Sarah Sanders' job was to be the female face of a misogynistic administration

Sarah Sanders' Job Was To Be The Female Face Of A Misogynistic Administration

Sanders helped to roll back women's rights while allowing the Trump administration to boast about 'empowering women'

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Ban on 'harmful' gender stereotypes in adverts comes into force

Ban On 'harmful' Gender Stereotypes In Adverts Comes Into Force

A ban on adverts that perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes, such as men struggling with changing nappies, comes into force.

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Alex Morgan scores five goals for U.S. in 13-0 blowout of Thailand at Women's World Cup

Alex Morgan Scores Five Goals For U.S. In 13-0 Blowout Of Thailand At Women's World Cup

Americans record biggest shutout win in the competition's history.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says Birth Control For Women Should Be Free And Sold Over-The-Counter

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Proposes Free, Over-the-counter Birth Control For Women

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for easier access to birth control for women while also filing legislation that would give scientists access to more thoroughly study the health

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Arrests over gay couple bus attack

Arrests Over Gay Couple Bus Attack

Melania Geymonat and her partner Chris were set upon by a group of men on a London night bus.

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Gay women beaten for refusing to kiss on bus

Gay Women Beaten For Refusing To Kiss On Bus

Police in London, U.K. are looking for witnesses after a woman and her girlfriend were beaten up by a group of men on a bus because they refused to kiss in front of them.

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High heels at work are necessary, says Japan's labour minister

High Heels At Work Are Necessary, Says Japan's Labour Minister

Ministry responds to #KuToo petition calling for end to women having to wear heels at work

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Sugar Daddy website founder to pay for abortions of women who need to travel out of restrictive states

Sugar Daddy Website Founder To Pay For Abortions Of Women Who Have To Travel Out Of Restrictive States

'If lawmakers will not step in and help these desperate women, then I will,' says Brandon Wade

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US abortion policy is 'extremist hate' and 'torture', says UN commissioner

US Abortion Policy Is 'extremist Hate' And 'torture', Says UN Commissioner

Trump administration's ban on terminations is a crisis directed at women, warns Kate Gilmore

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FDA wins case against Florida stem cell clinic that blinded three women

FDA Wins Case Against Florida Stem Cell Clinic That Blinded Three Women

The treatments have not been proven to be safe or effective.

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National inquiry calls murders and disappearances of Indigenous women a 'Canadian genocide'

National Inquiry Calls Murders And Disappearances Of Indigenous Women A 'Canadian Genocide'

The thousands of Indigenous women and girls who were murdered or disappeared across the country in recent decades are victims of a "Canadian genocide," says the final report of the national inquiry created to probe the ongoing tragedy.

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Jailed for living with Chinese fiance: Velma Demerson dies at 98

Jailed For Living With Chinese Fiance: Velma Demerson Dies At 98

Velma Demerson, an Ontario woman who was jailed in 1939 for living with her Chinese fiance and went on to write a memoir called Incorrigible, has died at the age of 98.

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Women unite online to expose alleged dating scam artist

Women Unite Online To Expose Alleged Dating Scam Artist

Alleged victims of a social media "Don Juan" are emerging from across the nation as LAPD widens its fraud investigation of Wilson Edward Jackson.

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Amid Fight to Stop Wave of Anti-Choice Bills, Cheers After Federal Judge Smacks Down Miss. Abortion Ban

Amid Fight To Stop Wave Of Anti-Choice Bills, Cheers After Federal Judge Smacks Down Miss. Abortion Ban

"This is fantastic news -- but this fight is not over."

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Man faces 17 charges involving three women in two provinces, including Newfoundland and Labrador

Man Faces 17 Charges Involving Three Women In Two Provinces, Including Newfoundland And Labrador

It's Wednesday night, and a woman in St. John's is debating whether or not to attend provincial court the next afternoon, as the man charged with assaulting her multiple times is called before a judge. "I don't know,"

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Harvey Weinstein Agrees to Pay Accusers

Harvey Weinstein Is Said To Reach $44 Million Deal To Settle Lawsuits

About $30 million would be set aside for women who have accused him, employees of his former studio and creditors, according to people briefed on the matter.

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Serial killer Bobby Joe Long, who pleaded guilty to killing 8 women, scheduled to be executed in Florida Thursday

Bobby Joe Long Is Executed In Florida For Killing Eight Women In 1984

"Every time you went home at night, you would think about if we don't catch this guy, someone else is going to be murdered," one investigator said.

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Google changes policy to block misleading abortion clinic ads

Google Changes Policy To Block Misleading Ads For Anti-abortion Groups

A certification process would require organizations to identify themselves as either providing or not providing abortions

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Georgia district attorneys refuse to enforce new abortion law

Georgia District Attorneys Refuse To Enforce New Abortion Law

A number of district attorneys in counties around Atlanta said they will not prosecute women for getting an abortion under Georgia's recently passed restrictive "heartbeat" aborti...

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Gillibrand: ‘Trump Has Started a War on Women. And He’s Going to Lose’

Gillibrand: 'Trump Has Started A War On America's Women. And He's Going To Lose'

"I hope America's women are paying attention," the Democratic presidential candidate said

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