Elderly couple killed by Missouri tornado found 200 yards from their home.

Elderly Couple, Another Woman Killed In Southwest Missouri Tornado

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says an elderly couple and another woman were killed when a powerful storm destroyed their homes in southwest Missouri.

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A woman has survived after falling 450 feet (137 metres) down a cliff in her car after veering off a road

Woman Survives After Veering Car Off Road And Plunging 450ft From Cliff

The car likely would have fallen another 800 feet, had it not hit a tree on the way down.

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102-year-old woman suspected of having murdered her 92-year-old neighbour

Woman Of 102 Suspected Of Care Home Murder

A 102-year-old is thought to have battered and strangled her 92-year-old female neighbour.

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Woman begged for her life after being stabbed several times by 19-year-old, prosecutors say

Woman Begged For Her Life After Being Stabbed Several Times By 19-year-old, Prosecutors Say

Marco Cobos told police Etta Nugent tried to escape, so he grabbed her in a bear hug and stabbed her several more times until she died.

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Georgia woman lost $80,000 after man she met on dating site vanished

Serial Swindler Arrested After Stealing $80,000 From Woman He Just Met, Police Say

John Martin Hill, 35, was also wanted in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey for similar schemes, police said.

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These Are the 25 Men Who Voted for the Most Restrictive Abortion Ban in America

These Are The 25 Men Who Voted For The Most Restrictive Abortion Ban In America

This week Alabama passed the most restrictive abortion ban in America, outlawing the procedure from the moment of conception onward. Ther...

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A woman took a picture of three Irish men in Times Square. It took Twitter only an hour to track the lads down.

A Woman Took A Picture Of Three Irish Men In Times Square. It Took Twitter Only An Hour To Track The Lads Down.

Christina Boniello was strolling through Times Square earlier this month when a group of three men with Irish accents asked her to snap a photo of them.

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Arkansas passes law allowing rapists to prevent victims who want and abortion

Arkansas Just Passed A Law That Will Let Rapists Sue Victims Who Want An Abortion

Activists say state's blanket ban on the safest form of second trimester abortion could be ruled unconstitutional

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3 charged after missing pregnant teen found dead, baby cut from her womb

3 Charged After Missing Pregnant Teen Found Dead, Baby Cut From Her Womb

A Chicago woman who sold baby clothes to a pregnant woman and lured her back to her house with an offer of more clothing has been charged with murder after allegedly strangling the woman with a cord and cutting the infant from her womb, police said Thursday.

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Unita Blackwell, Winner of Voting Rights and Then the Vote, Dies at 86

Unita Blackwell, 68, Dies; Rights Crusader And Winner Of Historic Election

A sharecropper's daughter, she joined the voter-registration fight before becoming the first black woman elected a mayor in Mississippi.

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The woman accused of killing a pregnant teen and taking her baby plotted it for weeks, authorities say

The Woman Accused Of Killing A Pregnant Teen And Taking Her Baby Plotted It For Weeks, Authorities Say

A Chicago woman accused of strangling a pregnant teen and cutting out her unborn baby had planned the killing for weeks, having first lied that she was expecting a child, and then using Facebook to find and lure her target, authorities said Friday.

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Woman who snatched 4-year-old boy at McDonald's arrested, police say

Woman Who Snatched 4-year-old Boy At McDonald's Arrested, Police Say

A woman caught on camera kidnapping a 4-year-old boy in a California McDonald's has been arrested, Los Angeles police said.

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Woman in DUI crash with bike taxi sentenced to 24 hours of community service

Woman In DUI Crash With Bike Taxi Sentenced To 24 Hours Of Community Service

video captured by a motorist shows an SUV striking a taxi and driving off

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Arrests made in pregnant Chicago woman's death

Arrests Made In Pregnant Chicago Woman's Death: Live Updates

Chicago police will announce arrests made in connection with the death of a 19-year-old pregnant woman, whose unborn baby forcibly removed from her womb, police said. Follow here for the latest.

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Woman killed by a policeman after saying she was pregnant suffered from schizophrenia, attorney says

Woman Killed By A Policeman After Saying She Was Pregnant Suffered From Schizophrenia, Attorney Says

The woman shot by a Baytown, Texas, policeman after telling the officer she was pregnant suffered from schizophrenia, attorney Ben Crump said Thursday.

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A pregnant woman is murdered, her baby cut from her body. Her family blames a Facebook post.

A Pregnant Woman Is Murdered, Her Baby Cut From Her Body. Her Family Blames A Facebook Post.

The last time anyone saw Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, she was nine months pregnant. The petite 19-year-old left her alternative high school on the lower west side of Chicago at around 3 p.m. on April 23, driving away in her black Honda Civic. Later that day, her family got a call saying that she hadn't shown up to pick her 3-year-old son from day care. She had sent a text message to her husband saying that she was too tired to drive anymore, then vanished. For nearly a month, as her due date came and went, her family desperately pleaded for her return, fearing that she had been kidnapped or worse. Her mother, Raquel Uriostegui, tearfully told reporters that Ochoa-Lopez's toddler was refusing to eat, and that they had had to take down all their family photos because he kept asking for her. "She can't just have disappeared in thin air," Uriostegui said through an interpreter earlier this month. "She is a very responsible lady. She is not a person who just disappears and leaves home. I cannot believe that she would just leave, pregnant, and abandon her other son. There's something wrong here, something bad." Any hopes that the teenager might still be alive were dashed on Wednesday, when officials confirmed that human remains discovered at a home on the southwest side of Chicago belonged to Ochoa-Lopez, and that her baby had been ripped from her womb. Ochoa-Lopez was also known by the name Marlen Ochoa-Uriostegui. She died of ligature strangulation, which typically involves the use of a cord or rope, the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office said, and her death was ruled a homicide. Anthony Guglielmi, the chief spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, told The Washington Post that her baby had been removed after she was killed. Ochoa-Lopez's body was found hours after several people at the house were taken into custody for...

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Woman confronts man who allegedly recorded her in League City Target bathroom

Woman Confronts Man Who Allegedly Recorded Her In League City Target Bathroom

"You are not leaving. You're not leaving. I saw your phone there," the woman says as she tries to block him from leaving Target.

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Texas police officer shot and killed woman during arrest attempt

Texas Police Officer Shot And Killed A Woman During Arrest Attempt

The officer shot the woman after she grabbed his stun gun and used it on him, police say.

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A woman was beaten to death with an electric scooter, police say

Woman Beaten To Death With An Electric Scooter, Police Say

A woman was attacked and beaten to death with an electric scooter as she was walking down a street in Long Beach, California, authorities said.

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Officer shoots, kills woman heard on video claiming she's pregnant

Officer Shoots, Kills Woman Heard On Video Claiming She's Pregnant

Police in Baytown, near Houston, say she resisted arrest and the two struggled

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