets: His 'critics Were Much More Right Than I'

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera said that President Trump's recent comments telling four minority congresswomen to "go back" to the countries they came from have shown him that critics of Trump "were much more right than I."

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National Conservatives Want Cultural Dominance Not ‘Social Cohesion’

National Conservatives Want Cultural Dominance Not 'Social Cohesion'

The right can foster "national solidarity" or impose its social values on an increasingly diverse and secular country, but it can't do both.

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Sanders unveils plan to guarantee the 'right to a secure retirement'

Sanders Unveils Plan To Guarantee The 'right To A Secure Retirement'

White House hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Friday unveiled a plan to guarantee the "right to a secure retirement" as he seeks to burnish his progressive bona fides amid stiffening competition in the Democratic primary.

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John Paul Stevens Was Right: Citizens United Opened the Door to Foreign Money in U.S. Elections

John Paul Stevens Was Right: Citizens United Opened The Door To Foreign Money In U.S. Elections

Citizens United created a huge loophole for foreign influence in American politics, and in the nine years since then, it's been used over and over again.

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Charlottesville white supremacist faces another life sentence for car attack

Charlottesville White Supremacist Gets Second Life Sentence, Plus 419 Years

James Alex Fields Jr sentenced for killing Heather Heyer and injuring dozens during the 'Unite the Right' rally in 2017

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Fragile patriotism: Right-wing snowflakes, triggered by any criticism of America

Fragile Patriotism: Right-wing Snowflakes, Triggered By Any Criticism Of America

What happened to robust, virile patriotism? Increasingly, right-wingers can't handle even the mildest criticism

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Every member of Trump’s new human rights commission is an anti-LGBTQ activist - The commission is a Who's Who of anti-LGBTQ academics and activists - and they'll be advising Trump on what constitutes

Every Member Of Trump's New Human Rights Commission Is An Anti-LGBTQ Activist

The commission is a Who's Who of anti-LGBTQ academics and activists - and they'll be advising Trump on what constitutes "human rights...

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There is no 'right' v 'left': it is Trump and the oligarchs against the rest

There Is No 'right' V 'left': It Is Trump And The Oligarchs Against The Rest

The president is the puppet master so Americans of all persuasions must look behind him, to where the real danger lies

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Far-right arsonist set himself on fire in attempt to burn down synagogue

Far-right Arsonist Set Himself On Fire In Attempt To Burn Down Synagogue

A far-right extremist has been locked up in hospital indefinitely after setting fire to a synagogue, on a day commemorating the Holocaust, in the English city of Exeter, Press Association (PA) reports.

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Phone radiation warnings upheld by court in Berkeley, CA

Phone Radiation Warnings Upheld By Court

A court has upheld Berkeley's right to require phone retailers to warn customers about radiation exposure.

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Chick-fil-A worker jumps through drive-thru window, saves choking boy

Chick-fil-A Worker Jumps Through Drive-thru Window, Saves Choking Boy

Chick-fil-A employees are known for being polite and eager to please. But a Chick-fil-A worker in Georgia is now being called a hero.

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The gerrymandering ruling proves it: Democrats must pack the Supreme Court

The Gerrymandering Ruling Proves It: Democrats Must Pack The Supreme Court

Since the Supreme Court won't end gerrymandering, Democrats should gerrymander the Supreme Court

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Supreme Court tosses citizenship question from 2020 census forms, a victory for Democratic states

Supreme Court Tosses Citizenship Question From 2020 Census Forms, A Victory For Democratic States

The court found that while the Commerce Department has a right to reinstate the question, it did not provide an adequate justification for doing so.

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Elizabeth Warren Calls Healthcare A Basic Human Right, Setting Off Heated Medicare For All Debate

Elizabeth Warren Calls Healthcare A Basic Human Right, Setting Off Heated Medicare For All Debate

Warren set off a heated debate between candidates, showing the significant divide on the issue of healthcare.

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Far-right suspect confesses to killing German politician

Far-right Suspect Confesses To Killing German Politician

Stephan Ernst cites pro-refugee stance as motive for shooting CDU's Walter Lubcke

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Delta allows passengers to Dominican Republic to cancel their flights

Delta Allows Passengers To Dominican Republic To Cancel Their Flights

Delta Air Lines is giving passengers to one of the Dominican Republic's airports the right to change or cancel tickets without the usual penalty.

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To combat vaping, Nebraska school district will randomly test students for nicotine

To Combat Vaping, Nebraska School District Will Randomly Test Students For Nicotine

"It's a huge problem, and right now, I think it's new enough that we're being very naive to think that more kids aren't doing it," the superintendent of Fairbury public schools said.

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Teenager who called Prince Harry a 'race traitor' sentenced

Teenager Who Called Prince Harry A 'race Traitor' Sentenced

Michal Szewczuk ordered to be detained for encouraging terrorism on far-right website

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