Ford Will Lay Off 7,000 White-Collar Workers

Ford Will Lay Off 7,000 White-collar Workers

Ford is cutting 7,000 white-collar jobs, or about 10% of its salaried staff worldwide, as part of a cost-cutting effort it says will save the company about $600 million a year.

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“America Makes a Lot of Money off the Sick” - The for-profit health care system in the US has created a crisis for patients and medical workers. That's why 2,000 health care workers are on strike in Ohio this week.

"America Makes A Lot Of Money Off The Sick"

The for-profit health care system in the US has created a crisis for patients and medical workers. That's why 2,000 health care workers are on strike in Ohio this week.

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Delta airlines staff told 'don't unionise, buy video games'

Delta Airlines Staff Told 'don't Unionise, Buy Video Games'

Posters discouraging Delta staff from joining a union prompt a significant backlash on social media.

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'It's because we were union members': Boeing fires workers who organized

'It's Because We Were Union Members': Boeing Fires Workers Who Organized

Workers terminated by the aircraft maker in South Carolina see their dismissals as part of efforts to stifle a nascent union

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Trump erases offshore drilling rules enacted after BP oil spill

Trump Erases Offshore Drilling Rules Enacted After BP Oil Spill

Environmentalists say the rollback puts both the Gulf waters and workers' safety in jeopardy.

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Labor Dept. Says Workers at a Gig Company Are Contractors

Labor Dept. Says Workers At A Gig Company Are Contractors

The department exempted an unnamed operation from pay standards applied to employees, marking a shift from the Obama administration view.

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Split 5 to 4, Supreme Court Deals a Blow to Class Arbitrations

Split 5 To 4, Supreme Court Deals A Blow To Class Arbitrations

The justices ruled that an arbitration clause in an employment contract barred workers from banding together to pursue privacy claims.

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Abused workers go on rampage in Qatar

Reports: Abused Workers Go On Rampage In Qatar

Angry labourers protest overdue wages and poor working conditions

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'When Workers Fight, Workers Win': Union Declares Victory as Stop & Shop Strike Ends With Deal to Raise Wages

'When Workers Fight, Workers Win': Union Declares Victory As Stop & Shop Strike Ends With Deal To Raise Wages

"Stop & Shop workers sent a message to their company by collectively standing up for themselves, their families, and good jobs, that resonated not only with the company, but all of America."

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Boeing's Dreamliner jet is now facing claims of manufacturing issues

Boeing's Dreamliner Jet Is Now Facing Claims Of Manufacturing Issues

A New York Times investigation found numerous complaints raised by workers at a Boeing facility in South Carolina.

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You’re Welcome, America: Workers Got a One-Cent Bonus Thanks to Trump’s Tax Cuts

You're Welcome, America: Workers Got A One-Cent Bonus Thanks To Trump's Tax Cuts

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was primarily about saving corporations billions, but, of course, Donald Trump and the G.O.P couldn’t...

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Dog rescued 220km from Thai coast by rig workers

Dog Rescued 220km From Thai Coast By Rig Workers

Rig workers find the exhausted pooch paddling near their drilling platform.

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Fukushima: removal of nuclear fuel rods from damaged reactor building begins

Fukushima: Removal Of Nuclear Fuel Rods From Damaged Reactor Building Begins

Workers begin to empty storage pool - but more critical removal of melted fuel from reactors themselves will be more challenging

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US Workers Are Paying High Taxes. But Without Any of the Benefits.

US Workers Are Paying High Taxes. But Without Any Of The Benefits.

The United States is commonly thought of as a low-tax country. But workers effectively pay some of the highest taxes in the developed world -- without getting a decent welfare state in return.

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Dozier School for Boys: Dozens more suspected graves found

'Dozens More Graves' Found At US School Site

Up to 27 suspected graves have been discovered at a Florida reform school infamous for child abuse.

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Tennessee man accused of killing mom who was 'driving him crazy' asked co-workers for help with alibi: Police

Tennessee Man Accused Of Killing Mom Who Was 'driving Him Crazy' Asked Co-workers For Help With Alibi: Police

Caught at the airport, the suspect had purchased a ticket to Amsterdam.

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67 Houston Fire Department cadets, 47 municipal workers to be laid off in wake of Prop B dispute

67 HFD Cadets, 47 Municipal Workers To Be Laid Off In Wake Of Prop B Dispute

KPRC2 has learned that dozens of Houston Fire Department cadets and municipal workers will be laid off due to the implementation of Proposition B.

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Dhaka fire: many feared trapped as people leap from high-rise block

Dhaka Fire: Many Feared Trapped As People Leap From High-rise Block

At least 19 people killed, say officials, including six who jumped from 22-floor building

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Former Ford executives found guilty for aiding in the 1970s torture of workers

Former Ford Executives Found Guilty For Aiding In The 1970s Torture Of Workers

Two former Ford executives have been sentenced to more than a decade in prison. They were convicted for assisting in the torture of union workers in Argentina over forty years ago.

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Donald Trump erroneously says Lordstown workers could have saved plant by lowering union dues - Dues that Union employees themselves pay

Donald Trump Erroneously Says Lordstown Workers Could Have Saved Plant By Lowering Union Dues

Trump attacked United Auto Workers members, saying they could've saved the now-shuttered General Motors factor in Lordstown.

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