Graphic body-camera video shows South Carolina deputy shoot man inside his own home

Graphic Body-camera Video Shows Deputy Shoot South Carolina Man Inside His Own Home

The 62-year-old was "was shot four times through the window of his own front door," the man's lawyer said.

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Chicopee man kills pit bull that attacked his dogs

Chicopee Man Kills Pit Bull That Attacked His Dogs

CHICOPEE – A man stabbed and killed a pit bull terrier after it jumped through a barrier in a window and attacked two dogs near Lincoln...

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Toddler cruise ship death: Grandfather did not dangle and drop baby from window, family attorney says

Grandfather Didn't Dangle Baby From Cruise Ship Window. This Is Not The 'Michael Jackson Story,' Says Family Attorney

This is not "like the Michael Jackson story, where he was dangling the child out the window," said the attorney for the family whose toddler fell to her death from a cruise ship window this weekend.

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Central Florida woman says 11-foot alligator crashing into her home was a 'fun thing'

Central Florida Woman Says 11-foot Alligator Crashing Into Her Home Was A 'fun Thing'

Since an 11-foot alligator crashed through her window in May, a Clearwater woman has been recognized and given gifts.

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Man falls out of window and lands on woman in Edinburgh Street.

Man Falls Out Of Window And Lands On Woman

They were both taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where the man is being treated for serious injuries.

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Woman jumps from window to escape brutal 6-hour rape in Queens, suspect on the loose

Woman Jumps From Window To Escape Brutal 6-hour Rape In Queens, Suspect On The Loose

The woman was only able to escape by jumping out of a window, according to police.

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OKC officer says he shot a 14-year-old who had a gun. Boy says he was unarmed and got no warning

OKC Officer Says He Shot A 14-year-old Who Had A Gun. Boy Says He Was Unarmed And Got No Warning

When Sgt. Kyle Holcomb sees someone climb out the window of an abandoned Oklahoma City home, he barks two quick commands. Within a second, before the person has time to comply, Holcomb fires through a hole in the fence: pop-pop-pop-pop.

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Houston Texans player Ryan Griffin arrested near the NFL draft, accused of punching out a hotel window

Houston Texans Player Ryan Griffin Arrested Near The NFL Draft, Accused Of Punching Out A Hotel Window

An NFL player was arrested Friday night on suspicion of public intoxication and breaking a hotel window in Nashville, the Tennessee city where the league is holding its annual draft, police said.

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Taylor Swift stalker arrested — again — for breaking into her NYC home

Taylor Swift Stalker Arrested -- Again -- For Breaking Into Her NYC Home

Florida man faces multiple charges after being accused of using brick to bust through pop star's second-floor window.

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Dan Mallory: Best-selling author lied about having cancer

Best-selling Author Lied About Cancer

Dan Mallory, who wrote The Woman in the Window, admits he falsely told people he had brain cancer.

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Man beaten up by former NFL player who caught him masturbating outside daughter's window.

Man Beaten Up By Former NFL Player Who Caught Him Masturbating Outside Daughter's Window

A man accused of masturbating while looking through a girl's bedroom window in Wellington was beaten up by the girl's father and arrested, deputies said.

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Man trying to drive ‘like Ace Ventura’ with head out window slams car into tree

Man Trying To Drive 'like Ace Ventura' With Head Out Window Slams Car Into Tree

Police in Lincoln, Neb., took a man into custody Saturday after he smashed a car into a tree and a retaining wall while driving with his head out of the window "like Ace Ventura."

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Pittsburgh woman's car damaged in SpaghettiOs assault

Pittsburgh Woman's Car Damaged In SpaghettiOs Assault

Police say the victim's car was left with a broken back window and a splattering of red sauce and pasta.

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Would-be burglar cuts self, dies while breaking into house

Would-be Burglar Cuts Self, Dies While Breaking Into House

Police believe the man died because he was unable to stop his wounds from bleeding.

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Wanted man survives jump from 8th-floor St. Paul window after bouncing off awning – Twin Cities

Wanted Man Survives Jump From 8th-floor St. Paul Window After Bouncing Off Awning

A 27-year-old man had three warrants and perhaps nine lives. After a bail-bonds crew went to a St. Paul apartment, looking for Travis Cortez Blanche, he jumped out an eighth-floor window, according...

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Woman smashes a bus window with a car jack, then tries to run down its driver as he calls police

Woman Smashes A Bus Window With A Car Jack, Then Tries To Run Down Its Driver

A woman uses a car jack to smash through the driver's-side window of a bus, before arguing with bystanders and then driving a short distance with a man on the bonnet of her car.

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Man Arrested For Hate Crime After Attacking Hartford Officer

Man Arrested For Hate Crime After Attacking Hartford Officer

A man was arrested for a hate crime and other charges after police said he smashed the window of an officer's cruiser with a brick.

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Hungry suspect breaks into Chattanooga restaurant, eats chicken wings

UPDATE: Hungry Suspect Breaks Into Chattanooga Restaurant, Eats Chicken Wings

A man is accused of breaking into a popular Chattanooga restaurant, cooking some chicken wings, stealing a city truck and then driving off.

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California company says it's created an instant marijuana breath test device

California Company Says It's Created An Instant Marijuana Breath Test Device

A California company claims its device can accurately detect whether a person has smoked pot in the last two hours, a window many consider the peak impairment time frame.

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Kangaroo smashes way into Australian home

Kangaroo Smashes Way Into Australian Home

A family locked the distressed animal in a bathroom after it broke a window and "ran amok".

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