Japan heatwave: Mascot one of 11 deaths during high temperatures

Man Dies From Heatstroke In Mascot Outfit

Officials say 11 people have died and 5,000 have been hospitalised amid high temperatures.

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Netherlands and Belgium record highest ever temperatures

Netherlands And Belgium Record Highest Ever Temperatures

All-time records in Germany and Luxembourg could also fall in latest continent-wide heatwave

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Dangerous heatwave starts hitting US

Dangerous Heatwave Starts Hitting US And Canada

More than 200 million people may be affected, and temperatures could reach 100F (38C) in some areas.

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Animal Equality reveals shocking scenes of neglect to calves at US dairy farm that supplies Laughing Cow and Babybel

Animal Equality Reveals Shocking Scenes Of Neglect To Calves At US Dairy Farm That Supplies Laughing Cow And Babybel

RISING CITY, Neb., July 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- International animal protection organization Animal Equality today released shocking scenes filmed last winter ...

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Anchorage was 90 degrees on July 4. That's not a typo

Anchorage Was 90 Degrees On July 4. That's Not A Typo

Alaska's heat wave continued through Independence Day, and in Anchorage, the temperatures shattered an all-time record.

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Europe heatwave: cities take steps to limit effects of record temperatures

Europe Heatwave: Cities Take Steps To Limit Effects Of Record Temperatures

Germany imposes speed limits on highways while schools in France remain closed

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‘Dangerous heatwave’ to sweep Europe bringing temperatures up to 40C

'Dangerous Heatwave' To Sweep Europe Bringing Temperatures Up To 40C

'Put your pyjamas in the freezer', German newspaper suggests

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Baby rescued from Northern California dumpster in 100-degree heat

Newborn Boy Rescued From Northern California Dumpster

Authorities say good Samaritans have rescued a newborn baby from inside a Northern California dumpster in scorching heat.

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Record-Breaking Heat in Alaska Wreaks Havoc on Communities and Ecosystems

Record-Breaking Heat In Alaska Wreaks Havoc On Communities And Ecosystems

Abnormally high temperatures have led to unsafe travel conditions, uncertain ecological futures and even multiple deaths

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UK basks in warmest February day on record

UK Basks In Warmest February Day On Record

The Met Office records 20.3C in Ceredigion - the first UK temperature over 20C reached in winter.

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Ohio Woman Found Dead As Polar Vortex Begins Retreat

Ohio Woman Found Dead As Polar Vortex Begins Retreat

The painfully cold weather holding much of the Midwest in a historic deep freeze sent temperatures plunging to record lows Thursday in several cities as

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Donald Trump's Polar Vortex Tweet Implies Global Warming Can Save Us From Global Warming - That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

Trump Thinks Global Warming Can Save Us From Global Warming

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Monday, January 28, and the results were exactly what you might expect. In a tweet about the po...

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Indiana city bans 'all crime' during cold snap

Indiana City Bans 'all Crime' During Cold Snap

Police in Indiana are warning residents to lay off the crime as extremely cold temperatures are expected to permeate the area.

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Christmas heatwave to break weather records with temperatures up to 47C forecast: Temperatures to reach up to 12C above average in some parts of Australia, with authorities issuing fire warnings

Australia Heatwave To Break Christmas Weather Records With Temperatures Up To 47C Forecast

Temperatures to reach up to 12C above average in some parts of Australia, with authorities issuing fire warnings

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G20 nations still led by fossil fuel industry, climate report finds

G20 Nations Still Led By Fossil Fuel Industry, Climate Report Finds

Coal, oil and gas subsidies risking rise in global temperatures to 3.2C, well beyond agreed Paris goal

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England's 2018 summer is officially the hottest on record, surpassing the summer of 1976.

Scorchio! England Baked In Hottest Summer On Record

The UK had its joint-hottest summer on record, while temperatures in England beat the previous hottest record of 1976.

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In India, Summer Heat May Soon Be Literally Unbearable

In India, Summer Heat May Soon Be Literally Unbearable

In cities that are already scorching hot, temperatures and humidity levels are rising to levels that the human body simply can't tolerate, researchers warn.

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