Florida man gets 10 years for knowingly spreading HIV

Florida Man Gets 10 Years For Knowingly Spreading HIV

Prosecutors say Bodiford had sex with two women and lied about his condition

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India criminalises Muslim 'instant divorce'

India Criminalises Muslim 'instant Divorce'

Men can be jailed for up to three years if they break the law, which supporters say protects women.

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Employers will soon be banned from asking about your salary history in job interviews

Employers Will Soon Be Banned From Asking About Your Salary History In Job Interviews

Asking how much job applicants were paid in the past perpetuates wage discrimination against women and minorities, experts say.

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People have now died in Costa Rica allegedly due to tainted alcohol.

Costa Rica Officials Say Tainted Alcohol Kills At Least 19

The ministry said in a Friday report that the investigation continues, but so far it has counted 14 men and five women who have died after drinking adulterated liquor since early June. The victims ranged from 32 to 72 years of age.

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Data show America’s future is more “squad” than “send her back”

Data Show America's Future Is More "squad" Than "send Her Back"

If any American "committed to building a more equitable and just world," is the squad, who does that include?

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U-M student Kathy Zhu stripped of Miss Michigan World America title

U-M Student Kathy Zhu Stripped Of Miss Michigan World America Title

On Thursday evening, a beauty queen and fan of President Donald Trump was stripped of her title for what she claims is discrimination ...

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Convenience store clerk says customers 'need to go back to their country' in video confrontation

Convenience Store Clerk Says Customers 'need To Go Back To Their Country' In Video Confrontation

A cashier at an Illinois convenience store is out of a job after a video showing him questioning customers' citizenship went viral.

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CNN didn't tell us its supposed panel of

CNN Didn't Tell Us Its Supposed Panel Of "Republican Women" Were, Literally, The "Trumpettes"

A random group of "Republican women" defending Trump's racist tweets? Nope, they were the "Trumpettes of America"

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NBC Obtained Trump-Epstein Footage After Trump Kissed an Anchor Without Consent

NBC Obtained Trump-Epstein Footage After Trump Kissed An Anchor Without Consent

The Trump-Epstein video showing Trump groping women came about because Trump non-consensually kissed NBC anchor Faith Daniels on the lips in public.

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Video: Trump Caught Partying with Epstein, Touching Women at 1992 Party

Video: Trump Caught Partying With Epstein, Touching Women At 1992 Party

The president now says he was "not a fan" of the convicted sex offender.

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Passengers 'united' against allegedly 'crazy racist woman' who delayed flight, complained about Muslim passengers

Passengers 'united' Against Allegedly 'crazy Racist Woman' Who Delayed Flight, Complained About Muslim Passengers

Two women were reportedly removed from an airplane after complaining about the presence of three other passengers were wearing prayer robes.

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Trump’s Racism Hit A New Level As He Told Four Congresswomen To “Go Back” To Their “Broken” Countries

Trump's Racism Hit A New Level As He Told Four Congresswomen To "Go Back" To Their "Broken" Countries

To be clear: Three of the four women were born in the US, and they're all Americans.

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Jeffrey Epstein is Donald Trump's idea of the perfect man | The grab ’em twins, Trump and Epstein are deviant criminals separated at birth

Jeffrey Epstein Is Donald Trump's Idea Of The Perfect Man

The grab 'em twins, Trump and Epstein are deviant criminals separated at birth

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Vertically-challenged man has misogynistic meltdown in bagel shop, then gets tackled

SHORT TEMPER: Vertically-challenged Man Has Misogynistic Meltdown In Bagel Shop, Then Gets Tackled

A New York man who was supposedly deprived of some loving went on a misogynistic tirade at a New York bagel shop.In a video posted Wednesday that has gone viral, a pint-sized man lost his mind, las...

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Progressive Challenger Wants To Oust Susan Collins From Senate

Progressive Challenger Wants To Oust Susan Collins From Senate

Progressive challenger Betsy Sweet, wants Senator Susan Collins' seat on the hill. The former Maine Women's Lobby President announ...

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Former USC gynecologist allegedly made sex videos of young women he lured into foreign hotel rooms, prosecutor says

Former USC Gynecologist Allegedly Made Sex Videos Of Young Women He Lured Into Foreign Hotel Rooms, Prosecutor Says

A former college gynecologist charged with sexually abusing his patients also enticed young women into foreign hotel rooms where he made sex videos that he later sold, alleged a Los Angeles prosecutor Tuesday.

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Harvard suspends star economist Roland Fryer after sexual harassment claims

Harvard Suspends Roland Fryer, Star Economist, After Sexual Harassment Claims

Roland G. Fryer, a onetime rising star in economics who has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment, will lose his Harvard Un...

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Tribal massacre kills more than a dozen children and women — some pregnant — in PNG's Hela province

'One Of The Saddest Days Of My Life': Women And Children Massacred In PNG

The slaying of at least 16 people, including pregnant women, could be in retaliation for an earlier incident, the Governor of the Hela province says.

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Women's World Cup was a triumph — and totally triggered the right-wing snowflakes

Women's World Cup Was A Triumph -- And Totally Triggered The Right-wing Snowflakes

The U.S. women's soccer team is unapologetically progressive. Right-wing, sexist snowflakes can't take it

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Nicki Minaj cancelled an appearance in Saudi Arabia citing her support for women and the LGBT community.

Nicki Minaj Pulls Out Of Saudi Arabia Concert After Backlash

The singer has cancelled an appearance at Jeddah World Fest citing her support for women and the LGBT community

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