Possible Dam collapse in the North West of England

Town Evacuated As Dam Wall Collapses

Police tell Whaley Bridge's 6,500 residents to gather at a local school, as a severe flood warning is issued.

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Car mechanic graduates from medical school at 47 to help address shortage of black doctors

Car Mechanic Graduates From Medical School At 47 To Help Address Shortage Of Black Doctors

Carl Allamby had a successful car repair business and an abysmal high school record. But when he went to pursue a business degree, a required biology course flipped a switch in him.

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10-year-old boy charged with assault following dodgeball game at school

10-year-old Boy Charged With Assault Following Dodgeball Game At School

Months after the boy was suspended from his elementary school, his mom was notified he received a criminal charge

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Bushland Independent School District in Amarillo, Texas will begin drug testing for extracurricular activities in seventh grade

This Texas School District Will Begin Drug Testing For Extracurricular Activities In Seventh Grade

Bushland Independent School District in Amarillo, Texas, is taking an unusual step to promote a drug-free environment in its schools.

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US school 'sorry' for foster care threat over lunch debt

US School 'sorry' For Foster Care Threat

It lets a donor pay off parents' lunch debt after saying their children could end up in foster care.

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Columbine High School plans to enhance security, not rebuild, to address unauthorized visitor problem

Columbine High School Will Not Rebuild

Columbine High School in Colorado -- where two students killed 12 classmates and one teacher before dying by suicide 20 years ago -- will not be torn down and rebuilt, as had previously been considered.

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Flagstaff's Museum Fire top priority fire in the country, 1,800 acres ablaze at 0% containment

The Latest: Flagstaff's Museum Fire Top Priority Fire In The Country

The Latest post will be updated throughout the day as more information becomes available. Please refer to the bottom of the article for the most recent updates. For our complete

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California doesn't have enough doctors. To recruit them, the state is paying off medical school debt

California Doesn't Have Enough Doctors. To Recruit Them, The State Is Paying Off Medical School Debt

SACRAMENTO -- Bryan Ruiz's hands were still shaking an hour after he learned the $300,000 in medical school loans he took out to become a dentist were being wiped away

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Bullied Teen

Teenager Cited Anti-Gay Bullying For Stabbing Death. He Was Found Guilty.

Abel Cedeno testified that, after years of bullying, he feared for his life when he fatally stabbed a classmate who had punched him.

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Missing wallet found after 75 years

Her Missing Wallet From The 1940s Was Found In A High School Bathroom Wall

An 89-year-old woman received her missing wallet that was stolen 75 years ago.

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A high school principal is reassigned after writing that he couldn't say the Holocaust was 'a factual, historical event'

A High School Principal Is Reassigned After Writing That He Couldn't Say The Holocaust Was 'a Factual, Historical Event'

The principal at a Florida high school is being reassigned to a position with the school district after revelations that he wrote emails to a parent that seemed to cast doubt on the historical veracity of the Holocaust.

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Pharrell Williams just offered internships to 114 Harlem high school grads

Pharrell Williams Just Offered Internships To 114 Harlem High School Grads

The promise Pharrell Williams made to a group of more than 100 graduating high school seniors in Harlem has changed Brionna Pope's life as she heads to college.

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A Kentucky teen sued to attend school without a chickenpox vaccine. He just lost in court -- again

A Kentucky Teen Sued To Attend School Without A Chickenpox Vaccine. He Just Lost In Court -- Again

A Kentucky court of appeals sided with a health department after a teen sued the department over a policy that barred him from attending school without receiving the chickenpox vaccination.

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Vaccines: Kentucky students lose appeal of ban in chickenpox outbreak

Vaccines: Kentucky Students Lose Appeal Of Ban In Chickenpox Outbreak

In a ruling involving chickenpox at two small Roman Catholic schools in Boone County, the Kentucky Court of Appeals said a trial judge wa...

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Parents' sports day ban for 'bad behaviour'

Parents' Sports Day Ban For 'bad Behaviour'

The head says angry parents can be threatening and intimidating and staff have been sworn at.

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Fact check: School district confirms Kamala Harris was correct on integration in Berkeley

Fact Check: School District Confirms Kamala Harris Was Correct On Integration In Berkeley

In a dramatic moment of the Democratic primary debate on Thursday night, California Sen. Kamala Harris confronted former Vice President Joe Biden about his history of opposition to "busing," the policy of transporting students to schools outside their neighborhoods to try to reduce racial segregation.

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Las Vegas is trading parking tickets for pencils, pens and paper for students

Las Vegas Is Trading Parking Tickets For Pencils, Pens And Paper For Students

No one enjoys paying for parking tickets, but Las Vegas is now accepting a new currency that might take some of the sting out of paying the fines.

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San Francisco school board votes to paint over murals showing slavery and violence

San Francisco School Board Votes To Paint Over Murals Showing Slavery And Violence

Artwork at high school, which shows a dead Native American and black slaves, at center of decades of controversy

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Parents of a University of Utah student who was killed after weeks of harassment sue the school

Parents Of A University Of Utah Student Who Was Killed After Weeks Of Harassment Sue The School

A $56 million lawsuit filed Thursday alleges that the University of Utah failed to protect a student who was killed by an ex-boyfriend she had complained about to police more than 20 times.

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Broward County Terminates Two More Officers For Parkland Shooting Response

Broward County Terminates Two More Officers For Parkland Shooting Response

Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony said that two deputies who responded to the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were terminated Tuesday for neglect of duty.

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