Trump Must Not Be Allowed to Use Gulf of Oman Incidents as 'Pretext for Illegal War With Iran': Bernie Sanders

Trump Must Not Be Allowed To Use Gulf Of Oman Incidents As 'Pretext For Illegal War With Iran': Bernie Sanders

"The time is now for the United States to exert international leadership, and bring the countries in the region together to forge a diplomatic solution to the growing tensions."

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Sarah Sanders' tenure as press secretary ended long before her exit

Sarah Sanders' Tenure As Press Secretary Ended Long Before Her Exit

Analysis: the departing White House spokeswoman, who has not held a press briefing in months, spun a web of deceit in her role

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Sanders, Cummings Demand DOJ Investigate Pharma Giants for 'Sick and Disgraceful' Price-Fixing Conspiracy

Sanders, Cummings Demand DOJ Investigate Pharma Giants For 'Sick And Disgraceful' Price-Fixing Conspiracy

"Pharmaceutical executives, who should be making medicines affordable for the American people, were instead busy coordinating a cover-up scheme to hide the truth about their price-fixing."

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Sarah Sanders failed in almost every aspect of the job

Sarah Sanders Failed In Almost Every Aspect Of The Job

Joe Lockhart writes that Sarah Sanders' hopes of being remembered as "honest and transparent" are misplaced -- in nearly every requirement of the role as press secretary, she has been the opposite.

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Sanders: Trump 'believes in socialism for large corporations and the wealthy'

Sanders: Trump 'believes In Socialism For Large Corporations And The Wealthy'

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday will give an address to discuss the concepts of democratic socialism, casting his left-leaning ideology as a counter to President Trump and a necessary ideology to win back power for Democrats.

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Sanders: U.S. is now more ready for a democratic socialist president

Sanders: Americans Are More Ready For A Democratic Socialist President Than 4 Years Ago

He tells CNN the U.S. must deal with the "massive levels" of inequality.

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Joe Biden’s lead slips in Democratic field, Iowa poll shows

Joe Biden's Lead Slips As Elizabeth Warren Surges, Iowa Poll Shows

Former VP at 24% and Sanders second on 16%, but Massachusetts senator and Buttigieg close behind as race tightens

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Bernie Sanders Is Endorsing Marie Newman Against One Of The Last Anti-Abortion Democrats In Congress

Bernie Sanders Is Endorsing Marie Newman Against One Of The Last Anti-Abortion Democrats In Congress

"She will be a powerful voice for upholding Roe v. Wade," Sanders told BuzzFeed News.

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#NoMiddleGround Goes Viral as Sanders Backers Say Democrats Can't Afford to Compromise on Medicare for All, Reproductive Rights, and Bold Climate Agenda

#NoMiddleGround Goes Viral As Sanders Backers Say Democrats Can't Afford To Compromise On Medicare For All, Reproductive Rights, And Bold Climate Agenda

"We cannot go back to the old ways, we have got to go forward with a new and progressive agenda," Sen. Bernie Sanders said at the California Democratic Party convention

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Sanders calls for an impeachment inquiry

Sanders Calls For An Impeachment Inquiry

Sen. Bernie SandersBernie SandersThe antidote to information overload? Information The narratives of the Democratic presidential candidat...

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Georgia GOP candidate appears to threaten Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders in video

Georgia GOP Candidate Appears To Threaten Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders In Video

A congressional candidate in Georgia is targeting Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders all but literally. A campaign video from Republican Harrison Floyd shows images of the progre...

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Sanders: It's 'not good enough' just to defeat Trump in 2020

Sanders: It's 'not Good Enough' Just To Defeat Trump In 2020

The Democratic presidential candidate hit back against Joe Biden's claims that he is best positioned to defeat the president next fall.

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Bernie Sanders: Banks have been ripping off Americans for too long. I have a plan to end it

Perspectives: Bernie Sanders: Banks Have Been Ripping Off Americans For Too Long. I Have A Plan To End It

When banks and payday lenders charge these unconscionably high interest rates, they are not engaged in the business of making credit available. They are involved in extortion -- squeezing working families that are already in financial distress down to the bone, writes Bernie Sanders, a United States senator from Vermont and a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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Sanders introduces petition to prohibit war with Iran without Congress' approval

Sanders Introduces Petition To Prohibit War With Iran Without Congress' Approval

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) launched a petition Thursday to "tell Congress to pass legislation that would prohibit military action against Iran without Congressional approval."

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Bernie Sanders says war with Iran would be

Bernie Sanders Says War With Iran Would Be "many Times Worse Than The Iraq War"

Sanders posted a live video in reaction to a report that the Trump administration is reviewing a plan that could send up to 120,000 troops to the Middle East

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Sanders to join Ocasio-Cortez in headlining Green New Deal rally Monday

Sanders To Join Ocasio-Cortez In Headlining Green New Deal Rally Monday

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will join Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) in headlining a rally Monday to support the Green New Deal resolution, a progressive proposal that calls for sweeping reforms to combat climate change.

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Millennials Want To Overhaul America, But Boomer Power Isn't Going Away

Opinion: Millennials Wanting To Overhaul America Need To Come To Terms With Boomer Power

The two generations are roughly equal in number, but the massive political power of boomers will remain for at least another decade.

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Sarah Sanders leads

Sarah Sanders Leads "mass Purge" Of White House Reporters With New Press-room Rules

New rules on press access, imposed by Sanders, could disqualify "almost the entire White House press corps"

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Sanders: Trump 'determined to engineer a constitutional crisis' over Mueller report

Sanders: Trump 'determined To Engineer A Constitutional Crisis' Over Mueller Report

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said Wednesday that President Trump is creating a "constitutional crisis" by continuing to rebuff oversight from congressional Democrats.

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Bernie Sanders rolls out

Bernie Sanders Rolls Out "Roosevelt Style Trust-busting" Agriculture Plan

America's farmers are living through the worst economic crisis in almost 30 years.

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