An Oklahoma woman fled police and got tased over a ticket for a broken taillight

An Oklahoma Woman Fled Police And Got Tased Over A Ticket For A Broken Taillight

An Oklahoma woman who was pulled over for a broken taillight refused to accept an $80 ticket and instead yelled at the officer, drove away from the scene and later struggled with him, according to police bodycam footage and court documents.

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Woman turns 107 and shares her secret to longevity: 'I never got married'

Woman Turns 107 And Shares Her Secret To Longevity: 'I Never Got Married'

A woman who celebrated her 107th birthday on Wednesday shared her secret to living a long life: stay single.

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The Village Church sued for more than $1 million over alleged abuse at church camp

The Village Church Sued For More Than $1 Million Over Alleged Abuse At Church Camp - Religion News Service

(RNS) -- A young woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted by a youth minister at a church camp when she was a child is suing the Village Church for more than $1 million for gross negligence and the emotional distress the abuse has caused her.

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South australian man arrested after driving a stolen car to his court appearance

SA Man Arrested After Driving A STOLEN Car To His Court Appearance

Police noticed the blue Holden sedan parked in a fast food car park near the Christies Beach Magistrates Court about 2pm on Tuesday 30 Ju...

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Arizona man learns mom's body sold to military, detonated in experiment

Arizona Man Learns Mom's Body Sold To Military, Detonated In Experiment

An Arizona man was distraught to learn that his mother's body was sold to the United States military for "blast testing," which involved strapping it to a chair before an explosive device was detonated underneath.

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Woman seen urinating on potatoes at Walmart

Woman Seen Urinating On Potatoes At Walmart

As if licking a container of ice cream and putting it back on the shelf wasn't disgusting enough, police are now searching for a woman who did something even more unthinkable.

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Police seek woman who urinated on potatoes in Walmart

Police Seek Woman Who Urinated On Potatoes In Walmart

Police are seeking a woman who they say urinated on potatoes at a Walmart in western Pennsylvania.

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Scuffle at Auckland University over Hong Kong extradition bill

Scuffle At Auckland University Over Hong Kong Extradition Bill

A woman was pushed to the ground at Auckland University in a dispute over a Chinese extradition bill.

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Police exhume body of a woman found more than 30 years ago. They're trying to identify her with DNA technology

Police Exhume Body Of A Woman Found More Than 30 Years Ago. They're Trying To Identify Her With DNA Technology

Samples were taken from the remains of the woman, nicknamed "Miss Molly," to take advantage of "advancements in DNA identification."

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Pink Lady Bandit on the run after bank robberies in Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina

Pink Lady Bandit On The Run After Bank Robberies In Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina

The woman carried a distinctive pink handbag in at least two bank robberies, according to the FBI.

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A woman died after trying to reach the famous 'Into the Wild' bus

A Woman Died After Trying To Reach The Famous 'Into The Wild' Bus

A 24-year-old from Belarus died on Alaska's Stampede Trail on Thursday in an attempt to reach the bus made famous by the book and film "Into the Wild."

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Army colonel comes forward as woman accusing No. 2 general nominee of sexual assault

Army Colonel Comes Forward As Woman Accusing No. 2 General Nominee Of Sexual Assault

The woman accusing Gen. John Hyten, President Trump's nominee to be the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, of sexual assault publicly identified herself as Army Col. Kathryn Spletstoser.

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Racist Rant Against Puerto Rican Woman Caught on Camera at Montgomery County Store

Racist Rant Caught On Camera At Montgomery County Store

A routine shopping trip at a Montgomery County store turned into a racist rant against a Puerto Rican woman.

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Woman who recorded lewd call from boss spared jail

Woman Who Recorded Lewd Call From Boss Spared Jail

Baiq Nuril Maknun was found guilty in Indonesia of recording her boss to prove he was harassing her.

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Shared Live On Facebook, Immigration Agents In Kansas City Smash Car Window To Arrest Man

Shared Live On Facebook, Immigration Agents In Kansas City Smash Car Window To Arrest Man

Immigration agents captured on a Facebook live video Monday morning in Kansas City are seen smashing the driver side window of a car, pulling the driver

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The woman stripped of her Miss Michigan 2019 tiara for tweets that the pageant's organizers found offensive says she stands by everything she says on social media

Ex-Miss Michigan Says Pageant Dethroned Her For Conservative Views

The woman stripped of her Miss Michigan 2019 tiara for tweets that the pageant's organizers found offensive said Monday she stands by everything she says on social media, despite having apparently deleted one of the posts in question.

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Turtle Returns to Wetlands Group That Saved Her 19 Years Ago

Turtle Returns To Wetlands Group That Saved Her 19 Years Ago

A female terrapin was found crossing a street in Stone Harbor on July 12 and brought back to the same conservation institute that rescued her as an egg, almost 19 years later to the day.

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Police, Army investigate soldier shown in video twisting woman’s arm, yelling expletives in anti-America rant

Police, Army Investigate Soldier Shown In Video Twisting Woman's Arm, Yelling Expletives In Anti-America Rant

Army officials confirmed the soldier is a member of the 3rd Infantry Division.

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Convicted murderer, 77, deemed too old to be a threat, fatally stabbed woman in front of her children

Convicted Murderer, 77, Deemed Too Old To Be A Threat, Fatally Stabbed Woman In Front Of Her Children

A man who served decades in prison for stabbing his wife 14 times in front of her daughter was convicted Wednesday in a nearly identical crime -- stabbing a woman at least 11 times while her twin children watched.

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Texas woman pleads guilty in shooting deaths of 2 daughters

Texas Woman Pleads Guilty In Shooting Deaths Of 2 Daughters

A Texas woman was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty Wednesday to shooting and killing her two young daughters in 2017.

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