Al Sharpton says if he were truly a

Al Sharpton Says If He Were Truly A "con Man," Trump Would Be "nominating Me For His Cabinet"

"He can say what he wants. Calling me a troublemaker. Yes, I make trouble for bigots. I'm going to keep making trouble for bigots."

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Donald Trump trails Joe Biden by double digits in new statewide Michigan poll

Donald Trump Far Behind Joe Biden In Michigan Poll

WASHINGTON – A new poll out Friday suggests more trouble for President Donald Trump's reelection hopes in Michigan, with the survey s...

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Judge rules Alex Jones withheld information in suit by Sandy Hook families

New Trouble For Alex Jones In Court Fight With Sandy Hook Families

NEWTOWN - Extremist Alex Jones' latest court trouble involves more than routine pre-trial wrangling with the Sandy Hook families who are suing him for defamation. The real fight is over the families' claim that the conspiracies Jones promoted as the frontman of Infowars were calculated to drive business to his internet supplements business. The heart of the court case came out in dueling motions filed over the last two weeks by the families, who accuse Jones of deliberately withholding information about his business strategy to hide his motives, and by Jones, who accuses the families of having no proof and of making him fish at his own expense for documents that don't exist. "The (families) proceed at their own peril by insisting that Jones defendants engage in sophisticated editorial content-making, targeting stories to products and seeking to stimulate sales by means of peddling known falsehoods likely to go viral," wrote Jones' attorney Norman Pattis. "Simply put, there is no evidence to support the claim that the Jones defendants knowingly market falsehoods for financial gain." The judge overseeing the case has sided with the family, ordering Jones under threat of punishment to turn over to the families the missing business records in question. "[T]he court will consider appropriate sanctions for (Jones') failure to fully comply should (he) not produce the data in one week," state Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ruled Monday. If it seems as though Jones has been in trouble with this judge before, he has. In March, Bellis said she was fed up with Jones' delays in turning over documents to the families, and threatened to throw out his motion to dismiss their case. In...

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Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka Upset at French Open

Double Trouble At French Open For Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka As Record-breaking Bids End

Serena Williams' bid for a record 24th Grand Slam title ended Saturday when she was ousted from the French Open in the third round by US compatriot Sofia Kenin.

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William Barr is in deep trouble

William Barr Is In Deep Trouble

Attorney General William Barr did two strange things between the time he received special counsel Robert Muelller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election and when he released it to Congress and the public.

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Trump's approval rating is abysmally low in swing districts, poll finds

Trump's Approval Rating Is Abysmally Low In Swing Districts, Poll Finds

There's trouble in swing country for President Trump. Poll results released on Wednesday by Monmouth University show that voters in swing districts -- where the margin between Trump and his 2016 presidential election opponent Hillary Clinton was less than 10 percentage points -- actually disapprove of Trump's performance in the Oval Office at higher rates than voters in districts who supported Clinton by more than 10 percentage points. Monmouth poll shows Trump's approval rating is higher in deep blue districts than swing districts.Support in swing districts:Approve: 31%Disapprove: 51%Clinton +10 districts:Approve: 33%Disapprove: 62% -- Ryan James Girdusky (@RyanGirdusky) April 17, 2019 The results appear to back up the Trump re-election campaign team's plan to focus heavily in areas like Michigan and Wisconsin, which were sites of some of the smallest gaps in the 2016 contest. Trump eked out surprising victories in both states. However, the Monmouth poll doesn't provide polling data from individual districts. That 31 percent approval rating is the aggregate of every district where the race was decided by less than 10 percentage points, some of which Clinton won. The poll also does not stipulate whether the voters who disapprove of Trump also refuse to vote for him in 2020 -- the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Still, the results illustrate Trump's potential vulnerability. The poll was conducted via telephone April 11-15, interviewing 801 U.S. adults. The total margin of error is 3.5 percentage points, though the margin of error in swing counties is 7.8 percentage points. See more results at Monmouth. Tim O'Donnell

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H-1B: Fremont university slammed as ‘visa mill’ gets warning over student jobs

H-1B: Fremont University Slammed As 'visa Mill' Gets Warning Over Student Jobs

Northwestern Polytechnic University in trouble with accreditor again, but reportedly racked up huge revenue.

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Judge Orders Hearing On Stone Gag Order After His Instagram Post

Judge Floats Revoking Stone's Bail After Threatening Instagram Post

Roger Stone may be in deep trouble after posting an ominous Instagram photo of the U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson...

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Arrest made in Tulsa apartment fire started by flaming toilet paper.

Arrest Made For Tulsa Apartment Fire Blamed On Flaming Toilet Paper

Roosevelt Tolon is in trouble with the law, as well as his girlfriend's neighbors. The 39-year-old has been arrested in connection with last month's

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Mom charged after leaving kids alone in car in single digit temperatures

Mom Charged After Leaving Kids In Car In Single Digit Temperatures

An Iowa woman is in trouble with the law after police say she left her two young children alone in the car in single-digit temperatures while she interviewed for a job.

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Chuck Schumer mocks Trump to his face:

Schumer Mocks Trump To His Face: "When The President Brags He Won North Dakota And Indiana, He's In Real Trouble"

The retort came as part of a long, tense, on-camera meeting between President Donald Trump, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer over how to avoid a government shutdown.

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Trump is in big trouble now that Democrats control the House — and he knows it

Trump Is In Big Trouble Now That Democrats Control The House -- And He Knows It

After American voters hit the brakes on his administration by flipping the House to Democratic control, Trump called a White House news conference to insist he had won "almost a complete victory." And then he made plain he understands viscerally what he has lost.

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Poll: Iowa voters favor Democrats for control of the House

Poll: Iowa Voters Favor Democrats For Control Of The House

A new poll by Iowa's largest state newspaper could spell trouble for Rep. Steve King (R).

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Trump defends Trump Tower meeting amid reports he's concerned about Trump Jr.'s legal fate

Trump Dismisses Reports He's Concerned About Trump Jr.'s Legal Fate

President Trump on Sunday pushed back against reporting that he's concerned that his son Donald Trump Jr. may be implicated in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

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