“America Makes a Lot of Money off the Sick” - The for-profit health care system in the US has created a crisis for patients and medical workers. That's why 2,000 health care workers are on strike in Ohio this week.

"America Makes A Lot Of Money Off The Sick"

The for-profit health care system in the US has created a crisis for patients and medical workers. That's why 2,000 health care workers are on strike in Ohio this week.

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Uber drivers will go on strike over pay and benefits ahead of the company's $90 billion IPO

Uber Drivers Will Go On Strike Over Pay And Benefits Ahead Of The Company's $90 Billion IPO

Ride-hailing drivers are planning to strike on Wednesday to protest low wages as Uber prepares to follow Lyft onto the public market.

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US Air Force conducts airstrikes with F-35 for first time ever

US Air Force Conducts Airstrikes With F-35 For First Time Ever

The U.S. Air Force follows the Israel Defense Forces and U.S. Marine Corps in its use of the F-35 in combat.

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Stop & Shop owner says 11-day strike cost company about $100 million

Stop & Shop Owner Says 11-day Strike Cost Company About $100 Million

The 11-day strike may have cost Stop & Shop up to $110 million.

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The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says a man has been arrested and booked with a hate crime after he attempted to strike an interracial couple with his truck Tuesday

Man Arrested After Attempting To Strike Interracial Couple With Vehicle

Deputies say while the couple stood outside of the service station around 9 p.m., Descant allegedly swerved his truck in an attempt to strike the couple.

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'Put up or shut up': Mississippi teachers mull strike in wake of 'insulting' pay raise, secretive voucher funding move

'Put Up Or Shut Up': Mississippi Teachers Mull Strike In Wake Of 'insulting' Pay Raise, Secretive Voucher Funding Move

Mississippi law explicitly forbids striking by teachers, who can be fined and barred from teaching in the state for participating in a walkout.

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Pakistan changes stance on air engagement with India, says F-16s might have been used to hit Indian aircraft after initial denial - Firstpost

Pakistan Changes Stance On Air Engagement With India, Says F-16s Might Have Been Used To Hit Indian Aircraft After Initial Denial - Firstpost

Pakistan on Monday for the first time indicated that F-16s might have been used to hit Indian fighter jets during the aerial combat on 27 February and said Islamabad retains the right to use anything and everything in its self defence

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Students are striking for action on climate change — a truancy everyone should applaud

Students Are Striking For Action On Climate Change -- A Truancy Everyone Should Applaud

If governments can't be bothered to safeguard kids' future by taking action against climate change, why should kids spend their time preparing for a future that might not exist?

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After India’s Strike on Pakistan, Both Sides Leave Room for De-escalation

After India's Strike On Pakistan, Both Sides Leave Room For De-escalation

Amid the escalation of hostilities over an attack in Kashmir, the leadership of each country seemed to give itself a way out of pushing the conflict into war.

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UK schoolchildren protest over climate change

Schoolchildren 'strike' Over Climate Change

Students in cities around the UK walked out of school to call for action from the government.

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Dispensary Offers Penny Eights of Weed to Denver Public School Teachers, Who Are on Strike

Dispensary Offers Penny Eighths Of Weed To DPS Teachers

A strike is keeping many Denver teachers out of the classroom, but one local pot shop still wants to give them a smoke break.

In t...

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Denver teachers set to strike over better pay and working conditions

Denver Teachers Set To Strike Over Better Pay And Working Conditions

Colorado city educators would be the latest in a broad wave of strikes and protests across the country battling for funding

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Dems reintroduce bill to prevent nuclear first strike without congressional approval

Dems Reintroduce Bill To Prevent Nuclear First Strike Without Congressional Approval

Rep. Ted LieuTed W. LieuFormer two-time Clinton delegate backing Harris in 2020 Ted Lieu endorses Kamala Harris for president: 'She embra...

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Virginia students learn in trailers while state offers Amazon huge tax breaks | US news

Virginia Students Learn In Trailers While State Offers Amazon Huge Tax Breaks

The state's teachers plan to strike over funding, low pay and tax breaks given to the tech firm

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President of Flight Attendants Union Suggests General Strike to End Government Shutdown

Flight Attendant Union Head: General Strike Could End Government Shutdown

As the partial government shutdown stretches into a monthlong slog with no end in sight, TSA workers and other federal employees in the U...

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‘The strike is over!’ L.A. teachers celebrate their victories as contract is settled

L.A. Teachers Celebrate Their Victories As Union And District Reach A Deal

The L.A. teachers union and the L.A. Unified School District reach a contract deal Tuesday.

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The White House reportedly asked the Pentagon for military plans to strike Iran

The White House Reportedly Asked The Pentagon For Military Plans To Strike Iran

The White House requested options for a military strike against Iran last September, a report by the Wall Street Journal revealed, citing current and former U.S. officials.

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Pilots' union threatens to strike against Virgin Atlantic right before Christmas

Pilots' Union Threatens To Strike Against Virgin Atlantic Right Before Christmas

A small pilots' union is threatening to strike against Virgin Atlantic right before Christmas, demanding the airline recognize it at the negotiating table.

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Couple’s suit: Strike at Waikiki hotel ruined their honeymoon

Couple's Suit: Strike At Waikiki Hotel Ruined Their Honeymoon

Friday marks the 33rd day of the Hawaii hotel workers strike

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Fired Air Force one-star made inappropriate comments about women, failed to report suicide attempts

Fired Air Force One-star Made Inappropriate Comments About Women, Failed To Report Suicide Attempts

Brig. Gen. Paul Tibbets IV is being forced to retire.

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