US mafia explosives expert 'helped Sicilian mob kill judge'

US Mafia Explosives Expert 'helped Sicilian Mob Kill Judge'

Informant says American helped Cosa Nostra assassinate Giovanni Falcone in 1992

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Innocent man cleared of murder after 33 years in prison

Innocent Man Cleared Of Murder After 33 Years In Prison

Conviction thrown out over unfair trial and forced confession

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Mario Batali to Face Criminal Assault Charge

Mario Batali To Face Criminal Assault Charge

Celebrity chef Mario Batali will face a criminal assault charge in Massachusetts. The Suffolk County District Attorney's Office said Batali was expected to be arraigned Friday in Boston Municipal Court on...

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New York community which is ground zero for measles is issuing subpoenas to parents resisting vaccinations as anti-vaxxers spread misinformation

This Community Is In The Grip Of A Measles Outbreak So Bad Some Families Are Staying Indoors

A New York county has been plagued by one of America's worst measles outbreaks. As tensions mount between locals, anti-vaxxer groups are trying to taking advantage of the chaos.

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Deutsche Bank employees reported suspicious activity from Trump and Kushner, New York Times reports

Deutsche Bank Employees Reported Suspicious Activity From Trump And Kushner, New York Times Reports

Deutsche Bank's anti-money laundering specialists once recommended that transactions involving entities controlled by President Donald Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, be reported to a US agency that investigates financial crimes, according to a new report in the New York Times.

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Hezbollah operative convicted in New York for plotting attacks in US

Hezbollah Operative Convicted In New York For Plotting Attacks In US

Born in Lebanon, Ali Kourani became a US citizen with 'chilling' mission

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NYC subway system paid out $344k in overtime to a single employee last year

NYC Subway System Paid Out $344k In Overtime To A Single Employee Last Year

The MTA paid out $418m in overtime in 2018, a figure that is more than $80m more than a new fare hike will bring in to the system

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New York considers fining pedestrians for texting while crossing

New York Considers Fining Pedestrians For Texting While Crossing

Bill introduced to state senate would fine those caught using a 'portable electronic device' in crosswalks $25 to $250

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Pilot survives terrifying helicopter crash into Hudson River

Pilot Survives Terrifying Helicopter Crash Into Hudson River

A charter pilot was pulled from the Hudson River after his helicopter crashed in the water near where the Lincoln Tunnel comes into Manhattan, authorities said.

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Monet Haystacks painting sells for record $110.7m

Record Money For Monet At US Auction

The painting, one of the Haystacks series, sells for a record $110.7m (GBP85.7m) in New York.

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Tracking down the people behind a pamphlet that's fueling New York's measles outbreak

Tracking Down The People Behind A Pamphlet That's Fueling New York's Measles Outbreak

For at least the last four years, what's come to be known as the "PEACH pamphlet" has been circulating in the Northeast, targeting orthodox Jewish communities

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Boy, 14, Mauled to Death by Pack of Dogs He Was Caring For

Police Release New Details On Teen Mauled To Death By Dogs

A 14-year-old Massachusetts boy who was mauled to death by dogs on Thursday night has been identified. Authorities said Ryan Hazel, of Rehoboth, was found dead at a property at 2477 Maple Swamp Rd.

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NYPD Transit cops arrest a man for one murder, and he tells them he's committed 6 more

NYPD Transit Cops Arrest A Man For One Murder, And He Says He's Committed 6 More

When New York police officers tracked down a Florida man wanted in connection with a murder in Miami Beach, they had no idea they may have stopped a potential serial killer.

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NY Senate passes bill allowing Congress to request Trump's state tax returns

NY Senate Passes Bill Allowing Congress To Request Trump's State Tax Returns

The New York Senate on Wednesday passed legislation that would allow Congress to obtain President Trump's tax returns from the state.The bill passed by a vote of 39-21. The measure now heads to the state Assembly.

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Trump defends tax tactics after NYT story says he racked up more than $1 billion in losses: ‘It was sport’

Trump Defends Tax Tactics After NYT Probe Says He Racked Up More Than $1 Billion In Losses: 'It Was Sport'

"You always wanted to show losses for tax purposes.... almost all real estate developers did - and often re-negotiate with banks, it was sport," Trump tweets.

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Tax figures show Trump business losses of $1.17 billion over 10 years, report says

Tax Figures Show Trump Business Losses Of $1.17 Billion Over 10 Years, Report Says

The New York Times said the president lost more money than "nearly any other individual American" between 1985 and 1994

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Tourist extradited from US to Australia to face rape charges

Tourist Extradited From US To Australia To Face Rape Charges

Man fled the country hours after alleged sexual assault in Sydney apartment in 2017

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New York Times: Pelosi worries Trump won't give up power if he loses re-election by small margin

New York Times: Pelosi Worries Trump Won't Give Up Power If He Loses Re-election By Small Margin

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is concerned President Donald Trump will not voluntarily step down unless Democrats win by a "big" enough margin in 2020 that he doesn't contest the results, the New York Times reported Saturday.

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Three New York teens arrested after discussing plans to bomb high school

Three New York Teens Arrested After Discussing Plans To Bomb High School

Three New York teenagers were arrested Thursday after being accused of planning to build a bomb and detonate it at a local high school on Long Island.

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City closes two Williamsburg yeshivas that allowed unvaccinated kids to attend class

City Closes Two Williamsburg Yeshivas That Allowed Unvaccinated Kids To Attend Class

The city announced on Monday the closure of two Williamsburg yeshivas as punishment for allowing unvaccinated kids to attend class, as an outbreak of the highly contagious measles virus continues to sweep through Brooklyn's Orthodox Jewish communities.

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