Mitch McConnell Does Not Give a Damn About the Future of This Country

Mitch McConnell Does Not Give A Damn About The Future Of This Country

He does not care about coal miners in his own state. He does not care about holding secure elections. He does not care.

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NY Becomes 46th State to Criminalize Revenge Porn

NY Becomes 46th State To Criminalize Revenge Porn

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on Tuesday criminalizing revenge porn in the state, making it the 46th state to implement revenge porn legislation. The only states that do not cur...

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27 Children Removed From Montana Alternative Treatment Center Over Abuse Allegations

27 Children Removed From Montana Alternative Treatment Center Over Abuse Allegations

Montana removed 27 children from an alternative youth treatment program citing allegations of physical and mental abuse, along with medical neglect. According to the state, the kids were hit, kicke...

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Wave of Washington lawmakers call for impeachment proceedings against Trump

Wave Of Washington State Lawmakers Call For Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump

A wave of lawmakers from the state of Washington on Sunday called for an impeachment inquiry against President Trump, making it so that nearly half of the House Democratic Caucus now supports the move.

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South Dakota will require

South Dakota Will Require "In God We Trust" Signs In All Public Schools

When students return to public schools in the state this fall, they'll see a new message on display: "In God We Trust"

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‘Little Girl, You Don’t Know What You’re Getting Into’: State Sen Reportedly Threatened Over Epstein Investigation

'Little Girl, You Don't Know What You're Getting Into': State Sen Reportedly Threatened Over Epstein Investigation

Florida State Sen. Lauren Book (D) has reportedly received several threats over the phone for demanding a state inquiry into Pal...

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US state set to outlaw calling a veggie burger a veggie burger

US State Set To Outlaw Calling A Veggie Burger A Veggie Burger

Arkansas law would prohibit the use of terms like 'meat', 'sausage' and 'beef' on products that are not made from animals

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New York State Bans Cat Declawing

New York State Bans Cat Declawing

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed the anti-declawing bill into law on Monday. New York is the first state in the country to ban the practice.

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State: Doctor's wife mishandled vaccines, caused outbreak

State: Doctor's Wife Mishandled Vaccines, Caused Outbreak

Officials say the Mount Sterling doctor allowed his unlicensed wife to mishandle vaccines, causing an infection outbreak in patients across Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

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Man suspected of gunning down reputed mob boss mistook him as 'deep state' figure

Man Suspected Of Gunning Down Reputed Mob Boss Mistook Him As 'deep State' Figure

The defense will claim that Anthony Comello was a Qanon conspiracy theorist when he shot Francesco "Franky Boy" Cali on Staten Island.

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Invasive snakes are responsible for a recent 90 to 99 percent drop in the small mammal population in Florida National park

The Snakes That Ate Florida

Bounty hunters and biologists wade deep into the Everglades to wrestle with the invasion of giant pythons threatening the state's wetlands

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Americans Continue to Support Puerto Rico Statehood

Americans Continue To Support Puerto Rico Statehood

Two in three Americans (66%) say they favor admitting Puerto Rico as a U.S. state. This is consistent with the majority support Gallup has recorded for Puerto Rico statehood since 1962.

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Black Georgia lawmaker says she was

Black Georgia Lawmaker Says She Was "verbally Attacked" By Man Who Told Her To "go Back Where You Came From"

Erica Thomas, a Georgia state representative who is nine months pregnant, says she was "verbally attacked" at a grocery store

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Gov. Evers declares state of emergency, authorizes National Guard help following downtown fires - WISC

Gov. Evers Declares State Of Emergency, Authorizes National Guard Help Following Downtown Fires

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has declared a state of emergency for the City of Madison and Dane County following fires at two electric substations. 

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California doesn't have enough doctors. To recruit them, the state is paying off medical school debt

California Doesn't Have Enough Doctors. To Recruit Them, The State Is Paying Off Medical School Debt

SACRAMENTO -- Bryan Ruiz's hands were still shaking an hour after he learned the $300,000 in medical school loans he took out to become a dentist were being wiped away

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Democrat Mark Kelly has again outraised Republican Sen. Martha McSally in the Arizona Senate race.

Kelly Outraises McSally In Arizona Senate Race

PHOENIX -- Democrat Mark Kelly has again outraised Republican Sen. Martha McSally in the Arizona Senate race.

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Epic Charter Schools embezzled millions with 'ghost students,' Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says

OSBI Warrant: 'Ghost Students' At Epic

JUL 16, 2019 - A state investigation alleges Epic Charter Schools, the state's largest virtual charter school system, embezzled millions in state funds by illegally inflating enrollment counts with "ghost students." The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation alleged Epic co-founders David Chaney and Ben Harris "devised a scheme to use their positions as public officers to unlawfully derive profits from state appropriated funds." An OSBI agent made the allegations in a search warrant that sought evidence of embezzlement, obtaining money by false pretenses and racketeering. Investigators reported Chaney and Harris "created a system of financial gain at Epic" when they founded the virtual charter school in 2010.

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Today Tennessee Celebrates the First Grand Wizard of the KKK

Today Tennessee Celebrates The First Grand Wizard Of The KKK

The state's governor is not considering changing a law creating holidays for three confederate leaders.

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A mom whose 3-year-old son peed in a parking lot was facing 60 days in jail. Her charges were just dropped

A Mom Whose 3-year-old Son Peed In A Parking Lot Was Facing 60 Days In Jail. Her Charges Were Just Dropped

"The mom was trying to be a good mom," the state of Georgia said. "The child had an emergency come up, and mom took care of the emergency. That's what we expect of all good moms."

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Louisiana declares state of emergency as storm develops into hurricane

Louisiana Declares State Of Emergency As Storm Develops Into Hurricane

New Orleans is already experiencing flooding and Mississippi River is forecast to reach tops of levees by Friday

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