New surveillance video released in killing of Italian police officer - CNN Video

New Surveillance Video Released In Killing Of Italian Police Officer - CNN Video

Newly released surveillance video allegedly shows the two teens that were arrested in the stabbing of an Italian police officer in Rome. CNN's Melissa Bell has the latest.

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Recreational marijuana legalization tied to decline in teens using pot, study says

Recreational Marijuana Legalization Tied To Decline In Teens Using Pot, Study Says

Marijuana use among young people in the United States overall has climbed in recent years, but a new paper suggests that in states where recreational marijuana has been legalized, marijuana use among youth may actually be falling.

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Milwaukee Vietnam veteran stops would-be carjackers on Memorial Day

Milwaukee Veteran Stops Would-be Carjackers On Memorial Day

A Vietnam War veteran stopped three teens armed with guns as they tried to steal his car on Milwaukee's north side Memorial Day.

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Off-duty FDNY firefighter attacked by teens after defending elderly couple, cops say

Off-duty FDNY Firefighter Attacked By Teens After Defending Elderly Couple, Cops Say

A New York City Firefighter sustained a concussion and several broken teeth Saturday after police say he was assaulted while trying to stop a group of teens from harassing an elderly couple.

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Trump official who blocked pregnant migrant teens from accessing abortions 'should face investigation'

Trump Official Who Blocked Pregnant Migrant Teens From Accessing Abortions 'should Face Investigation'

Exclusive: 'Using his position of power to coerce minors to carry to term is not only unconstitutional but an unprecedented abuse of power'

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Three New York teens arrested after discussing plans to bomb high school

Three New York Teens Arrested After Discussing Plans To Bomb High School

Three New York teenagers were arrested Thursday after being accused of planning to build a bomb and detonate it at a local high school on Long Island.

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SC House Approves Bill to Ban Teens Under 18 From Using Tanning Beds

Children Could Be Banned From Tanning Salons Under Bill Passed By SC House

The South Carolina House voted Wednesday to ban kids from using tanning beds at salons, rejecting arguments that it's not government's role to protect people from their own stupidity.

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5 charged in MS-13-linked slaying of Va. teen who was stabbed 100 times, burned

5 Charged In MS-13-linked Slaying Of Va. Teen Who Was Stabbed 100 Times, Burned

Five people, including two teens, have been arrested in the slaying of a Virginia teen who was stabbed 100 times before his body was dumped in a remote area of Stafford County, Virginia, and set on...

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4 teens, including 3 refugees from Tanzania, accused of raping 18-year-old inside car

4 Teens, Including 3 Refugees, Accused Of Raping Woman In Car

The victim says she agreed to meet with one of the teens, but when she arrived there were 4 boys.

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Indiana police investigating new lead in cold case murder of two teens

Indiana Police Investigating New Lead In Cold Case Murder Of Two Teens

Some have said that the mugshot of Charles Andrew Eldridge, who was arrested on charges unrelated to the murders, looks like a police sketch of a suspect.

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Five teens indicted on lynching charges in Virginia mob murder

Five Teens Indicted On Lynching Charges In Virginia Mob Murder

Five teenagers - including two minors - were indicted earlier this week on the rarely used charge of "lynching" after the brutal August murder of a 24-year-old Virginia man.

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Photographer who took Wisconsin teens in apparent Nazi salute photo says it was innocent - They were waving

Wisconsin Teens' Apparent Nazi Salute Photo Was Innocent, Says Photographer

One of the teens in the image, Jordan Blue, who can be seen in the photo not participating in the salute, contradicted the photographer's account.

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Video Shows Mob of Teens Trampling Cars, Wreaking Havoc in Hyde Park on Halloween

Halloween Mayhem: Mob Of Teens Wreaks Havoc In Hyde Park

A massive group of teens stormed a street in Chicago's Hyde Park on Halloween, damaging dozens of cars while shouting and setting off what appeared to be firecrackers in a shocking scene caught on camera.

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106 vehicles stolen in Nashville in one week; teens shown on video stealing truck

106 Vehicles Stolen In Nashville In One Week; Teens Shown On Video Stealing Truck

In just one week, 106 vehicles were stolen across Davidson County. One of those thefts was caught on camera.

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Georgia teens agree to ‘disfigure,' rape woman for cash

Georgia Teens Agree To 'disfigure,' Rape Woman For Cash

Two teens from Gwinnett County, Georgia, agreed to "disfigure," assault and rape a woman in exchange for money paid by a man in prison, the district attorney's office said.

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Teens accused of beating Clarksville laundromat employee to death will be tried as adults

Teens Accused Of Beating Clarksville Laundromat Employee To Death Will Be Tried As Adults

The teens, all under 16, are accused of attacking a 71-year-old man, who later died from his injuries.

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Teens unwittingly steal oregano after smashing van into pot dispensary

Teens Unwittingly Steal Oregano After Smashing Van Into Pot Dispensary

A group of teens smashed a van through the storefront of a Colorado Springs pot dispensary and stole a number of items on display inside.

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Teens Charged in Gruesome Murder of Fellow Teen After Body Found Stabbed and Burned

Suburban Teens Charged In Gruesome Murder Of Fellow Teen

Two suburban teens were charged with murder, accused of killing of another teenager who was strangled and stabbed before being set on fire while still alive, authorities said Thursday.

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Chaos Erupts After Group Of Teens Refuses To Leave White Marsh Mall

Chaos Erupts After Group Of Teens Refuses To Leave White Marsh Mall

A group of teens caused a massive disturbance at a Baltimore County mall where officials say one of the teens tried to punch a police officer.

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Woman pulls gun out as teens brawl at SE Houston apartment complex

Woman Pulls Gun Out As Teens Brawl At Houston Apartments

MUST-SEE VIDEO: A video posted on Facebook has gone viral after a woman appears to wave a gun around during a fight.

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