Former Michigan State dean guilty of misconduct in office and willful neglect of duty

Former Michigan State Dean Guilty Of Misconduct In Office And Willful Neglect Of Duty

William Strampel, a former Michigan State University dean and the former boss of disgraced doctor Larry Nassar, was found guilty Wednesday of misconduct in office and two counts of willful neglect of duty.

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Maine becomes 8th State to legalize assisted suicide

Maine Becomes 8th State To Legalize Assisted Suicide

Maine's measure will allow doctors to prescribe a fatal dose of medication to terminally ill people

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Colorado passes $1 billion in marijuana state revenue

Colorado Passes $1 Billion In Marijuana State Revenue

Colorado just reached $1 billion in total marijuana state revenue. Total marijuana sales have surpassed $6.5 billion since the state legalized cannabis in 2014.

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Nevada becomes the first state to ban pre-employment marijuana tests.

Nevada Bans Pre-employment Marijuana Tests

Nevada has become the first state to ban pre-employment marijuana tests.

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California to be first state to provide healthcare to undocumented immigrants

California To Give Healthcare To Illegal Immigrants

The state is set to become the first to offer government healthcare to people living in the US illegally.

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US 'now a full-fledged banana republic' after Mitch McConnell wife $78m grants revelation

US 'now A Full-fledged Banana Republic' After Mitch McConnell Wife $78m Grants Revelation

Transport secretary reportedly designated special liaison to help husband's state prepare funding applications

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Texas Is Latest State to Pump the Brakes on Red-Light Cameras

Texas Is Latest State To Pump The Brakes On Red-Light Cameras

Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law this month that bans the cameras. It takes effect in September, but police departments have already started dismantling the devices.

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Elizabeth Warren can win the nomination. California is key

Elizabeth Warren Can Win The Nomination. California Is Key

A win or even a strong showing in the state's 2020 primary would help vault the Massachusetts senator into the Democratic nomination contest's top tier.

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Two former state senators found dead in their homes within two days

Two Former State Senators Found Dead In Their Homes Within Two Days

Two former Republican state senators were found dead with gunshot wounds in their homes in Arkansas and Oklahoma within a span of two days this week.

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Nevada Is the 2nd State to Ban Cosmetics That Test on Animals

Nevada Officially Bans Animal Testing For Cosmetics

The Nevada Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act was signed into law, making Nevada the second state after California to ban cosmetic animal testing.

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Bill granting Oregon's electoral votes to national popular vote winner heads to governor's desk

Bill Granting Oregon's Electoral Votes To National Popular Vote Winner Heads To Governor's Desk

The Oregon House voted overwhelmingly to pass legislation that would award the state's Electoral College votes to whichever candidate wins the national popular vote in a presidential election.

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New Hampshire Poised to Become the 20th State to Support a Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

New Hampshire Poised To Become The 20th State To Support A Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United - Public Citizen

Note: The New Hampshire Senate is scheduled to vote Thursday on HB 504. If a majority of lawmakers support the...

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Trump admin spends nearly $1M on limo rentals for two-day Ireland visit

Trump Admin Spends Nearly $1M On Limo Rentals For Two-day Ireland Visit: Report

The White House reportedly paid nearly $1 million to rent four limousines from an Irish funeral home for President Trump's two-day visit to Ireland.

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Voter Suppression Is the Expressed Policy of Virtually Every Republican Officeholder

Voter Suppression Is The Expressed Policy Of Virtually Every Republican Officeholder

Texas is the latest example of how, rather than reach out to new voters, the GOP simply uses the power of the state to lock those voters out of the political process.

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Texas Gov. Abbott led effort to purge 100,000 voters from state election rolls: reports

Texas Governor 'got Caught With His Pants Down' Orchestrating Voter Fraud

The secretary of state resigned last week, but it was Abbott who was behind the purge, news reports said.

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Judge sides with Planned Parenthood, nixing state's request for physician interviews

Missouri Judge Sides With Planned Parenthood And Nixes State's Request To Question Doctors

If Planned Parenthood hadn't been granted the injunction, Missouri would have been the first state without a legal abortion clinic

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Watchdog Says FBI Has Access To About 640M Photographs

Watchdog Says FBI Has Access To About 640M Photographs

The FBI maintains a database known as the Interstate Photo System of mugshots that can help federal, state and local law enforcement officials.

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A 12-year-old boy who was starved, chained and kept in a dog collar died. His mother never knew he left the state

A 12-year-old Boy Who Was Starved, Chained And Kept In A Dog Collar Died. His Mother Never Knew He Left The State

Eduardo Posso was supposed to be living in Florida with his sister, father and stepmother and attending school.

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UK official calls Trump a 'sexual predator' and 'racist'

UK Official Calls Trump A 'sexual Predator' And 'racist'

United Kingdom Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry on Tuesday accused President Trump of being a "sexual predator" and "a racist,"

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Trump faces giant 'USS John McCain' and Obama approval ratings projected onto London landmarks during state visit

Trump Faces Giant Projections On London Landmarks During State Visit

'Hope you like seeing your failing approval numbers projected onto the Tower of London,' anti-Brexit campaign groups tweets US president

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