Nadler: Mueller doesn't have to comply with DOJ letter

Nadler: Mueller Doesn't Have To Comply With DOJ Letter - CNN Video

In an interview with CNN's Alisyn Camerota, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said it was arrogant for the Justice Department to send former special counsel Robert Mueller a letter about what he can say when he testifies in front of Congress, adding that Mueller doesn't have to comply with the letter.

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Teenager from Berkeley gets beaten to death in Detroit after getting into minor car accident

Video Shows Berkley Man Beaten To Death After Early Morning Car Crash On Detroit's West Side

A 24-year-old man from Berkley was brutally beaten to death after a seemingly minor car crash on Detroit's west side early Monday morning. The crash and beating were caught on surveillance video from a nearby gas station.

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Police, Army investigate soldier shown in video twisting woman’s arm, yelling expletives in anti-America rant

Police, Army Investigate Soldier Shown In Video Twisting Woman's Arm, Yelling Expletives In Anti-America Rant

Army officials confirmed the soldier is a member of the 3rd Infantry Division.

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Black Georgia lawmaker says she was

Black Georgia Lawmaker Says She Was "verbally Attacked" By Man Who Told Her To "go Back Where You Came From"

Erica Thomas, a Georgia state representative who is nine months pregnant, says she was "verbally attacked" at a grocery store

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Convenience store clerk says customers 'need to go back to their country' in video confrontation

Convenience Store Clerk Says Customers 'need To Go Back To Their Country' In Video Confrontation

A cashier at an Illinois convenience store is out of a job after a video showing him questioning customers' citizenship went viral.

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NBC Obtained Trump-Epstein Footage After Trump Kissed an Anchor Without Consent

NBC Obtained Trump-Epstein Footage After Trump Kissed An Anchor Without Consent

The Trump-Epstein video showing Trump groping women came about because Trump non-consensually kissed NBC anchor Faith Daniels on the lips in public.

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Illinois gas station worker suspended after telling Latino customers 'ICE will come'

Illinois Gas Station Worker Suspended After Telling Latino Customers 'ICE Will Come'

In an exchange caught on video and posted to social media, the attendant also says Latinos "need to go back to their country."

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Video shows SUV driver leaving car wash, plunging car accidentally into New Jersey river

Video Shows SUV Driver Leaving Car Wash, Plunging Car Accidentally Into New Jersey River

The video shows two car wash workers as the car careens toward them and almost hits a fence with an exit arrow before speeding up and dropping into the river.

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Video: Trump Caught Partying with Epstein, Touching Women at 1992 Party

Video: Trump Caught Partying With Epstein, Touching Women At 1992 Party

The president now says he was "not a fan" of the convicted sex offender.

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Air Force NCO behind racist online video separated from service -

Air Force NCO Behind Racist Online Video Separated From Service

In January 2018, Geraldine Lovely -- who last served as a staff sergeant at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada -- posted a video of herself delivering a profanity-laced rant about black female subordinates.

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Kamala Harris: Trump needs to go back where he came from

Sen. Kamala Harris: Trump Needs To Go Back Where He Came From - CNN Video

CNN's Kyung Lah sits down with 2020 presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) after President Donald Trump fires off racist comments attacking four Democratic congresswomen.

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Amazon says only 15 workers went on strike on Prime Day

Defiant Amazon Says Only 15 Workers Went On Strike During Prime Day And Shares Video Of Warehouse Employees Celebrating The Shopping Frenzy

While some employees participated in the strike, Amazon tweeted a video on Monday of its warehouse workers dancing and celebrating Prime Day.

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Police release body-cam footage of California girl’s shooting death | US news

Police Release Body-cam Footage Of California Girl's Shooting Death

The shooting death of 17-year-old Hannah Williams has left her family and community in deep shock

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Fullerton Police release body-cam footage in fatal shooting of 17-year-old girl on Anaheim freeway

Fullerton Police Release Body-cam Footage In Fatal Shooting Of 17-year-old Girl On Anaheim Freeway

Fullerton Police released body-camera footage on Friday that captured the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old girl on an Anaheim freeway.

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Vertically-challenged man has misogynistic meltdown in bagel shop, then gets tackled

SHORT TEMPER: Vertically-challenged Man Has Misogynistic Meltdown In Bagel Shop, Then Gets Tackled

A New York man who was supposedly deprived of some loving went on a misogynistic tirade at a New York bagel shop.In a video posted Wednesday that has gone viral, a pint-sized man lost his mind, las...

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Pakistani Politician Mistakes Video From GTA 5 Game For Real Life

Pakistani Politician Mistakes Video From GTA 5 Game For Real Life

Pakistani politician Khurram Nawaz Gandapur posted a video from the GTA 5 game to Twitter and Facebook, praising the pilot for a close call.

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A different cop under investigation for kicking and smashing detained suspects head against a wall after making sure no one was looking.

Edmonton Police Force Launches Criminal Probe Of Officers In Violent Arrest Captured On Video

The Edmonton Police Service is conducting a criminal probe into an arrest by its officers that was captured on video and shared online, and involved an alleged truck thief who was Tasered, kicked repeatedly, slammed headfirst into a brick wall and then thrown against a cruiser while he was handcuffed.

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Amy McGrath says she will take on Mitch McConnell in 2020 US Senate race

Amy McGrath 2020: Mitch McConnell To Face Senate Election Challenge

Phillip M. Bailey, Joseph Gerth and Lucas Aulbach Louisville Courier Journal

Kentucky Democrat Amy McGrath is suiting up to enter ...

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Another person was caught on camera licking ice cream in a store, police say

Another Person Was Caught On Camera Licking Ice Cream In A Store, Police Say

(CNN) -- Louisiana police say a 36-year-old man was inspired by a viral video of a teenager licking a tub of Blue Bell Ice Cream to...

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Over the past few days in Southern California, there was an earthquake roughly every minute

USGS Video Shows Thousands Of Earthquakes In The Past Week

Over the past few days in Southern California, there was an earthquake roughly every minute.

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