Mitch McConnell Has a Vested Interest in Blocking Election Security Efforts

Mitch McConnell Has A Vested Interest In Blocking Election Security Efforts

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report detailing his team's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election "stopped short

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A boy on a unicorn float drifted half a mile out to sea in North Carolina

A Boy On A Unicorn Float Drifted Half A Mile Out To Sea In North Carolina

A day at the beach turned into a frightening rescue for one 8-year-old boy after the giant unicorn-shaped raft he was playing on suddenly drifted out to sea.

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Law enforcement lieutenant loses her job over a barbecue grill

I-TEAM: Santa Clara Co. Sheriff's Captain Amy Le Removed From Job Over Barbecue Grill

The ABC7 News I-Team has learned that Santa Clara County Sheriff's Capt. Amy Le was removed from her job over an unpermitted arbor and barbecue grill built at Elmwood Jail with her own money but using inmate labor.

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Villagers kill Ebola health worker in eastern DR Congo

Villagers Kill Ebola Health Worker In Eastern DR Congo - FRANCE 24

Villagers in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo killed a health worker engaged in the fight against a major Ebola outbreak and looted a...

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Harvard law professor Ronald Sullivan withdraws from Harvey Weinstein's defense team

Harvard Law Professor Ronald Sullivan Withdraws From Harvey Weinstein's Defense Team

Harvard University law professor Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. has withdrawn from the team of lawyers who will defend Harvey Weinstein in the former movie mogul's sexual assault trial, saying the case will conflict with his teaching responsibilities.

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House Dems in direct talks with Mueller about his testimony: reports

House Dems In Direct Talks With Mueller About His Testimony: Reports

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team is in direct talks with the House Judiciary Committee about whether he will testify before Congress, according to multiple reports.

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UVA basketball team declines to visit White House after winning championship

UVA Basketball Team Declines To Visit White House After Winning Championship

CHARLOTTESVILLE -- After winning the national championship, the Virginia basketball team won't be following the tradition of visiting the White House.

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University of Virginia basketball team will not celebrate championship at the White House

UVA Will Not Celebrate Basketball Championship At White House

The University of Virginia men's basketball team will not be celebrating its national championship with President Donald Trump at the White House, per a statement from the head coach released Friday.

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Brothers implicated, then cleared, in attack sue Jussie Smollett's legal team for defamation

Brothers Implicated, Then Cleared, In Jussie Smollett Case Sue Actor's Legal Team For Defamation

The brothers accused of attacking actor Jussie Smollett, only to be cleared when prosecutors announced Smollett had orchestrated a hoax to advance his career, are suing his legal team for defamation, attorneys said Tuesday.

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I Was a Trump Transition Staffer, and I’ve Seen Enough. It’s Time for Impeachment; I started out as a pragmatist, but the Mueller report was my tipping point.

I Was A Trump Transition Staffer, And I've Seen Enough. It's Time For Impeachment.

I started out as a pragmatist, but the Mueller report was my tipping point.

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Mueller's team was reportedly stumped by all the shifty, unreliable people in Trump's orbit or employ

Mueller's Team Was Reportedly Stumped By All The Shifty, Unreliable People In Trump's Orbit Or Employ

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigators followed "several meandering paths" in their two-year investigation, "propelled by discoveries of unusual interactions between Trump associates and Russians," The Washington Post reported Sunday night. Mueller uncovered a lot in his 448-page final report, but his team was left with "some unanswered mysteries, a lot of dead ends and, ultimately, a conclusion that the contacts they found did not establish a criminal conspiracy," the Post says. Mueller's team had to grapple with a legal dispute with Attorney General William Barr over whether a president can even be accused of crimes, plus President Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. refused to be interviewed, and the witnesses they did have "were not ideal," the Post reports: A few key players, prosecutors would contend, lied in interviews. Many were loyal to the president and echoed his rhetoric that Mueller's team was acting in bad faith. Some used encrypted applications with disappearing messages that could not be reviewed. Others were overseas, unreachable to American investigators. In some cases, their statements were only loosely tethered to the facts. [The Washington Post] Ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort fits in the first three categories, and the "loosely tethered" description matches conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, the Post reports, citing an interview with Corsi's lawyer, David Gray. Corsi had offered "tantalizing leads" about Roger Stone and WikiLeaks, but his story was never quite straight and his leads always led to dead ends, the Post reports. Trying to get actionable material out of Corsi, "it's their biggest nightmare," Gray told the Post. "The supposed best of the best were just frankly dumbfounded by the whole situation." Corsi was not charged, he added, because after six marathon interviews, "at the end of the day, they threw up their hands and said, 'We can't use any of this.'" Read more about the obstacles Mueller could't get over at The Washington Post. Peter Weber

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Trump Jr. Dodged Charges Because He Was ‘Too Dumb to Prosecute’

Trump Jr. Dodged Charges Because He Was 'Too Dumb To Prosecute'

Some wondered if the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., would be charged in the Mueller investigation after his admitted 2016 me...

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Mueller identified 'dozens' of U.S. rallies organized by Russian troll farm

Mueller Identified 'dozens' Of US Rallies Organized By Russian Troll Farm

Special counsel Robert Mueller in his highly-anticipated report said his team identified "dozens" of U.S.

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Sex could help cure hayfever, scientists claim

Sex Could Help Cure Hayfever, Scientists Claim

Having a healthy sex life could help alleviate hay fever symptoms, according to a team of scientists. Researchers in Iran found that the reproductive system is linked to the nasal system. They said that sex constricts blood vessels in the nose and eyes, which causes eyes to stop streaming and helps unblock stuffy noses.

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Trump Admin Reportedly Refusing to Give Up Records Detailing Security Clearances, Foreign Meetings

Trump Admin Reportedly Refusing To Give Up Records Detailing Security Clearances, Foreign Meetings

President Donald Trump‘s legal team appears to be preparing for all-out war with House Democrats who are looking to use their su...

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The Tyranny of Donald J. Trump — Two Generations of Tax Cheating, and Now He Holds Himself and His Family Above the Law

The Tyranny Of Donald J. Trump

Two Generations of Tax Cheating, and Now He Holds Himself and His Family Above the Law

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An Everglades record: largest female python captured in Big Cypress

An Everglades Record: Largest Female Python Captured In Big Cypress

A team of hunters captured the largest ever female python in Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida's Everglades

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Democrats push for release of full Mueller report, President Donald Trump's tax returns

'What Is The President Hiding?': Rep. Pramila Jayapal On Releasing Full Mueller Report

As President Donald Trump attacks special counsel Robert Mueller's team on Twitter, House Democrats push to get the full Mueller report and Trump's tax returns.

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Democrats need a 2020 candidate who inspires. Joe Biden isn't it

Democrats Need A 2020 Candidate Who Inspires. Joe Biden Isn't It

Obama's deputy represents the worst of the last 40 years of the Democratic party. Let's look to future and pick someone else

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Nadler To Barr: Release Public Report Summaries Mueller’s Team Reportedly Wrote

Nadler To Barr: Release Public Report Summaries Mueller's Team Reportedly Wrote

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler wrote Attorney General Bill Barr Thursday to express his concerns over reports that members...

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